Latest Khaadi Eid Collection 2018 With Price Catalogue

The Khaadi Eid Collection 2018 is now launched with all new dresses and outfits. Khaddi is one of the successful brands which is serving Pakistan more than a decade and rapidly capturing the international market as well with beautiful stuff and dresses. The fact the khaadi is a most famous brand in Pakistan is that they always make customer there first priority and never compromise on their quality as well.

Khaadi 2018 Eid Collection with catalogs are officially launched on Khadi official website along with best outfits. Yes, we have also found some o the pictures from Khaddi Lawn collection 2018 and all other categories as well. If you are looking for whole detailed pictures of Khaadi, I am here to serve you in that. Most of the dresses are embroidered and same and the expectation of the customers.

Khaddi start their work with the woman dressing and with the passage of time the brand capture Men and kids collection as well on their outlet store. No need worry about Khaddi Online is always there for customer help for online shopping by the brand. 2018 Khaadi Eid Collection with price is available at Khaddi online easily. If you want to buy from khaadi online, the delivery will take 3-5 days with the country.

Khaddi Dresses

  • Lawn Collection
  • Chiffon Collection
  • Pret Collection
  • Formal Collection
  • Semi Formal Collection
  • Casual Collection

The above-given dresses are for woman also the brand is dealing with kids and men’s as well. But because now i am focusing on Woman dresses collection that’s why i mention these first. Yes, Khaadi Eid Ul Fitr Collection 2018 is superb and fulfilling customer satisfaction as there are from years.

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Eid Collection 2018 By Khaadi On Sale

Let’s focus on the event that you are looking for is the Eid Dresses Collection 2018. Believe me, Khaadi is beating their competitors with Khaddi festive dress Collection 2018. Main reason is that Khadi sale 2018 is sharp before Eid that will definitely create the hard impact on the performance of the competitors. As summer collection demands the dresses colors are light because Eid is in Summer season.

Eid Collection 2017 by Khaadi

On Khaadi Lawn Collection both items are available either that are printed dresses or embroidered dresses by Khaddi. Without wasting your time lets move towards Eid Collection 2018 by Khaadi.

Khaadi Eid Collection 2018

I am here to show you several photos from Khaadi 2018 collection for the Eid event. Most of the dresses in this collection are Lawn made and available in embroidered and printed as well.There is good news for teenagers as well Khaadi Pret Eid Collection 2018 is also the part of this festival with all new colors and prints on the dresses. Maria Eid Collection 2018 is also coming up with the wide range of dresses that customers are expecting from the famous brand.

If you are looking for the unstitched collection, then Khaadi is exclusively launching lawn and chiffon collection is unstitched as well. As you know Khaddi dresses are affordable, but Khaadi Formal Collection 2018 is quite expensive but brand never compromise on their quality at all.

Price: 6800 / PKR

Price: 8000 / PKR

Price: 7800 / PKR

Price: 7000 / PKR

Price: 6800 / PKR

Price: 5900 / PKR

Price: 6000 / PKR

Price: 6800 / PKR

Price: 8000 / PKR

Price: 5000 / PKR

Khaadi Unstitched Lawn Eid Collection 2018

Now i am presenting some snaps of Khaadi Unstitched Lawn Eid Collection 2018. The dresses are cheap and easy to reach the lawn collection is embroidered and beautiful designed by famous designers in Pakistan. The category is exclusive to make Eid Festival beautiful with cultural colors.

Khaddi Formal / Semi Formal Collection 2018

One of the best collection that woman is waiting for is Khaadi formal and semi-formal collection. The dresses are specially designed to wear on the event or festival.Eid Dresses Designs 2018 are same as customer demands. But international collection may differ from the local collection.

Khaddi New Arrival 2018

As you all now that Khaadi 2016 collection was the best than their competitors. Same right now Khaadi new arrival collection is the best then its competitors. The catalogs for Eid Dresses Collection 2018 are available on Khaadi Official website.

Khaddi Chiffon Collection 2018

Although chiffon is not the major article of Khaadi but brand is offering it. The dresses are quite expensive the colors of the dresses are sharp and light but look beautiful when you wear it. The Chiffon Collection 2018 by Khaadi is:

Khaadi Sale 2018

Khaadi is offering the sale on the Limited stock with up to 70 % off. Customers can avail this offer but hurry up otherwise stock will be out. Yes, there is a facility to buy it from Khaadi online (cash on delivery)

That is all about Eid Dresses Designs 2018 find more on our Facebook. If you want to price check either comment us below or visit Khaadi online. Please provide your precious feedback about Eid Collection 2018 by Khaadi.

This is the latest Khaadi Eid Collection 2018 with all new dresses and designs. Follow out Facebook Page or leave a comment below if you wanna know further about the dresses. Eid Shoes Collection 2018 is also available at your nearest brand store.

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