Latest Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses Collection 2023 With Price

Tena Durrani is a young and passionate fashion designer who is working in recent years. Today I am gonna show you Tena Durrani Bridal Collection 2023.  Such as HSY and Asim Jofa Wedding Dresses this brand is also giving its customers the best range. The bride always looking for that has assorted quality and long-lasting impact Isn’t it!!!! That is why I have collected those finest dresses from Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses Collection. Actually, as brides want to get well dressed same the designers are conscious to provide the best that they can. In recent years several brands are taking a keen interest in Pakistani bridal Dresses Collections. Bridal Dresses are all about providing you with what heritage and culture demand. Recently the brands are also working on some modern cuts in Pakistani Wedding Dress Designs.

Tena durani bridal dresses

Latest Tena Durrani Bridal dresses Collection

Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses Collection 2023

Now let me take you to what actually Tena Durrani is giving you for this Wedding Season 2023!!! Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses Collection is wide and vast and you can easily select your desired one. Whether it is Lehnga Choli for Barrat or dresses for Mehndi or reception customers feel at ease. In the closet, Tena Durrani is working to give its customers cultural dresses and traditional Tilla work. Tena Durrani covered all kinds of brides. Her variety of dresses is specially designed so that all sectors can be facilitated. In her bridal dress design, she covers up all colors all combinations, and quality fabrics.

Latest Bridals Tena Durrani

Tena Durani Bridal dress

Tena durani Raspberry Red Bridal dress

Bridal gown dress

Tena Durani gown bridal dress

Gown dress bridal

Tena Durrani Mehndi Bridal Dresses

Tena Durrani mehndi bridal dresses make a statement appearance at mehndi functions. The mehndi dresses are crafted on the base of the latest and trendy fashion. The colour selection and embroidered work designs make every girl’s outlook so superb and dashi. Here some mehndi dress designs are given below.

Latest Tena Durrani mehndi dresses collection

Latest Tena Durrani mehndi dresses


Tena Durrani Nur Bridal Dresses

Nur bridal dress collection is specially designed for those brides who like heavy embroidery work on the shirt.

Maisuri Net sharara bridal dressMorr Bridal.

Tena durrani Tissue & Velvet bridal dressRiwaj Bridal.

Tena durrani Tissue & Velvet lehnga choli bridal dress

Tena durrani raw silk front open shirt bridal dress

Tissue shirt sharara bridal dress

Tena Durrani Rara Avis Bridal Dresses

In Rara Avis’s bridal dresses Tena Durrani chose a light colour and light embroidery work.

Tena Durrani mint green choli with ivory lehanga bridal dress

Scherezade lehnga choli bridal dress.

Tena Durrani Plum short shirt with ivory lehnga bridal dress

Tena durrani red net shirt with pink lehanga bridal dress

Tehzib lehnga choli bridal dress.

Tena durrani red net shirt with pink lehnga bridal dress

Tena Durrani net red shirt with pink lehenga bridal dress.

Tena durrani Rust gold sleeveless shirt with white lehnga bridal dress

Mahala bridal dress.

Tena Durrani Zeb Bridal Dresses

Zeb bridal dresses are designed for those brides who are entrusted with a long shirt, gown, and maxi style.

Deep red gown bridal dress

Maalaa bridal

Green shirt with bottle green lehnga bridal dress

Sila bridal

Tena Durrani black velvet blouse bridal dress

Ranya bridal

Tena Durrani red lehnga shirt bridal dress

Ruva Bridal

Tena Durrani Platinum Series Bridal Dresses

The platinum series is a heavily embroidered work and luxury bridal dress collection.

Tena Durrani Ice blue bridal dress

Mirage bridal dress

Tena Durrani long shirt bridal dress

Prism bridal dress

Tena Durrani Short shirt with lehnga bridal dress

Muse Bridal

Tena Durrani sleeveless red shirt bridal dress

Royal sceptre bridal dress.

Tena Durrani Kareena Kapoor Bridal Dresses

Naurattan Lehenga With Merlot Jacket

Yeah, you are thinking true the above jacket also belongs to Naurattan traditional dress. When Kareena is advertising any collection then imagine the quality!!! Tena Durrani recently hired Kareena Kapoor for the promotion of New Bridal Wedding Dresses 2023.  The confirmation of price is available at Tena Durrani Online.






