Latest Eid Collection 2017 by So Kamal With Price Catalogue

Eid Collection 2017 by So Kamal is in stores now!! Go and get your favorite outfits from nearest so Kamal Outlet store. The brand is basically one the oldest clothing brand in Pakistan founded in 1950. From that era to now so Kamal is working hard to beat their competitors.

Recently brand launches their several outlet stores in Multan, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Faisalabad. Although clothing brand is new, they are getting positive feedback from their clients.  So Kamal offers several deals to customers as well such as; discount on shopping.

Yes, so Kamal lawn prices are affordable, and stuff is same as big brands of Pakistan. Brand launch there several outlets in Pakistan but are ready capture while Pakistan and also moving internationally too.

For young girls, so Kamal Pret collection is an attractive one. The dresses are art printed with beautiful art on them that’s why girls recommend it. So Kamal is ready to hit the market on this Eid ul Fitr and so on.

I have seen that so Kamal dresses are simple and clean embroidery work make long last impression. Everyone want to dress well on special event of Eid! I recommend so Kamal wear on this Eid with beautiful dresses and several sales offerings as well.

So Kamal Store offerings are:

  • Unstitched Collection
  • Lawn Collection
  • Pret
  • Bottoms
  • Wraps
  • Home Couture

If you want to buy the gift for someone from Eid Collection 2017 by so Kamal! It would be better to buy from so Kamal unstitched stuff clothes. But don’t worry about the stuff and design all clothes are comfortable to wear.

Major preference by So Kamal for this eid collection 2017 is lawn and preset dresses. Above are the main items which are sold at brand outlet or website as well. So Kamal Eid ul Fitr Collection is unique and affordable than the competitors.

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The current summer collection is at stores on so Kamal brand. The collection is very decent and elegant prints on the clothes as well. From the young age to old age, so Kamal clothing is for all. The clothing style is same as Pakistani culture recommends straightforward and unique one.

Eid Collection 2017 by SO Kamal

Yes, this is the main thing that everyone is looking for by in so Kamal dresses collection. Don’t worry we have grab all of the collection for this Eid event by the famous brand. In below pictures, you will see all brands along with models picture. All dresses are decent but chose according to your color preference on this Eid festival.

Silk collection by So Kamal 2017 is the right one as well before moving forward to that. There are several photos shown below by so kamal. In winter occasions brand provides shawls and scarf too but keep in mind all collection is exclusively for woman.

Sometimes it is a problem with the brands that they offer the same thing on the website but unable to provide on their outlet’s store. But the scenario is not the same in so Kamal dresses they provide each and everything on their brand stores. Yes, you can even buy from so Kamal website too, just leave the information in the section and get you desired item at home.

Hurry Up!! Before stock ends to buy your favorite dresses from SO Kamal.

So Kamal Digital Embroidered Shirt Eid Collection

So Kamal Digital Printed Shirts Eid Collection 2017

So Kamal Lawn Eid Collection 2017

So Kamal Chiffon Eid Collection 2017

So Kamal Silk Eid Collection 2017

That is all about New Eid Collection find out latest embroidered dresses for your Eid as well. The Dresses are so unique and latest than others and also affordable. In above Digital prints 2017 by So Kamal are affordable and available in below 10 $.

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