Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Whether you know it or not I am here to tell you that Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2024 is now in stores. As you know Borjan always does its best to satisfy its customers with fancy shoes for ladies and gents. It is now the Event has start and everyone is seeking Eid Shoes Collection that is why I have come up with several best shoes of Borjan. Let’s celebrate your Eid festive with the best shoe brand Borjan. A large collection of Borjan shoes for all family members is waiting in the Borjan store. If you are a modern lady and you are at Borjan outlets or online you can avail of the of fancy shoes.

Borjan Shoes summer collection

As you people know Borjan is the local shoe store and serves 54 cities with its 99 retail stores nationwide. This is what makes the brand best than any other in the country. The perfect and decent shoes for men and women are only available at Borjan Store. The brand is now moving toward neighbouring countries to provide the best that it can.

Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2024

That is what the brand is providing to its loyal customers. If it is about Borjan Shoes 2024 for Men then it is made of pure leather. Borjan Sky Walk is for those who love comfort. Sky Walk Footwear is available for Men and Women So, so they can wear it with style and comfort. Borjan Shoes for Women is now available at the brand store and outlet as well. These are Eid Shoes Collection at an affordable price you can also check it on our Facebook page. Beautiful embroidery work on the shoes is always encouraged to wear.

Borjan Shoes summer sprit

On the new summer stock right now Borjan Sale 2024 is now available at the brand store. Yes, on Borjan Women and Men both customers can get offers. The latest Eid Footwear Collection by Borjan 2024 is shown below with all their all-new shoes.

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Borjan Shoes For Men 2024

Yes, the most-awaited and the best is Men Shoes Collection by Borjan 2024. Although the brand will announce further shoes at the festival.

Borjan Shoes new men shoes
Rs. 2,400

Borjan Shoes men wear shoes
Rs. 2,100

Borjan Shoes men shoes
Rs. 3,500

Borjan Casual Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan men’s casual shoes are in natural colours and are weightless. Men’s casual is the perfect footwear with jeans dresses and Shalwar Kameez. In casual shoes, Borjan has a large variety of Chappals. slippers, Peshawari, and sandals.

Borjan Chappal Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan in the men’s Chappal collection has a graceful design in natural colors. Men’s Chappals in V-shaped designing and toe stripped are commonly used for outdoor usage. Borjan chappal with soft soles and multi-designs upper embraces your personality at a very normal price. The price range starts from 500 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Slipper Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan slippers are the best collection in the summer season for men’s footwear. Borjan slippers are commonly used in domestic use and provide the perfect look with casual dresses. the price range starts from 1000 to 3000 in PKR.Borjan grey color casual slipper for men.

Borjan Sandal Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan sandals are used as casual men’s footwear in all-season, especially in summer. Elegant designs Borjan sandals also have a perfect combination with jeans and dresses. These sandals secure your feet with care and love.n The price range starts from 1100 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Peshawari Chappals for Men 2024

Pakistani cultural shoes Peshawari Chappals are very famous as men’s footwear. Borjan also has many latest Peshawari Chappals designs for men. The price range starts from 1300 to 2500 in PKR.

Borjan Formals Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan formals shoes are pure leather manufactured designs in three colours, black, tan, and brown. These formal shoes are the very best collection for all dresses. Borjan, skywalk, and Gig brands have a lot of collections of men’s formal shoes with laces and without laces. The price range starts from 2000 to 8000 PKR.

Borjan Moccs Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan men’s shoes Moccs in different colours and designs create a perfect combination with all casual dresses. These shoes are also best for office work. Moccas shoes are also men’s best collection for the winter season. These weightless shoes are a unique touch to your personality. The price range starts from 2150 to 4000 PKR.

Borjan comfort shoes with deep soft soles are men’s best collection for outdoor use. Borjan Skywalk brand is specified for comfort shoes designed with the latest style. Borjan sandals, chappals, and shoes are available in comfort shoes. the price range starts from 2400 to 7000 PKR.

Borjan Sports Shoes for Men 2024

Borjan Nayza and Borjan itself have a large collection of men’s sports shoes in many attractive colours for all sports events. Borjan sports shoes collection is very best for the sportsman. The price range starts from 2900 to 4000 PKR.

Borjan Shoes For Women 2024

If we compare to Men, a woman is more likely to wear attractive and fancy shoes for themselves. If you want to check Borjan Shoes 2024 Summer Collection with Price it is below 5000 PKR which is quite affordable. Borjan brand has a large collection of women relevant to fashion, cultural, and traditional events. Borjan Ladies’ shoes collection is full of formal and casual shoes for all seasons. A variety of ladies’ shoe lists is given below for your information.

Borjan Shoes ladies shoesRs. 2,200

Borjan Shoes new ladies shoesRs. 1,400

Borjan Shoes ladies wear shoesRs. 1,700

Borjan Heels Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan heels shoes for women have many latest styles in the heels category. Borjan in Heels collection has long heels, short heels, squeeze heels, and wide heels ladies shoes. Borjan heels shoes also have plane uppers, embroidery uppers, and back open heels shoes for formal usage as well as for festivals. Borjan, and Girls B brand ladies’ heels shoes are available in the Borjan store. The price range starts from 1990 to 4000 PKR.

