Cross Stitch Eid Collection 2017 With Price Catalogue

If you enjoy the previous Eid! Don’t worry Eid Collection 2017 by Cross Stitch is in stores now to celebrate the event with a lot of happiness. Good new is that from now the brand is offering jewelry and clutches collection as well. But that new collection is not available on the brand online store.

The Eid is the event when the woman seeks for the brand to wear best with style. Yes, it’s true!,  don’t worry Cross Stitch Eid Collection 2017-2018 is available with all new dressing according to our culture. There is the wide collection for in the brand on the event for the entire country. Yes, there is availability for dresses outside the countries as well.

DOnt wait to grab your favorite outfits for this Eid event. The collection cross stitch is always the most favorite for a woman. The main thing in dresses is beautiful art on the whole dress. Several bottoms collection is also available on brand outlet store as well as the brand website too.

Cross Stitch Eid Lawn Collection 2017-2018 is the thing that women are waiting for the event. The secret in the lawn collection is the thing that the brand is now launching several new dresses in the brand collection. There is the thing that brands unstitched suits are the part of thins Eid as well but buy it from the week before Eid before stock move out.

Cross Stitch Dresses 2017

  • Ready to wear
  • Unstitched Collection
  • Shawls
  • Bottoms
  • Basic Embroidered
  • Luxury Pret

Cross-stitch is serving in Pakistan from a decade and striving for making brand successful in the country and outside the country boundaries as well. The Cross Stitch SS Lawn Collection 2017 Catalogue is also available on brand outlet store and on the website as well. Buy your favorite outfits for this Eid event.

The thing is that in any event if you buy on sharp before the event! Unfortunately  favorite outfits are sold already. So, the thing before buying your desirable dress for the Eid festival 2017. I have to tell you that Cross Stitch Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2017 has no parallel at all. Luxury pret collection is quite affordable with the art work on the dress. All work on dresses is embroidered that is why look clean when you wear it on any party or festival.

Cross-stitch is basically worked only in female outfits and working successfully than it competitors.

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Eid Collection 2017 by Cross Stitch

After above discussion and some specification about the brand, this is the time to tell you about Current Cross Stitch Cambric Catalog 2017/2018 and Eid collection as well.  Grab you favorite Eid Dresses Design 2017 from the brand outlet store online as well.

Cross Stitch Eid Collection 2017 With Price Catalogue

The brand is offering several new items on this Eid event the thing with the items is that are more unique and different than the competitors. The brand is also offering the sale on Eid collection on huge collection. On new arrival of cross stitch, you will also be able to buy several clutches and woman wear at affordable prices.

Above are necessary items that are available on stores and outlets too. Some collection by Cross Stitch Eid Lawn Collection 2017-2018 and other verities will be presented soon in the shape of Pictures along with prices.

New Eid Collection 2017 by Cross Stitch

This is Cross Stich Eid Collection 2017 that is available in affordable price. Cross Stitch Online is a complete brand website that can help customers to buy online. It will take 2-3 days to deleiver at your door step.

Price : 6250/ PKR

Price : 5950 / PKR 

Price: 6250 / PKR

Price: 6250/PKR

Price: 7000 / PKR

Cross Stitch Eid Collection 2017

Below are several snaps of the models wearing brand outfits for Eid  Dresses collection 2017. The whole range is available either it is Lawn, Silk or even Pret Collection as well.

Cross Stitch Embroidered Eid Collection 2017

The Embroidered Collection is also presenting in same as most of consumer demands along with multiple colors as well. The whole range of dresses available on the brand outlet store.

Cross Stitch Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2017

The basic and luxury pret collection is same but there is bit of difference in the prints of the dresses. As the brand name is Cross Stitch same as the outfits are beautifully made along with good colors selection. Yes the Cross stitch sale 2017 is also from several given dresses below.

Cross Stitch Eid Lawn Collection 2017-2018

Most of the woman are also waiting for Lawn collection some pictures from the collection is given below. If you are looking to find more than move to the Official website of cross stitch.

Cross Stitch Sale 2017

Yes, you might have thought that below dresses are silk made that’s true! The brand is offering the sale on not only silk collection but also, on several other the dresses. We have to grab some pics from silk, but you can also find out more.

That is all about Eid Dresses Collection 2017 the dresses is elegant one the most important thing is cheap prices. On The Eid Collection 2017 by Cross stitch there is Sale on limited stock as well. If you want something with affordable price range than this is the one that you have to buy for your Eid.

Not only this we are also offering several best dresses from many brands as well. Please provide your precious feedback below and follow us on facebook for latest brands offerings. Not only Eid But winter collection and summer collection as well.

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