Khaadi Lawn Shirts Dupatta Sale 2024 With Price

Khaadi Lawn Shirts Dupatta Sale 2024 With Price

Khaadi is a renowned Pakistani clothing brand known for its graceful lawn shirt dupatta collections. Each year, Khaadi launches new collections that showcase natural designs, vibrant colors, and high-quality fabrics. Khaadi lawn shirt dupatta are crafted with great attention to detail, featuring beautiful prints inspired by traditional and modern looks. The brand’s designers carefully select patterns and colors to create a various range of options that appeal to all ages of women. Whether it’s floral designs, geometric patterns, or abstract art, Khaadi lawn shirts online offer a variety of styles suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

This brand also offers a wide range of lawn shirts dupattas with prices that add elegance and grace to your personality. Khaadi top dupatta are designed with natural color prints and intricate embroidery work. Whether you prefer a lightweight chiffon dupatta or a printed lawn one, these make perfect combinations with lawn tops. Khaadi lawn shirts dupatta at the best price are available online and in stores.

Khaadi lawn shirts collection

In terms of trends, Khaadi lawn shirts dupatta trends have been adopted by all ages women and girls today. Due to the antique color palette of lawn, chiffon, silk, and organza dupatta add the best combination with lawn shirts. Khaadi provides a wide range of antique designs in these combinations of natural colors. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and bold ensemble or a subtle and elegant look, Khaadi offers something for everyone.

When we talk about price range, the price range is very low starting from RS. 1990.00. This brand also offers sale on Khaadi lawn shirts dupatta. All items are available online with the sale price.

Khaadi Printed Top Dupatta Collection 2024

It’s time to elevate and boost your look with a Khaadi printed top dupatta. New trendy designs give new styles that you want in your fashion. Khaadi printed top dupatta collection has various combinations and styles in many attractive colors. This printed collection has lawn to chiffon dupattas in floral to digital prints.

The Printed Lawn Shirts Dupatta Collection by Khaadi features a combination of vibrant prints, intricate patterns, and soft, breathable lawn fabric. The collection showcases a variety of printed shirts with charming designs inspired by nature, traditional motifs, geometric patterns, and contemporary themes.  This Printed Lawn Shirts Dupatta Collection offers an array of dupatta options that complement the shirts perfectly, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. This collection expresses their unique fashion sense. There is a wide range of Khaadi lawn shirt dupatta online in Pakistan available with price.

Printed Lawn with Top Dupatta

Sale Price: Rs. 2,190

Printed Khaddar Top Dupatta

Sale Price: Rs. 1,495

Printed Khaddar with Top Dupatta

Sale Price: 2,190

Printed Lawn Top Dupatta

Sale Price: Rs. 1,494

Khaadi Embroidered Top Dupatta Collection 2024

Explore your personality with Khaadi embroidered top dupatta two pieces dresses. Khaadi presents its superb Embroidered Top Dupatta collection this summer season. This collection showcases the perfect trending combinations in embroidered work today. Khaadi Embroidered Lawn Shirts Dupatta collection offers a wide range of designs that can boost your personality everywhere. Here some designs are given and available online.

Printed Embroidered

Sale Price: Rs. 2,514

Printed Embroidered Lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 2,514

Dyed Embroidered Dobby

Sale Price: Rs. 2,995

Paste Print Embroidered lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 2,995

Khaadi Unstitched Lawn Shirts Dupatta Collection

Khaadi Unstitched Lawn Shirts Dupatta is based on a printed and embroidered collection. This collection offers a wide range of unstitched lawn shirts paired with beautiful dupattas. The unstitched format allows individuals to personalize their outfits according to their preferences. This unstitched collection features a variety of designs, including vibrant prints, intricate embroideries, and contemporary patterns. By offering unstitched options, Khaadi empowers individuals to create unique and body-fit ensembles that reflect their personal style and individuality.

Dyed Embroidered Slub Lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 2,814

Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 2,814

Printed Embroidered Lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 3,495

Embroidered Lawn

Sale Price: Rs. 2,994

Overall, Khaadi lawn shirts dupatta collections exemplify the brand’s commitment to quality, design, colors, and traditional craftsmanship, making them a popular choice among fashion-leading women in Pakistan and beyond.

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