Top Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan 2024 List With Price

Top Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan 2024 List With Price

In this modern world, everyone is fond of fashion, especially women. Women love to stay up-to-date with fashion and always wanted something new. As you all know that in almost all Muslim countries abaya or hijab is necessary for all Muslim women and they love to wear it over the dress they are wearing. Today we gonna tell you about some famous and popular Abaya Brands in PakistanYou can wear an abaya everywhere you want and most importantly wearing an abaya makes you 100 times more beautiful than without an abaya. With an abaya, you can move in any crowded place easily without any worries. There are countless colours of abaya that you can get and colours are blue, violet, black, maroon, and purple. Given below is the list of top abaya brands that you can check and even buy from their official store.

Abaya brands in pakistan

Where To Buy Abayas Online In Pakistan?

There are many of you who don’t know where to get any kinda abaya online in Pakistan. Don’t worry, we will tell you how can you do that. There are many online stores in Pakistan but as you know some will do scams or not be trusted so you may not take that risk. Now we have chosen some brands that have official online stores and you can easily spend your money to get any abaya from them. All these brands are verified and you have no need to worry while shopping online from these stores. You can even visit them if the store is near you.

  • Sapphire Abaya & Hijabs
  • Dignite World Abaya & Hijabs
  • Zual Abayas & Hijabs
  • Aarefa Abayas & Hijabs
  • Tarseel Abaya & Hijabs

Sapphire Abaya & Hijabs

Sapphire is a well-known brand in women’s clothing and everyone knows about this, Besides clothing, this brand has some abaya collections too. from western to western every style is available on this brand, heavy embroidery, different kinds of cuts and splits and other things are common on this brand abayas. if you are looking for a stylish abaya then sapphire is best for you.

Lace Detail Abaya

Rs. 5,490

Lace Abaya


Dignite World Abaya & Hijabs

casual, denim, coloured and floral abayas are the best things for this brand. if you are looking for these 4 kinda abayas then this brand has all of them. Just visit any kinda store or online store and get any abaya you want.

Dignite word abaya


Bisque Elegance


Zual Abayas Abaya & Hijabs

if you are looking to get an abaya from any kinda online store in Pakistan then you can get it from Zual. The vibrant colours and intricate designs are enough to get all attraction and moreover embellishments and cut work on abayas make abayas cool and stylish and you may love to get those abayas from this brand.

Zual abaya

RS. 14,500

candy pink abaya zual

RS. 19,500

Aarefa Abaya & Hijabs

Aarefa is a Turkish brand that is also working in Pakistan. The abayas of this brand are stylish and according to the latest trends. Some of the abayas of this brand that is famous are maxi abayas, cotton jersey, front open button, and bubble sleeves abayas. All these abayas are unique in design and stitched properly.

Abaya High Neck

Rs, 3,000

Open Kaftan Abaya


Tarseel Abaya & Hijabs

This is another famous brand from where you can get any abays from their online store as well. The abayas of this brand are stylish and according to the latest fashion trends. Some of the designs are given below.

Tarseel abaya

Rs, 2,499

Tarseel sylish abaya

Rs, 2,299

Best Abaya Brands In Pakistan 2024

As you all know the abaya is most commonly used in all Muslim countries and Pakistan is one of them. In Pakistan, women love to wear an abaya over any kinda dress because it looks good. There are tons of brands of abays that are working but only a few of them are best for you. We have compiled a list of top and leading brands for you, Given below are the best and top brands for you from where you can get any kinda abaya.

  • Hijabeaze
  • Islamic Shop
  • Nida Gul 
  • Abaya Pk
  • Sobia Adnan
  • Spinzar Abayas
  • Zardi Abayas
  • Hijab ul Hareem
  • Black Camels


if you are looking for kinda expensive abaya brands then Hijabeaze abaya prices in Pakistan are kinda high. This brand is famous and popular among abayas and every woman loves to have an abaya of this brand. If you are looking for a wide range of color schemes and designs then this brand is perfect for you. Some of the designs are given below.



Price: 1,999


Price: 1,999

Islamic Shop

This is a recently launched brand in Pakistan and the main motive of this brand is to give extraordinary abays then others. They have some cuts, slits, and other details work on abayas. Islamic shops don’t use only high-quality fabrics but the design and prints of the abaya are on another level and everyone loves to have an abaya of this brand.



Islamic shop abaya

Rs, 1,700

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Nida Gul

Another famous brand in Abaya is Nida Gul. They are well known for their abaya and all abayas have embroidery work, amazing color schemes, and unique and modest designs. This is the reason this brand is famous among all other brands.

Nida gul abaya

Rs, 7,459

Nida pret abaya

Rs, 8,459

Abaya Pk

This is basically a Dubai-based abaya and is working in Pakistan as well. The fashionable styles and prints ensure that everyone notices you and your Abaya. Furthermore, the different color palettes and hand embroidery work abaya are famous for this brand. If you’re looking for something cooler for you then these brand abayas are best for you.

Chiffon abaya abaya pk

Rs 4,995

Abaya pk cotton abaya

Rs 4,290

Sobia Adnan

Another popular abaya brand online and offline in Pakistan is Sobia Adnan. From baggy pleated sleeves to basic front open Abayas they have everything available at their store. You may easily get everything from their store and all abayas is within your budget. If you want to go for some extra bucks then you will get some luxury abaya that you can wear in any season you want.

maxi abaya

Rs, 5,750

Classy Ombre Abaya


Spinzar Abayas & Hijabs

This brand is famous in clothing and also they have modern and stylish abayas for women. Their embroidered range is the best of all, not only on clothing but the embroidery work on abaya is best and you may love to buy abaya from this brand. If you love embroidery work then this brand is best for you.

Spinzar abaya


Abayaa for ladies spinzar

Rs, 10,500

Zardi Abayas & Hijabs

One of the famous abaya brands in Pakistan is Zardi. They mostly use Nida fabric to make their Abayas, and the embroidery and sequence work on them is exceptional. Moreover, they also have a silk range for those who prioritize comfort and beauty at the same time. Some of the designs are given below.

Printed abaya


Embroided Maxi Style abaya


Hijab ul Hareem

One of the top brands of abaya in Pakistan is hijab ul hareem. This brand is famous for making abayas with cloth fabrics like chiffon, silk, jamawar, and jacquard. This is the thing that makes this brand popular among all other brands. All abayas of this brand are available at affordable prices. You can get them easily from an online store or from a nearby store.

hijjabulhareem abaya


hijab ul hareem abaya


Black Camels

If you are looking for intricate patterns and cuts of the Abaya then this brand is best for you. This brand has unique designs and an amazing color scheme of abaya and every female loves to buy abayas from this brand. The abaya of this brand is modern and stylish and is available for you at affordable prices and you may easily get them.

Black camel abaya


Frock style abaya


This is all about Abaya Brands in Pakistan. As you all know the abaya is most commonly used in Muslim countries and in Pakistan as well. If you are not aware of any abaya brand this article will help you. You will get all the information about the abaya brand. All these brands are on the top list and we picked them on your behalf. Let us know in the comments section below what abaya you like to wear, Your feedback will be appreciated.

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