Top Best Bra Brands in India 2024 With Price

Top Best Bra Brands in India 2024 With Price

When it comes to picking up the best bra many females fail in that, Are you also failing in that? If yes then no need to worry because we gonna talk about top bra brands in India. As you all know a bra is becoming an essential part of garments nowadays and it will keep your breasts aligned and give them support if you are doing any kinda of work exercise or anything. Wearing the proper structural and design bra not only provides you with great comfort but also enhances your entire appearance. So, the next time you go shopping for yourself, instead of focusing on beautiful jewelry, amazing pants, or a magnificent gown, shift your attention to that perfect bra you’ve always longed to own.

If you wear a bra, it gives you good posture. Women wear bras according to the type of dress and also their mood. There are various beautiful designs of bras that are available on the market. The best bra brands always offer you excellent quality bras that are made up of different fabrics according to the suitability of women. From sexy to regular all bras are available for you and you can easily get them from the market and also from any online store as well. Sometimes an irritating and discomfort bra can spoil your mood and that’s why it is important to understand the best bra brands should be your first priority while selecting the right bra. Before moving on it is important to know some of the luxury and best bra brands.

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Top Luxury Bra Brands In India 2024

The top luxury bra brands in India are not just luxurious, but they also come with breathtaking designs. From sheer lace to floral embroidery, these bras have it all. The new wave of top luxury bra brands has already gained popularity among Indian women who love high-quality lingerie. These brands offer more than just your basic necessities. They offer innovative designs, eye-catching colors, and subtle embellishments that keep you looking and feeling like the elegant lady you are.

Women have always been keen on luxury bras for comfort and style. Brands like Zivame, Enamor, Calvin Klein, Jockey, and many more are the top brands in India with a selection of luxury bras in various styles such as underwired bras, sports bras, and nursing bras.

  • Zivame 
  • Enamor
  • Calvin Klein
  • Jockey 
  • Pretty Secrets
  • Amante
  • Rosaline
  • Da’intimo
  • Parfait Bras
  • Clovia
  • Inner Sense


One of the top luxury bra brands is Zivame. This brand is known for its all products and when it comes to undergarments then no brand comes to the level of this brand. They know well what kinda designs, colors, and fits are best for women’s bras. Some of the designs are given below.

zivame Bra

Price: 1,000 INR

zivame paded bra

Price: 2,550 INR

Calvin Klein

Besides its clothing and other stuff, this brand also offers undergarments for all ages of women. The bra of this brand is expensive and light in weight, unique in design, and in all aspects, this brand is one the famous brands and you will love to wear a bra of this brand.

Calvin Klein Bra padded

Price: 3,007 INR

Calvin Klein Bra

Price: 2,980 INR


Jockey is one the famous brands and provides comfortable and high-quality products to its consumers. It offers a variety of designs to meet the undergarments needs of women of all ages. The bras of this brand are a bit expensive but you will not regret spending money on this brand.

Jockeey backless bra

Price: 4,499INR

Jockey bra

Price: 5,345 INR

Pretty Secrets

Another famous brand is Pretty Secrets. This brand always brings unique, comfy stylish, and best designed bras for its customers. Women of every age love this brand because of its uniqueness and fitness. You can get any kinda bra from this brand.

preety secrets bra padded

Price: 800 INR

Preety secrets bra

Price: 1,000 INR


If you are looking for a comfortable bra then this brand is best for you. Amante is the brand that will give you the best quality bras at a reasonable price and you may love to buy bras from this brand.

amante paded bra

Price:1,045 INR

amante t shirt bra

Price: 954 INR


If you are looking for trendy, cool, and ultra-soft bras for modern-age women then this brand is best in this. This brand always brings something new and unique to its customers. They know how to provide the best quality bras to their customers. Due to innovative designs and spectacular colors, every woman loves to wear a bra of this brand.

Rosaline bra

Price: 500 INR

Rosaline bra paded

Price: 1500 INR


Da’intimo is one the famous brands in giving the best bra for every woman. If you need support and comfort all day then this brand is best for you. While you are working or doing any kinda house chore this brand is best for you.

Lace Up Toplette

Price: 600 INR

daintio Front Lace Up

Price: 1000 INR

Parfait Bras

If we talk about style designs, color schemes, and comfortability laced in one bra, you can rely upon Parfait. This brand is perfect if you need all these things. One of the luxury brands in India and the bra of this brand is for all ages women.

Parafit Bra

Price: 1,979 INR

Parafit BRALETTE Bra

Price:2159 INR


Another best bra brand is Clovia. This brand has all that you want. Clovia bras act like a second skin by giving the perfect fit and comfort. From enormous styles, designs and cuts, you can find everything on Clovia that you have been looking for.

