Khaadi Shawls Collection 2024 On Sale With Price

Khaadi Shawls Collection 2024 On Sale With Price

If you are searching for perfect shawls for men and women then you are at the right place to know. You will get all the information about the Khaadi Shawls Collection 2024 and the sale offers of this brandKhaadi offers a range of shawls for winter and also for summer. The collection includes basic, printed, and embroidered shawls made from high-quality materials such as pashmina, velvet, and Kashmiri wool. You can shop for Khaadi’s shawl collection online through their official website or in-store at one of their retail locations.

This brand not only offers shawls for women but for men as well. Khaadi offers a range of shawls for men, including basic, printed, and embroidered designs. These shawls are made from high-quality materials such as pashmina, wool, and cashmere, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you’re looking for stylish and high-quality shawls for men, Khaadi’s men’s shawls collection is definitely worth checking out. The brand brings traditional and contemporary patterns, motifs, and embroidery techniques, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Khaadi shawls are often adorned with beautiful embellishments such as threadwork, mirror work, and hand embroidery. The brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality make their shawls highly sought-after by fashion lovers.

Khaadi winter shawls collection

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Printed | Marina Twill

Printed | Marina Twill Price: Rs 2,190

Yarn Dyed | Rashmina Acrylic

Yarn-Dyed | Rashmina AcrylicPrice: Rs 2,490

Yarn Dyed | Acrylic Yarn Dyed

Yarn-Dyed | Acrylic Yarn Dyed price: Rs 3,490

Khaadi Shawls Collection 2024

Khaadi is a popular Pakistani clothing brand known for its stylish and high-quality products. They offer a wide range of Khaadi cotton shawls and other shawls that are designed with intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and luxurious fabrics. Khadi shawls are often made from materials such as wool, pashmina, or blends like wool-silk or wool-cotton. Khaadi’s shawls are available in various styles, including plain, embroidered, printed, and woven designs. They offer a diverse selection of Khaadi cape shawls, catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you’re looking for a warm winter shawl or a lightweight option for transitional seasons, Khaadi offers a variety of choices to suit your needs.

When it comes to shawls, there are several warm and cozy khaadi shawl designs to consider. The wool shawl is a natural insulator and provides excellent warmth. Look for shawls made from high-quality wool, such as merino wool or cashmere, as they offer superior warmth and softness.

Khaadi shawls collection

If you are looking for light shawls then Summer shawls are lightweight and breathable accessories that can add style and versatility to your summer outfits. One of the best shawls for summer is cotton shawls. The cotton shawl is a highly breathable and lightweight fabric, making it perfect for summer shawls. Look for cotton shawls with open weaves or lace details to enhance breathability and keep you cool.

khaadi shawl for women

khaadi shawl

khaadi wool shawl

khaadi shawl for woman

shawls for women

fancy shawl

plain shawl

khaadi shawls women

winter shawl for women

embroidered shawl

Khaadi Shawl Sale 2024 With Price

Khaadi sale on shawls is live now and they are offering upto50% off on shawls as well. If you are looking for a sale so you can get shawls for yourself then Khaadi embroidered shawls are perfect for you. You can get any kinda shawl from this sale offer.  Some of the designs of shawls are given below.

Have a look at more brands that have sales today.

winter wool shawl

Sale Price: 1,900

khaadi shawls

printed shawl

Winter embroidered shawl

winter shawl

Sale Price: 2,500

This is all about Khaadi shawls. Always remember your preferences, the climate you’re in, and the level of warmth you require when choosing a shawl. It’s always a good idea to check the material composition and care instructions to ensure the shawl meets your needs.

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