Elan Eid Collection 2017 With Price Catalogue

The Eid Collection 2017 by Elan is now in stores. Those customers who always like to wear Elan below is the best collection by the brand with its whole new variety of dresses. Elan is basically a brand that is providing its clothes with the motive of best stuff among their competitors. I have selected collection below of Elan Lawn Collection 2017.

On the Festive Eid Collection 2017 Elan is now providing it best than ever prints of dresses. I know the brand has prevailed is best luxury outfits selection in Pakistan and the prices of the clothes are vary with its collection of dresses. There are several clothing brands that are competitors of  Elan such as HSY and Zunuj and each of the brands is trying to Establish a trademark among their competitors.

Elan Eid Collection 2017

Elan Bridal Dresses were launch in 2006 soon the brand launch its Stiched and Unstitched Collection along with prints in 2012. The time when Elan Lawn Collection launched were the success of the brand that leads it too creates the image within the customers. Finally, the wait is over Elan Eid Collection 2k17 is now available at the brand store and online place your order immediately stock is limited.

Elan Dresses 2017

  • Lawn
  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Bridal Dresses
  • Formal / Party Dresses

That is the major collection by the brand that is provided on its outlet store and online. Elan Lawn 2017 catalogue are available at the brand website and our Facebook as well. Because it is for the upper class and brand conscious people that is the reason the prices are too high.  You know what Elan Eid Collection 2017 is totally based on lawn and luxury dresses. No one can regret the prints and the dresses quality of Elan.

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Eid Collection 2017 by Elan

Now the main thing that i am presenting to you is the Eid Collection 2017 by Elan that is come with the huge collection of Lawn and embroidery dresses. Yes, Elan Modern Rajkumari Collection 2017 will also bee the part of Eid outfits. The Rajkumari collection is actually for modern girls in an eastern traditional way of dress. The whole range of dresses is also available at Elan Online.

Eid Collection 2017 by Elan

There is expected the flat sale as well on Eid ul Fitr Dresses Collection 2017. Eid Collection 2017 by Elan is focused on embroidery art and lawn and chiffon stuff as well.

Elan Eid Collection 2017

These are some exclusive dresses from Eid Collection 2017 by Elan that is embroidered and some of them are prints as well. Actually, Elan has the basic motive to provide best prints in the fashion industry of Pakistan. This is what it is fulfilling by providing below dresses. The best brand and the best choice is shown below that is available now Select your choice among them.  Eid Dresses Collection 2017 is best and there is no alternative then Elan Dresses.

Elan Lawn Collection 2017

Below is Lawn Dresses Collection by Elan the embroidery work on the dresses is the basic part but outfits are also available in Lawn Prints.  Although Selection of dresses is few but you can follow our facebook page for latest Eid Dresses Collection 2017.

Elan Modern Rajkumari Collection 2017

Some perfection and some style this is Elan Modern Rajkumari Collection 2017 along with best outfits by Elan PFDC show. The outfits are not directly part of Elan Eid Collection 2017 but are best to wear on party or event.

Elan Party Wear Collection 2017

Want to wear something extraordinary on you party!!! Below are the outfits from Elan Party Wear Collection 2017 that will always fit your party or any event. Yes, for those customers who want to buy online can also move toward Elan Online for purchasing via the internet.

This is the Eid Collection 2017 by Elan along with its best clothes and stuff.  Although the dresses are available in the wide range that was just a review visit our Facebook page for more about the Eid Dresses Collection 2017. Please stay tuned to Roy Collections if you want to explore different national and international brands.

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