Bata Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Bata Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Looking for Bata Shoes Eid Collection 2024 wait..wait….!! I am here to tell you about the shoes and Eid Footwear Collection as well. Bata Eid shoes collection is filled with the colours of life in your Eid festival. All Bata Eid shoes now are available online and in Bata outlets. Visit the nearest Bata shoes outlets and buy more trendiest and most stylish Eid shoes for whole family members. On this Eid, Bata brings a wide range of spring-summer & summer shoes on this Eid. From casual to formal shoes including slippers, sandals, heels, peep toes, and many more are available at the Bata Eid gala.

I think a few customers know that Bata is serving in the world since 1942. From the day I first knew Bata Shoes has their own elegance and comfort that has to the comparison at all.

The valued customer chose Bata Shoes because of the fear of prices and durability of shoes. If it is about Bata Eid Shoes Collection then for Men sandals are perfect to wear and for women, Leena by Bata is the perfect one. If you want a shoe that can stay for a longer period of time that Liza By Bata is the perfect one.

The new thing that may come to your mind is the Athletic One. Actually, for years Bata is providing comfortable and durable shoes for athletes. Bata Ladies Shoes Eid Collection is comprised of Sandals and slippers that are perfect to wear in Summer Season.

Bata Eid collection

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Bata Shoes Eid Collection 2024

Brand-conscious customers always prefer the Bata shoes collection on Eid festive. Bata always give a unique look to its customers in footwear design. This Eid Bata also has a great collection and many new designs great for all family members. Bata ladies, gents, and kids’ shoes collection have elegant designs at normal prices with high quality.

Bata Shoes collection

Bata shoes Eid collection for the whole family.

Best in comfort perfect in durability below is Bata Shoes Collection for Women, men, and kids 2024 is waiting for you. Grab the best from the nearest Bata Store, if you are looking for Bata Sale 2024 which is shown below with the Women and Men Shoes Collection 2024.

Bata Shoes eid woman shoeRs.3,999.00

Bata Shoes eid Comfit women shoeRs.3,999.00

Bata Shoes eid Comfit women shoeRs.3,999.00

Bata Shoes eid Peshawari man shoeRs.1,799.00

Bata Shoes eid men shoeRs.1,999.00

Bata Shoes eid man shoeRs.1,499.00

Bata Ladies Shoes Collection 2024

Bata has a large ladies’ shoes collection in a number of varieties of designs for all seasons including casual, formal, heels, pumps, and sports shoes at a very normal price. To enhance the ladies’ shoes variety and style Bata Leena, Bata Comfit, and Bata Marie Clarie brands are specified for the ladies’ shoes collection.

Bata Ladies Casual Shoes

Bata offers more than 150 ladies casual footwear designs. Casual shoes mostly use as daily use footwear. Many beautiful and weightless ladies’ casual shoes are in the Bata store. The price range starts from 799 to 5000 in PKR.

Bata Ladies Formal Shoes

Bata also designed a large number of ladies formal shoes which are perfect for all events, especially for the traditional festival. Ladies formal sandals, slippers, and heels are available in the bata store now. The price ranges start from 1000 to 7000

Bata Ladies Heels Shoes

Bata has more than 70 latest heel articles for ladies. All varieties of heels including long heels, short heels, and back open long heels shoes in different colours. the price range starts from 1000 to 7000 in PKR.

Bata Ladies Sports Shoes

In the field of sports Bata also designed ladies’ sports shoes on customers’ demands. ladies’ sports shoes are very flexible and elegant designs. These ladies’ shoes are designed to cover up all ladies’ sports activities from jogging to running. The price ranges start from 1000 to 9000 PKR.

Bata Ladies Pumps Shoes

Bata ladies’ weightless pumps are designed for casual and as well as formal usage. More than 30 different colours designed are available in the Bata store. The price ranges start from 799 to 7000 PKR.

Bata Men Shoes Collection 2024

The best Men Shoes Collection is shown below along with some formal shoes. Most of the shoes are made of pure leather which enhances the beauty of the shoes. The Ambassador Shoes for Men are perfect for classy gentlemen.

Bata Men Formal Shoes

Bata has a large collection of formal shoes for men’s footwear. Bata formal shoes are naturally compatible with pent dresses. Bata formal shoes are designed in many colours with laces and without laces. The price range starts from 1000 to 6000 PKR.

Bata Men Casual Shoes

Bata has more than 100 designs for men’s casual footwear including chappals, sneakers, and slippers for all-weather seasons as well as traditional festivals. The price range starts from 999 to 10000 PKR.

Bata Men Sports Shoes

Bata power brand is specified for men’s sports shoes items. Large numbers of men’s sports shoes launch continuously with high-quality and graceful designs. The price range starts from 1000 to 10000 PKR.

Bata Men Sandals Shoes

Bata sandals are very famous articles for men. Bata power, Bata Winebrenner, and Bata comfit brands have to quality to provide men’s sandals in different designs. The price range starts from 399 to 4000 in Pkr.

Bata Men Chappals Shoes

Bata comfit is specified for men’s Bata chappals. Bata comfit has soft and weightless chappals for casual use as well as formal use for the summer season. The price range starts from 799 to 2000 PKR.

Bata Mocassino Shoes

Fleet sole Bata Mocassino shoes are men’s best choice for the winter season. These weightless shoes warm up your feeling in very soft ways. the price range starts from 1000 to 4000 PKR.

