Top 10 Perfume Brands for Female in Pakistan 2024

Top 10 Perfume Brands for Female in Pakistan 2024

If you are looking for Women’s perfume brands in Pakistan, then you are in the right place to know. You will get all the information about the best brands for women when it comes to fragrance. When it comes to perfumes there are millions of brands that are offering you great fragrances but some of them are fake or may not be good for you. As you all know women love to smell good and therefore they buy hundreds of perfumes for themselves. Buying perfumes is more like an obsession, as most ladies have a collection of the best perfumes in their homes. If you want to make your wife happy, buy a good perfume for her as there is nothing like treating your wife with a luxurious bottle of perfume. We all know that a good perfume should last for a longer time. It also should be safe on the skin of a person. Its fragrance should not irritate others nearby.

Top perfume brands for Women

Now there are many of you who love to have expensive perfumes and we gonna tell you about expensive perfume brands for ladies. A good fragrance speaks first, and then you do. This is probably what you have picked up, and this is correct. Perfumes play a decisive role in making you perfect, just like your clothes do. This is why perfumes are so special when you get the best perfumes. There is something extraordinary about perfumes. Perfumes are not only a true depiction of our personality but they also reveal so much about our choices. Branded or non-branded tons of perfumes are there for you but when it comes to choosing one it is an almost difficult choice for all of you Moreover, getting your hands on the best long-lasting scent is a true struggle, especially when you are on a budget. Given below are some of the best brands that will offer you the best perfumes. Below are some brands, Have a look.

Perfume Brands In Pakistan For Ladies 2024

  • J. Fragrance
  • Bonanza Satrangi
  • Dunhill
  • Oil of Arabia
  • WB by Hemani
  • Khaadi
  • Hugo Boss
  • Gucci 
  • Prada
  • Armani

1. J. Fragrance

If you are looking for premium perfume brands for females then J. is one the famous brands in providing all kinda clothing and all other accessories like perfumes, and many other things. Everyone loves to have perfumes of this brand and the fragrance of this brand perfume will last longer. Some of the best perfumes of this brand are given below with prices. It may be costly but it will suit best for you.

j. fragrance for ladies

Price: 5,000 PKR

j. fragrance for womens

Price: 4,500 PKR

2. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi is one of the famous brands in women’s clothing, Beside clothing they have some other things like jewelry, perfumes, etc. If you are looking for the best thing for you then this brand is perfect for you. if you need something that looks good on you and also if you want to get a good body odor then BS perfumes are best for you.

bonanza satrangi women's perfume lady pive

Price: 3,800 PKR

bonanza satrangi women's perfume

Price: 4,800 PKR

3. Dunhill

One of the famous perfume brands for females is Dunhill. This brand’s perfumes are the best and will provide you with long-lasting fragrances. Everyone loves to have the perfume of this brand. They know how to gain the attraction of customers to the brands. If you are looking for something unique and awesome then Dunhill perfumes are best for you. You can check them if you want, Some of the famous perfumes are given below.

dunhill desire perfume

Price: 22,300 PKR

dunhill desire perfume woman

Price: 25,300 PKR

4. Oil of Arabia

If you are in search of a good and nice fragrance then you must go for the oil of Arabia. The best perfume it has and also not costly. If you are in search of affordable prices perfumes then this brand is best for you, Every perfume of the oil of Arabia has a long-lasting fragrance and you may love this.

oil of arabia perfume for ladies

Price: 2,800 PKR

oil of arabia women's perfume

Price: 2,500 PKR

5. WB by Hemani

WB by Hemani is one of the famous brands in Pakistan and you can easily get any perfume from this brand. They know well how to gain the attraction of customers to the brand. All products of this brand are made with natural products and you can’t deny the fact that natural herbs and products have great importance in our life so if you use perfume made with natural herbs you will get amazing and deep-rooted fragrance.

wb by hemani perfumes for womens

Price:1,000 PKR

wb by hemani perfumes

Price:1,800 PKR

6. Khaadi

Besides its clothing, Khaadi has perfumes as well. The perfumes of this brand are the same as their clothing. When it comes to quality this brand does not compromise on the quality whether it’s clothing or perfumes the quality remains the same. One of the best perfume brands for females and everyone loves to buy perfume from this brand. Some of them are given below, Have a look.

khaadi ladies perfume

Price: 2,500 PKR

khaadi ladies perfume Lily

Price: 3,500 PKR

7. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is one of the most famous and popular brands among perfumes. This brand was launched in 1995 and in a short period of time, this brand gets so much respect and reputation. They know well what kinda fragrance women like and they don’t compromise on the quality. Every perfume of this brand is on another level and if you are looking for deep-rooted fragrance then this brand is for you. Some of the best perfumes of this brand are given below.

