Latest Eid Collection 2017 by LSM Komal With Price Catalogue

Knock Knock! Eid Collection 2017 by LSM Komal is in stores now don’t wait to grab your favorite outfits. The Customers can also the Dresses from the brand online store. The suits are based upon Lawn chiffon and embroidered dresses collection by the brand. LSM is basically a brand is which is focused on several other brands as well.

The Eid Collection is also unique because outfits on the Eid are enlightened with beautiful colors the enhance the beauty of dresses.  If you want to buy something for the Eid or want to give someone, a present LSM is the best selection you can get. The New thing is now customers can also avail the dresses from online store too. The Dresses brands are Komal and Lakhani which I am going to tell you about.

The Dresses By LSM

  •  Chiffon
  • Kurti
  • Embroidered
  • Lawn
  • Stitched or Un Stiched

These are the dresses in which brand is working from years and satisfying their customers with all new dresses. Not only the Eid Collection 2017 but also for casual and part wear these are best to wear. If you want to go for a party, then LSM Embroidered Dresses will fit for you. Lakhani is also a brand which is working under LSM the brand is best for the Kurti collection and Lawn.

Eid Collection 2017 by LSM Komal

Maybe you have a question in your mind that what are the Eid Dresses Prints 2017. The Dresses are purely focusing on the lawn and embroidered dresses. Because LSM Fabrics is very wide dressing brand in Pakistan that is why it officially launch its Eid Dresses from all the outfits.  Either you want to check Komal or Lakhani Lawn 2017 with Prices both everything is available at

One thing about the brand with which it is famous and trademark in the mind of its customers is affordable prices of the outfits. If you ask for suggestion than mine is that go for Lakhani if want Kurti and for Lawn and Chiffon Komal is the best that you can get. LSM Komal Life Lawn Vol 1 that is recently arrived at stores, that compromised beautiful Lawn suits and prints. Although brand outlets are not enough but dresses are available at Local stores.

LSM Komal Eid Collection 2017

Below given Dresses are mix some are the lawn but most of them are chiffon made as well. Because Eid is in Summer season that is why these dresses are fit to wear either on Eid or for casual wear. The good thing about LSM Komal Eid Collection 2017 that customers can buy online too.

LSM Lawn 2017

If you want to know that why is LSM Lawn so much famous in the mind of the modern woman and mediocre as well. The reason is simple, unique prints and reasonable prices. Eid Collection 2017 by LSM Komal is the best than their competitors  Due to lack in proper marketing technique brand is not as much famous as other are.

LSM Eid Collection 2017

Given below are the Eid Dresses Prints 2017 with uniqueness and best color selection than anyone else does. Yes, both collection came in different times, but the title is the same. The customers can get Eid Sale 2017 as well on many Dresses.

Lakhani Eid Lawn Collection 2017

The Dresses that came in different colors and much modern than other in LSM. The colors are much sharper, and prints are bold of the outfits.

Not only this brand but most of other brands are the part Eid Dresses prints 2017. If you want to explore more about the fashion industry of Pakistan, then follow our Facebook page. Eid Collection 2017 by LSM Komal is one of fewer brands that is providing cheaper clothes to the Fashion industry of Pakistan. Please comment below for virtual assistance.

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