Clovia Bra

Price: 500 INR

Clovia bra simple

Price: 1,300 INR

Inner Sense

One luxury bra brand is Inner Sense. This brand is well known among all women and they know the importance of this brand. This brand is a bit expensive but you won’t regret spending money on this brand. Inner Sense offers you anti-microbial and anti-bacterial bras that help you stay clean throughout the day and also give you proper support all the day.

cotton padded bra

Price: 1000 INR

Inner senese Organic Cotton Padded bra

Price: 1000 INR

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Best Cotton Bra Brands In India 2024

As you all know it is the summer season and in summer cotton can easily be worn. No matter if it’s any kinda dress or any kinda undergarments, women love to wear light dresses and undergarments in summer. Some of the cotton bra brands that will give you the best quality are given below and some of the leading and best brand names we have listed below for you and every woman who loves to wear bras of these brands.

  • Triumph
  • Shyaway
  • BodyCare
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • H&M
  • Daisy Dee


Another famous brand is Triumph. One of the famous brands that will give you the best and most unique bras. The designs, colors, styles, and sizes are best fit for every woman and they love to wear cotton bras of this brand.

Triumph bra

Price: 1500 INR

Triumph bra padded

Price: 2500 INR


Skyway is another famous brand of bras and it will provide you with unique designs. The bras of this brand also give you comfort and support throughout the day. If you are looking for the best and most unique bras designs then this brand is best for all of you.

cotton bra shyway

Price: 1,500 INR

shyway bra push up

Price: 1,800 INR


One of the favorite brands for all women’s undergarments is body care. This brand offers you a wide range of cotton bras that are comfortable, and have amazing colors, patterns, and sizes. Bodycare is well-known for the high quality of its products and its inventive designs.

Body care bra

Price: 500 INR

Body caare bra push up

Price: 1,000 INR

Victoria’s Secret

In cotton fabrics, another famous brand providing the best quality bras is Victoria’s Secret. This brand always tries to bring something unique to its customers and it also gives you a bra that fits all ages of women. If you are looking for lightweight cotton bras then this brand is best for you.

victoria secret lace bra

Price: 2,500 INR

victoria secret bra

Price: 1,900 INR


H&M is a famous bra brand due to its durable, comfortable, and antique designs & ideal for all ages of women. This brand knows how to gain the attraction of customers and most women love to wear stylish bras at affordable prices. This brand has all, stylish and reasonable prices.

H&M bra

Price:1500  INR

Lace push ip bra H&M

Daisy Dee

As you all know it is summer season nowadays and every woman loves to wear light dresses and when it comes to wearing undergarments. Daisy Dee is one the best brands that will give you light and easy-to-wear undergarments and also it will offer you bras that are light in weight and also they give you full support all day.

Cotton Cut Bra

Price: 500 INR

Lightly Padded bra

Price: 1000 INR

Top Plus Size Bra Brands In India 2024

As you all know that some fat and milf women find it difficult when it comes to choosing the right fit bra for them. Today we gonna tell you about some bra brands that you can get your favorite fit.  Some of the leading and famous bra brands for heavy breast are available for you in online stores, and some of those brands are given below and you can easily get them from any store you want. The bra is one of the essential parts of women’s undergarments. With the comfort of speaking about it openly, it has given women an option to choose bras according to their preferences and comfort. Some of the best and leading brands are given below.

  • Curvy Love
  • Makclan
  • Ultimo
  • Candyskin


Parfait is dedicated to helping curvy and fat women find the perfect fit. They create stunning, high-quality plus-size bras for women globally. The main motive of this brand is to provide the best thing and also give every milf the support and comfort they want.

Parafait big size bra

Price: 2,000 INR

parafait plus size bra

Price: 1,000 INR

Curvy Love

Curvy love offers complete comfort for women who love and care for their curves. They have a wide variety of plus-size bras. It has diverse styles, and colors suitable for all comfort and support that you want this brand of bras will give you.

Curvy Love Plus size bra

Price: 800 INR

Curvy love plus size bra

Price: 1000 INR


Another famous brand in providing plus size bras is Makclan. This brand is also popular when it comes to giving the best quality with style and with comfort. If you really looking for comfort throughout the day this brand bra is best for you. For those who want support and comfort all day then Makclan is best for them.

Makclan plus size

Price: 3,000 INR

Makclan plus size bra

Price: 2,300 INR


This brand was launched in the UK and in a short period of time, this brand gained so much respect and reputation among all other brands. This brand gives high-quality bras to every type of woman and all bras are comfy you may love to wear them from this brand.

Ultimo plus size bra

Price: 1,000 INR

Ultimo plus size bra pus up


This is one of the famous brands that are giving plus-size bras to every woman. Candyskin is a sensual, comfortable, great-fitting intimate apparel brand that creates styles using high-quality materials. This brand provides bras for all plus-size women and also all bras are comfortable and give you support as well.

candyskin plus size push up bra

Price: 1000 INR

candyskin plus size bra

Price: 2000 INR

Best Sports Bra Brands In India 2024

If you are looking for leading sports bra brands in India then you are in the right place to know. As you all know sports bra plays an important role in women’s fitness. They need a bra that not only provides comfort but gives them some extra support during exercise. There are tons of sports bra brands in the market but you can get from only a few of them according to your desire. Whether you want to do home yoga, exercise, gym, run, or walk, you need a bra that will give you perfect support while doing anything. Wearing a normal bra for exercise is not good because its structure and style cannot provide enough support. These factors affect your breast health and make your breasts heavy, and sore, and even cause lasting damage. We have chosen some good and leading brands in sports bras from where you can choose sports bras easily.