hugo boss ladies perfume

Price: 50,000 PKR

hugo boss perfume

Price: 45,000 PKR

8. Gucci 

One of the best brand perfumes for ladies is Gucci. The brand itself is famous and there is no need to tell anyone about that, Everyone knows about this brand. Besides other accessories, this brand has classical perfumes as well and you can easily get any perfume at an affordable price. If you are looking for everlasting fragrance then Gucci is best for you. They know well how to bring customers to the brand.

gucci perfume

Price: 30,000 PKR

gucci women perfume

Price: 40,000 PKR

9. Prada

If you are looking for the best smell and also for a few hours like 7-10 hours then these brand perfumes are best for you. You may love to have this brand of perfumes as they have a few hours of lasting odor but it will be effective for any kinda event and for other kinda things. You can even use it casually if you are not going anywhere. Prada is one the best brands for you among all others, some of the perfumes of this brand are given below.

prada women perfume

Price: 28,500 PKR

prada ladies perfume

Price: 20,000 PKR

10. Armani

If you are looking for the best odor then Armani is best for you. Armani perfumes for ladies are best for everyone. For those females who are looking for durable fragrance then this brand is for them. They will provide you with perfumes that have long-lasting fragrances and you have to spend a Little bit more bucks on them to get those perfumes.

armani perfume

Price: 30,000 PKR

armani women perfume

Price: 30,000 PKR

Branded Perfumes For Ladies in Pakistan

  • Acqua di parma
  • Royal Mirage
  • Calvin Klein
  • Chanel
  • Victoria secret
  • Gianni Versace
  • Dior
  • Tom Ford

Acqua Di Parma

When it comes to luxury perfume brands for ladies, aqua di Parma is one the best brands whose perfume you would love to have. This brand has one of the best perfumes and everyone loves to keep them. All perfumes are available for you at affordable prices and you may easily get any you want.

Acqua di parma ladies perfume

Price: Rs 46,200

women perfume acqua di parma

Price: Rs 40,200

Royal Mirage

Royal Mirage perfumes are also the best quality perfumes in Pakistan. Moreover, the perfumes of this brand are safe on the skin of a person. Their average fragrance lasting is more than 6 long hours. The fragrance of this brand is made from bergamot, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli for spice. It is a unique combination in producing perfume.

Royal Mirage ladies perfume

Price: Rs 1,800

Royal Mirage women perfume

Price: Rs 2,800

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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one the famous brands and everyone knows about this. Besides other things, this brand also offers you perfumes that are the best in quality and in smell as well. If you are going anywhere and if you want long-lasting fragrance then these brand perfumes are best for you.

Calvin Klein perfume

Price: 9,000 PKR

CK perfume for ladies

Price: 15,000 PKR


Another famous brand that is popular among all other brands in offering a wide range of perfumes is Chanel. This brand offers you amazing and unique fragrances and you may love to keep these perfumes with you. Some of the best perfumes of this brand are given below.

chanel perfume for women

Price: 35,000 PKR

women perfume

Price: 30,000 PKR

Victoria secret

If you want a sensual and sophisticated perfume collection, then Victoria’s Secret is the best option. Because of the elegance that this perfume company has to offer, it stands out from the crowd. One of the greatest and most recognized scents allows you to carry the finest look smoothly.

victoria secret perfume bombshell

Price: 35,000 PKR

victoria secret perfume

Price: 45,000 PKR

Gianni Versace

If you are willing to get a decent perfume that smells last longer then you have to go for Gianni Versace. These brands of perfumes are on another level and you may love to have them. These perfumes are a bit expensive but if you are willing to get yourself a decent fragrance then you have to spend some bucks on that.

gianni versace perfume

Price: 25,000 PKR

gianni versace woman perfume

Price: 20,000 PKR


One of the most expensive and coolest brands in perfumes is Dior. Dior perfumes are expensive and you may love to keep them. If you lover of long-lasting smell then this brand is for you. At the hour when the wolves come out and the sky is set on fire, another enchantment unfurls.

Dior ladies perfume

Price: 30,892


Price: 35,892

Tom Ford

One of the most popular & no.1 brand stand-alone a vast range of attars, body spray, and perfume for men and women is tom Ford. This brand is the best among all other brands and you may not have to spend so many bucks to get this perfume. You can easily get this perfume in Pakistan at an affordable price and if you are fond of long-lasting fragrances then Tom Ford perfumes are best for you.

ladies perfume tom ford

Price: 41,892

Tom Fore ladies perfume

Price: 35,907

Dolce and Gabbana

The most popular men’s and women’s brands are Dolce and Gabbana, which sells the best fragrances. They have a variety of scents and have a powerful mix, depending on the skin type and other conditions that linger for the full day.

D&G ladies Shine perfume

Price: 25,000

D&G ladies perfume

Price: 25,000

This is all about top perfume brands. In this article, you will get all the famous and popular perfume brands. Sometimes it is a headache to get the right perfume and I hope this article will help you and you will easily get any kinda perfume for yourself as you want. If you want to know about any other thing then let us know in the comment section below, Your feedback will be appreciated.

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