Tena Durrani white lehnga bridal dress

Tena Durrani A Rouge Affair Bridal dresses

A multi-colour touch is used in the Rouge Affair bridal dresses collection. In these dresses, the latest fashion techniques are used,

Tena Durrani CERSEI bridal dress

Cersei bridal dress

Tena Durrani GOLD ECRU bridal dress

Gold Ecru bridal dress

Tena Durrani PINK BRIDAL dress

Pink bridal dress

Tena Durrani RED ANARKALI bridal dress

Red Anarkali bridal dress

Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Dresses

Shine and dark color combinations are used in this Tena Durrani bridal dresses collection.

Tena Durrani AMULET bridal dress


Tena Durrani BACCARA ROSE SARI bridal dress

Black rose sari bridal dress

Tena Durrani CADENZA bridal dress

Cadenza luxury bridal dress

Tena Durrani OPALINE CRYSTAL bridal dress

Opaline crystal front open bridal dress

Tena Durrani Formal Dresses Collection

Luxury formal dresses are designed for bold brides. Formal bridal dresses also use as party wear. Tena Durrani formal dresses are specially designed according to the demand and desires of brides. she knows what is best for brides after getting married. These formal dresses will create a new look and illuminate you on your part events.

Cream shirt with mustard gharara formal dress


Tena Durrani IVORY MIST formal dress


Tena Durrani PERSIAN ROSE formal dress


Tena Durrani Tea pink formal dress

PKR: 180,000

Tena Durrani white lehnga shirt formal dress

Frost formal dress approx price in PKR:175,000

There are many challenges in the current fashion scenario to stand. That’s why every brand has to not only give their best to customers but provide what has a long-lasting impact. In below dozens of pictures, you will see Tena Durrani’s Bridal Wedding Dresses Designs and can place an order easily. It is easy to place your order you can go straight to Tena Durrani Online which is a complete e-commerce store.

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These are the top-rated Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses Designs with the complete review for the price please leave a comment below. You can get whatever you want from the below dresses at exclusive cheap rates. If the wedding is in the winter season as most weddings happen I would suggest wearing Velvet Bridal Dresses Collection.

Red Velvet Tena Durrani Bridal Dress 2023

Although the velvet concept is a bit getting older day by day. Believe me, you won’t regret it because it looks super stunning when you wear Velvet Dresses for your wedding day. Usually, in Pakistan Wedding season happen in the winter season so it is best to try Red Velvet Bridal Dress 2023.

Tena Durrani red velvet bridal dress


Wanna see what a traditional Asian bride looks like !!! here it is. Whether it is Indian or Pak brides both wear almost the same outfits. The pure traditional stuff is shown with an attractive Matha Pati one and a necklace with beautiful gems. I would suggest wearing this combination if you want to be more attractive.

Tena Durrani traditional bridal dress

Tena Durrani red color bridal dress

Here is what modern brides demand some shiny color with perfect stitching. Basically, this Wedding Dresses Collection is all about providing rich hues so that customers can get more influence. Who is the bride who doesn’t want to be happy on her wedding day I think no one. The below colours can spread more happiness when you wear one.  Below one in mint green colour with top to-bottom neck design is superb.

Tena Durrani black color bridal dress

Tena Durrani golden color bridal dress

Tena Durrani golden embroidered color bridal dress

Tena Durrani grey color bridal dress

On the top, the dresses and designs can explain traditional colors and designs. But this one above is a New Bridal Dresses Collection with a wide range of colours and shades that enhance beauty. In western culture, brides put a simple white dress on. Same as the last one that illustrates western and eastern patterns at the same time.

Tena Durrani purple color bridal dress

Try Tena Durrani Bridal Dresses for this season and get a reason to be more confident. Yeah, you can also leave us a comment below for any information regarding Pakistani Brides Dresses. We have a Facebook Page that is itself a platform for providing celebrity news and for giving the latest about Fashion week as well. G2VAPE lol, don’t worry the image is of Best Pakistani Designer Tena Durrani.

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