  • Adidas Sports Bra
  • Nike Sports Bra
  • Dermawear Sports Bra
  • Van Heusen Sports Bra
  • Shoppy Villa Sports Bra

Adidas Sports Bra

One of the most famous and popular sports bra brands is Adidas. Over the years this brand is giving the best things to its customers and till now it is giving. This brand has sports bras for women as well and they used Aeroready technology, which is waterproof and keeps you dry even when you sweat a lot during exercise. This bra has 70% recycled polyester and 11% elastane and 19% polyester fiber, which provides perfect support to your back and keeps your breasts in place during exercises.

Adidas Bra

Price: 4,500 INR

Adidas Sports Bra

Price: 4,500 INR

Nike Sports Bra

Nike is a name that itself is famous in the world of sports. Besides other things, this brand also gives you sports bras. The bras of this brand are comfortable and they come with ventilation panels that prevent overheating during a workout, and the flat seams are designed to prevent uncomfortable pinching or chafing.

Sports bra Nike

Price: 3,000 INR

Nike Sports Bra

Price: 3,500 INR

Dermawear Sports Bra

Drawer sports bras are also comfy and many women can use them even for any kinda sports or heavy exercise. This brand has Cotton Blended Padded Non-Wired Sports Bra and is designed in such a way that they can easily remove pressure from your shoulders and give you instant relief. The materials that are used in this are hosiery, spandex, and super knit, which are enough to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

sports wear bra

Price: 2,000 INR

Dermawear Sports Bra

Price: 2,800 INR

Van Heusen Sports Bra

Another famous brand for sports bras is Van Heusen. This brand provides fashionable and comfy bras for all types of sports. These bras have ribbeds that allow you to breathe freely. It comes with instant dry technology, that absorbs your water and does not allow sweat to accumulate under your breasts. The compression keeps your muscles firmly in place and prevents the sagging of your breasts caused by high-intensity exercise.

Van Heusen Sports Bra

Price:1800 INRVan Heusen Bra sports

Price:1500 INR

Shoppy Villa Sports Bra

Shoppy Villa sports bra is comfortable to wear and it can be used in any kinda sports you want. Shoppy Villa’s fashionable sports bra boasts wired cups and mild padding to provide all-day support. To provide a comfortable fit, it is fashioned from a fabric that is both very soft and stretchable.

Shoppy Villa Sports Bra simple

Price: 2500 INR

Shoppy Villa Sports Bra

Price: 3500 INR

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ answers that almost all customers have in their minds about Bra size, different types of bras, and the difference between local and branded bras.

Why Buy Branded Bra Only?

Many females think that if they buy branded bras it will only give an inner look and nothing else will change, so they don’t want to spend money on branded bras. But let me tell you it isn’t like that, a branded bra not only gives you an inner look but also gives you inner peace and makes you relaxed and comfy by wearing it. If you are not willing to spend on branded bras but on local bras, then you may feel irritated, they are not according to your size and fit and may not give you the proper support you want. That’s why it is necessary to spend your bucks on branded to get proper comfort and support.

How To Pick the Right Size Bra?

 8 out of 10 women failed to choose the right size of bra and feel not well and also it is sometimes a headache to choose the right size for your breast, Don’t worry about this because we gonna tell you how you can choose the right size bra for you. You have to follow a few simple steps and you are ready to choose the right size for you

  1. Use a soft tape measurer to measure around your ribs right under your breasts.
  2.  Wrap the measuring tape around your back and measure your breast’s full point, usually at the nipple.
  3. If you are not sure about these measurements then Get help from a professional.
  4. Keep An Eye On That Middle Bit Of Fabric.
  5. Wear a T-shirt when you are at the shop.

These are some steps in which you can get the right size bra for yourself.

What Are Different Types Of Bra?

There are tons of types of bras that you can use and only a few of them are common and famous all over the world. Some females prefer expensive bras and some want to stay with normal bras so some of the types of bras are given below.

  1. T-shirt Bra
  2. Sports Bra
  3. Push Up Bra
  4. Padded Bra
  5. Convertible Bra
  6. Strapless Bra
  7. Lace Bra
  8. Cage Bra
  9. Nursing Bra
  10. Silicon Bra

These are some of the famous and popular bras that you can get from any kinda store or you can shop via online shopping options.

This is an article about the Top Bra Brands in India. In this topic, we have discussed the top trendy bras shapes, designs, and colours and how they impact customers. We have also provided an overview of what brands make up premium bras for women in India who care about quality and comfort.

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