Latest Eid Collection 2017 by Orient With Price Catalogue

Maybe you don’t know about orient dresses but it’s true the brand one of the major exporter of textiles in Pakistan. The Eid Collection 2017 by Orient has it own value specialty than other brands. The brand is providing almost every kind of clothes at the outlet store and online. I have selected tiny part of the brand offering for the eid collection 2017.

Like all other big brands in Pakistan Orient is also proving its customer quality dresses with affordable prices. Brand came on the market in 2000’s but this is the era from when the brand is working hard to provide best clothes to its customer. Not only on Lawn Dresses Collection but also several other stuff is also now providing by the brand. Due to changing in the environment day by day brand is implementing on their self too.

Eid Collection 2017 by Orient

Orient Dresses

  • Lawn
  • Embroidered Lawn
  • Kurti
  • Chiffon
  • Linen
  • Silk

That is all that brand is offering but also outfits are available in stitched dresses too. Most of the dresses by orient is same as our culture demands the beauty and simplicity in the dresses. The Brand is focusing both classes that wear fashion either that is middle or upper. Same is the variability in the prices of the dresses too. Orient Chiffon Eid Collection 2017 is quite Expensive than lawn stuff.

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Eid Collection 2017 By Orient

To be very precise on the  Eid Collection 2017 by Orient is that brand is providing all those stuff of clothes that come fit for the festival. Such as Chiffon lawn and  Kurtis are preferable to wear on the festival.The colors of the dress is a most important thing if Eid is in summer season than light colors are preferable than the solids.

The Orient Lawn 2017 is also important because it is satisfying with most of the most dresses than anyone else. Although competitors are providing best clothes but the customers that are engaged to orient always prefer to wear it. Orient Lawn with Price 2017 is available at the brand official website also on outlet stores. As you know that brand has no access to the whole country that why it is easy to find out your favorite outfits from the orient online store.

Orient Eid Collection 2017

Along with Orient Lawn 2017 Kurti below are the dresses that part of upcoming Eid. The Dresses are embroidered but some of them are prints as well prices are affordable and easy to approach.

Orient Chiffon Eid Collection 2017

For young and bold woman below are some dresses for the woman that want to look different on the occasion. This is Chiffon Eid Collection 2017 by Orient with all new stuff and unique clothes than their competitors.

Orient Embroidered Lawn Collection 2017

Finally, this is the Orient Embroidered Lawn Collection 2017 that is available on the occasion of eid. One thing that keep in mind!! customers can also get these dresses before Eid as well.

If you want to wear something more decent than anyone else wear more forward to buy fromOrient Dresses. Not only Eid Collection 2017 by Orient but there are hundreds of other local and international brands that are offering the Eid Dresses Prints 2017. If you want to know about the brands and their offering please follow our Facebook. Yes, there are errors in any kind of work please share your experience so far with use in the comment section below.


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