Latest Eid Collection 2017 by House of Ittehad With Price Catalogue

Yes, House of Ittehad Lawn Eid Collection 2017 is available at brand outlet stores and online too. The collection is available in nationwide and outside the country brand stores as well. If you are looking for House of Ittehad lawn and printed cotton collection that are available with price catalogs as well.

If you want to buy something that fit for your festival than the House of Ittehad Eid Dresses 2017 than dresses are perfect. Whole brand outfits are same as fit for Eid festival with beautiful colors variety. The brand outlet store is available in the entire country before Eid event. No need to worry about the cost of the dresses House of Ittehad Eid Collection 2017 With Price are shown below.

Good thing on the event is that brand collection is unique than others. House of Ittehad always strives to make their brand best among their competitors. That is the key factor it provides quality outfits on any occasion. Either it is about House of Ittehad Eid Lawn Collection 2017 or some pret stuff whole range of dresses is elegant. The dresses by the brand are specially made to attract any age.

House of Ittehad Lawn Eid Collection 2017

The brand stitched and unstitched both outfits are available for Eid Collection 2017 by House of Ittehad. Find out your best for the event to make it more beautiful. If you look at the brand online store, then you get access to each and every outfit by the brand. Yes, you can also order online via freight, delivery will take 2-3 days in the whole country.

Essential Collection by House of Ittehad 2017 is:

  • German Khaddar
  • German Linen
  • Cotton Collection
  • Lawn Collection

Along with above collection by the brand customer can also get stitched shirts as well. The brand delivery is free if the package delivery is more than 3000. The German Khaddar by the House of Ittehad 2017 is all new in the product line of the brand.

House of Ittehad Eid Collection 2017 With Price

After the whole discussion about the brand, lets move toward the festival collection. The major outfits are for woman, and the brand is striving to produce the best then there competitors. House of Ittehad Eid Collection 2017 With Price is available under with snaps as well. Prices of the dresses are affordable expect luxury clothes. The good thing about the brand is that now they are providing best dresses with embroidery Ittehad Linen 2017 dresses.

The thing which attracts is that the color selection is very light for Eid collection 2017 and quite sharp and dark color for winter collection by the House of Ittehad 2017. On festive collection, the brand is also offering several sales on limited stock. There is sale offer on brand stitched dresses for this Eid event, but the stock is limited.

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House of Ittehad catalogs 2017 for Eid are available on the official site if the brand. Grab the best outfit for yourself along with color selection as well. The catalogs are basically an illustration that how the dress look. Several models are wearing the dresses with the variety of cloth stuff and embroidery work on them as well. Whole lawn collection by House of Ittehad 2017 is unstitched give the best to your loved once in the event of EID.

Eid Lawn Collection 2017 by House of Ittehad

Below is the collection of Ittehad Lawn 2017 as well as some snaps of Eid prints as well. Yes, you can also find out these snaps from the official website and prices too. Most of the dresses contain soft colors because Eid is expected to occur in Summer.


Formal Collection by House of Ittehad

As you have seen above is Ittehad Lawn currently, i am showing Formal dresses collection by Ittehad. Dresses come in the Royal category, but prices are affordable and easy to reach.

Ittehad German Linen 2017

The German linen is always the best for the Ittehad Eid Collection 2017, because dresses are embroidered and beautiful print on them too. Find out some of the best among them to make Eid festival enlightened.

Above is the complete detail about New Eid Collection 2017. Your feedback is mandatory below comment section, please elaborate us, and if you need anything about the brand, please let use know. For price catalogue of dresses please follow official website of House of Ittehad.


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