Borjan Flats Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan flats shoes are commonly used as casual shoes at domestic levels. Borjan has a lot of collections of ladies’ flats in chappals, slippers, sandals, and khussa designs. The lightweight ladies’ flats provide inner peace in a ladies’ life. The price range starts from 850 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Chappal Shoes for Women 2024

Women commonly chappals use casual footwear in the home. Borjan lightweight lady’s chappals are easy to walk illuminated with the latest fashion. Borjan chappals with a thin sole and embroidered uppers embrace your personality at a normal price. The price range starts from 850 2050 in PKR.

Borjan Slipper Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan pearls illuminated, transparent uppers, and crystal shine colours ladies slippers are the best choice in casual shoes. Flats ladies’ slippers enhance your personality in all events. the price range starts from 1000 to 2500 PKR.

Borjan Sandals Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan ladies’ sandals collection is very best for all indoor and outdoor functions. Borjan Ladies chappals have the latest designs and embroidery work uppers. These ladies’ shoes are also the best collection for summer events and festivals. The price range starts from 1300 to 2700 PKR. Borjan and skywalks ladies’ sandals are available in Borjan outlets and online stores.

Borjan Khussa Shoes for Women 2024

To cover up traditional festivals, Borjan also has many elegant khussa designs for ladies. Borjan fully embroidered khussa spread the colours of happiness and makes your personality colourful. the price range starts from 1200 to 1700. Embroidery work, Tilla work, and thread work Khussas are available in the Borjan store.

Borjan Pumps Shoes for Women

ladies’ Pumps shoes are usually used as formal shoes. Borjan has many latest designs of women’s Pumps shoes for office work as well as ceremonies and events. The price range starts from 1000 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Mules Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan ladies mules shoes are back open shoes with different colours. Borja mules design is very unique in ladies fashion. These shoes are casual as well as formal for ladies. The price range is 1500 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Moccs Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan Moccs ladies shoes collection is best for the winter season as well as for formal and office work usage also. Borjan Moccs also be the best choice for occasional ceremonies. The price range is 2150 to 2900 PKR.

Borjan Peep Toes shoes for Women 2024

Borjan peep-toe ladies shoes with long heels, short heels, and flats soles in many different designs make your events more precious.

Borjan Court Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan ladies court shoes have low heel heights in different designs and many eye-catching colours. Borjan, Girls B, and Kashang brands have beautiful ladies court shoes collections for all casual as well as formal events. The price range starts from 1650 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Work Wear Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan also has a big collection of worker women. Borjan workwear shoes for women have heels designed in low, medium, and long heels in attractive colours. These shoes boost your confidence level at the peak point in any community. The price range starts from 1900 to 3250 PKR.

Borjan Comfort Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan soft and flexible collection in ladies footwear is Borjan’s comfort. Borjan, skywalk, and Adda brand is focusing on this ladies shoes category. The price range is from 1350 to 3000 PKR.

Borjan Sports Shoes for Women 2024

Borjan also has ladies sports shoes for daily exercise and jogging purposes. Soft and lightweight sports shoes improve your health activity and help you to run with joy. The price range starts from 1800 to 2100 PKR..

Borjan Uggs Shoes for Women 2024

Zero-weight ladies shoes Uggs are made with soft wool and fabrics. The price range starts from 900 to 1250 PKR.

Borjan Long Boots for Women

Borjan’s long boots collection is yet pending and Borjan will launch long boots for ladies as soon as possible.

Borjan Wedding Shoes Collection 2024

Borjan has the latest wedding shoes for men and women. Borjan wedding shoes launched the last fashion week with an elegant design. Wedding shoes will illuminate your precious moments of life more impressive. Borjan wedding shoes are in the Borjan store.

Borjan New Arrivals

Borjan’s world-famous brand has many customers in Pakistan. Borjan launches many new articles from time to time to full fill the needs of its customers. In new arrivals, Borjan keeps in mind the latest fashion and today’s customers’ needs.

Borjan New arrivals for Women 2024

Borjan new arrivals in ladies’ shoes cover up all the categories including formal and casual shoes in all designing. Borjan new arrivals for ladies shoes have the latest designs for all occasional festivals.

Borjan New arrivals for Men 2024

Keeping in mind the needs of men’s footwear Borjan launch a new design relevant to cultural festivals and seasonal conditions. Borjan men’s new arrivals are always effective for your desire.

Borjan Brands and Collections

Due to many more customers, Borjan has launched many specific fields of brands. Borjan generally it’s itself a complete fashion store having all men’s and women’s fashion-relevant accessories but to cover up all shoes categories Borjan has many shoes brands given below.

Borjan Shoes Summer Collection 2024

Borjan brand continuously launches ladies and gents’ shoes categories for all seasons. In the Borjan Neya Semester New shoes collection men’s and women’s latest summer shoes including formal and casual shoes.

That is all about Borjan Shoes for all types and categories with the latest designs in many colours. In addition to the above shoes collection, Borjan has a Father’s Day shoe collection and a Mother’s Day shoes collection. Borjan all shoes collection is available in Borjan outlets which are situated all over Pakistan and you can also purchase these articles online too. You can also visit our Website for more information about the latest fashion.

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