Bata Peshawri Shoes

Bata also worked on a traditional shoes collection for men. Bata has a large variety of designs in Peshawari chappals. These chappals create the best combination with shalwar kameez on festive. Men’s Peshawari chappals are also the best collection for the summer season also. The price range starts from 999 to 4000 PKR.

Bata Kids Shoes Collection 2024

Bata also has a large collection of kid’s shoes. The Bata Bubble Gummer brand is only for kids’ shoes design. Attractive colours and soft shoes are designed for kids.

Bata Boys Shoes

Bata offers beautiful sandals, sports shoes, and chappals for boys. Boys’ multi-colour sandals are very attractive and comfortable. The price ranges start from 2000 to 3000 PKR.

Bata Girls Shoes

Bata Bubble Gummer brand is a specialist in girls’ shoes design. More than 20 attractive articles are available in the Bata store. The price range starts from 999 to 3000 PKR.

Bata School Shoes

Bata school shoes for boys and girls are designed by B.first. bata school shoes have beautiful designing and very comfortable to walk. The price range starts from 1000 to 3000 in PKR.

Bata New Arrivals 2024

Bata always launches new styles and designs to keep in mind the latest fashion, weather conditions, and traditional festivals in Pakistan. Due to large customer demand, Bata launches new arrival every Friday for the whole family.

Bata New Arrivals for Men

On a weekly bases, bata launches new articles for men. Men’s new arrivals are base on the latest fashion and men’s customers’ needs. Bata men’s new arrivals have all categories of shoes. the price range starts from 799 to 10000 PKR.

Bata New Arrivals for Women

Due to ladies’ shoes demands bata have to launch new articles continuously. In ladies’ new arrivals all formal, and casual, heels, and pumps are available in the Bata store. the price range starts from 599 to 9000 PKR in all colours.

Bata New Arrivals for Kids

Bata has many eye-catching kids’ articles in new arrivals. Bata Bubble Gummer, North Star, and power brands always launch new articles with the passage of time. the price range starts from 799 to 3000 PKR.

Bata Shoes Eid Brands Collection 2024

Keeping in mind the customer’s demands, with the passage of time  Bata introduced many brands according to the needs of its customers. Bata’s different brands cover different categories of shoes. Each brand has its own quality and field of specification. A list of Bata all brands that have been launched till now for customer facilitation.

Bata Ambassador

In the Bata Ambassador brand Bata focus on men’s footwear which is a luxury and purely leather manufacturing in squeeze shapes. These shoes brand create a luxury touch in your personality in all occasional events as well as in your business dealings. The price range starts from 3999 to 9999 in Pkr.

Bata Comfit

In this brand, Bata focus on all men’s, and women’s casual and formal footwear field for the summer season. A huge variety of weightless but durable shoes in many different colours and designs embrace your personality in hot weather. The Price range starts from 999 to 4,999 in Pkr.

Bata Bubble Gummer

All Kid’s shoes category are designed in the Bata Bubble Gummer brand. Bata Bubble Gummer focuses on boys’ and girls’ traditional and cultural footwear for the summer season. Eye-catching colours and unique styles boost the level of confidence in your kids. Its price range starts from 799 to 3,000.

Leena Bata

Leen Bata brand is an expert in all lady’s footwear categories. Ladies’ formal, and casual, sandals, slippers, and heels for all festive are designed in Leena by Bata. All Leena shoes are designed keeping in mind the latest fashion with dress colour-matching techniques. The price range starts from 599 to 3,499 in Pkr.

Bata Insolia

Bata Insolia shoes are designed for long heels eager ladies. In this brand ladies, long heels footwear is designed. A beautiful collection of long heels, back striped heels, and peep toes ladies shoes in Bata Insolia.

Bata North Star

North star shoes category is designed for jogging lover people including boys, men, and women. These shoes are very flexible for walks and jogging. North star shoes are also compatible with jeans lovers and teenagers. Its price range starts from 1,000 to 5,000.

Bata Marie Claire

Marie Claire lady’s footwear brand which full fills ladies shoes needs for all events and festivals. The luxury and elegant designs of Marie Claire are very fit for formal usage footwear as well as in festivals. Its price range starts from 1,000 to 6000.


Bata’s first kids’ shoes collection. It’s a scientifically designed kids’ shoes collection which has the ability to protect against germs.

Bata Mocassino

Purely leather flat soles ladies and gents shoes collection in this brand. Its price range starts from 1000 to 4000.

Bata power

All categories of sports shoes are designed in this brand. Bata power shoes are very famous as sports footwear. In spite of sports shoes power also have summer sandals for boys. Its price range starts from 1000 to 10,000.

Bata Weinbrenner

Bata Weinbrennerhas a large number of men,s summer sandals, and slippers. Inner soft soles and unique design make your personality gorgeous at all events of life. Its price range starts from 799 to 4000.

Bata Tomy Takkies

A large collection of ladies and gent’s winter collection. In this field, Tommy Takkies sneakers with laces and without laces warm up your winter season with a soft style. Its price range starts from 899 to 2000.

Bata Sparx

Bata Spark has boy’s sandals, slippers, and kids’ summer shoes. Its price range starts from 1000 to 2000.

Bata Mello

Bata luxury brand is Bata Mello. Its thick waves sole design protect your feet with care and love. Its price range starts from 8,000 to 10,000.

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