Top 40 Best Pakistani Clothes Brands In Pakistan 2024 With Price

Top 40 Best Pakistani Clothes Brands In Pakistan 2024 With Price

Pakistani brands of clothes express the culture of Pakistan by introducing modern and ethnic clothing regularly. The demographics of Pakistan vary in culture and ethnicity. The regions Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan have their own unique cultures which are expressed by the clothing brands. The dressing of each region also reflects weather conditions, distinctive styles, and ways of living.

Pakistani brands for clothing are the sole contributors to Pakistani clothing which refers to the dressing worn by people living in Pakistan or people of Pakistani origin. The Pakistani clothing for men includes shalwar kameez and kurta pajama. The achkan or sherwani along with waistcoats are also part of Pakistani dress. While the Pakistani women wear Kurtis, lehengas with pajamas along with shalwar kameez. Dupatta is an integral part of women’s dressing. Pants, shirts, tights, and frocks are also gaining popularity among urban women.

Pakistani clothes brands also introduce traditional dresses for Pakistani people in addition to the shalwar kameez. These traditional dresses are worn on special occasions like marriages, engagements, and other occasions. These traditional dresses for men include Achkan, Sherwani, Pyjama, and Waistcoats. And, for women, Ghagra Choli, Sarees, and Lehengas are specially designed for traditional wear. The latch is another traditional lower wear for men in Punjab. The dressing style and embellishments of these traditional dresses vary from region to region based on the cultures of those regions.

Pakistani branded clothes also reflect the ever-changing environment of Pakistani fashion. Pakistani fashion comprises modern and traditional dresses and has evolved into the cultural identity of Pakistan. The regional or traditional dressing styles have developed their significance despite all the modern trends and styles. Regional fashion is developing accordingly and is evolving to the latest and modern forms.

The fashion stylists contribute majorly to the preparation and styling of the brands’ clothing in Pakistan. Their work is appreciated in and outside Pakistan as Pakistani brands introduce the traditional dresses of Pakistan around the globe for cultural representation. Media, Film, and Social platforms are the major sources of promotion for Pakistani clothing brands in and outside Pakistan. These brands are the most popular and Luxurious due to their high-quality products. Let’s inspire you with the quality fabrics, fine stitching, and delicate embellishments showcased in the modern and traditional clothes of the leading Pakistani brands.

Top 40 Best Pakistani Clothes Brands In Pakistan

Best Pakistani Clothes Brands In Pakistan 2024

Men and women both eagerly await the new and stylish collections of Pakistani clothes brands. The styles, patterns, and fabrics of their collections always fascinate people. The reflection of the cultural values of each region motivates young and old people to purchase these dresses. Have a look at the magnificent clothing products of leading brands in Pakistan.

  1. Khaadi
  2. Sana Safinaz
  3. Nishat Linen
  4. Sapphire
  5. Gul Ahmad
  6. HSY
  7. Maria B
  8. Nomi Ansari
  9. Deepak Parwani
  10. Zainab Chotani
  11. Generation
  12. Celina
  13. Asim Jofa
  14. Junaid Jamshed
  15. Bonanza Satrangi
  16. Kayseria
  17. Limelight
  18. Ethnic by Outfitters
  19. Alkaram Studio
  20. Mausummery
  21. Chinyere
  22. Warda
  23. Bareeze
  24. Needle Expression
  25. Stoneage
  26. Nadia Hussain
  27. MTJ
  28. Ego
  29. Chen One
  30. Crescent
  31. Amir Adnan
  32. Sitara Studio
  33. Cross Stitch
  34. Leisure Club
  35. Firdous
  36. House of Ittihad
  37. Kapray
  38. Threads & Motifs
  39. Aimal Minal Closet
  40. Sobia Nazir Brand


One of the leading brands in the industry of fashion is Khaadi. This brand always brings something special to its customers and it has a great reputation among all brands.

3Pc khaadi

Rs. 5,394

Khaadi clothing

Khaadi 2 pc

Rs. 2,514

Sana Safinaz

Another brand that is famous is Sana Safinaz. This brand is one of the leading brands in Pakistan and it has great and amazing designs that you may love.

Sana Safinaz clothing

2pc suit

PKR 7,299

3pc sana safinaz suit

PKR 7,299

Nishat Linen

This brand has been working in the industry for a long time and this brand knows well how to attract customers to itself.

NL clothing

Embroidered 3PC


Digital Printed 3PC



Another leading brand is Sapphire and this brand is known for its quality products. If you really love quality things then go for this brand.

Sapphire clothing

Embroidered Cotton Shirt


Printed Zari Dupatta


Gul Ahmad

Gul Ahmed is one of the best brands among all other brands and you may fall in love with this brand. Some of the designs are given below.

Gul ahmed clothing

3PC Unstitched

PKR 3,075

3PC Unstitched Digital

PKR 3,075


HSY is known for its bridal and formal. If you want to go to any kind of event then this brand is best for you because of its formal and bridal dresses.

HSY formal

PKR 525,000

HSY clothing

Formals HSY

PKR 525,000

Maria B

One of the leading brands in the industry and popular among ladies is Maria B. This brand is always on the top when it comes to giving the best quality dresses.

Maria B cl0thing

Maria b 3pc

PKR 28,990

Maria b suit

PKR 28,990

Nomi Ansari

If you love bridal and casual wear then this brand is best for you. This will give you everything that you desire and also you can easily buy any outfit you want from this brand.

Nomi ansari clothing

nomis ansari formal

PKR: 4,35,000

Nomi ansari clothing woemn

PKR: 3,35,000

Deepak Parwani

Another famous brand among all others is Deepak Perwani. This brand is famous for its quality outfits and everyone loves to wear outfits of this brand.

Deepak parwani clothing

Deepak perwani Net suit

Rs 125,000

Deepak perwani clothing

Rs 145,000

Zainab Chotani

Another famous brand among all others is Zainab Chottani. This brand focuses on bringing something unique to all other brands. The main focus is to give the best to its customers to gain more and more reputation.

Zanaib Chottani clothing

ZC suit 3pc

Rs 34,000

zanaib chottani 3pc

Rs 34,500


Generation Clothing

Generation Clothing Lawn 2 pc suit
PKR 4,499

Generation Clothing Green color 2 pc suit
PKR 2,099


Celina Clothing

Celina Clothing 2 pc Lawn Suit
PKR 3,480

Celina Clothing 2 pc karandi Suit
PKR 4,060

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa Clothing

Asim Jofa Clothing Lawn 3 pc suit
PKR 4,350.

Asim Jofa Clothing Lawn 3 pc Purple suit
PKR 4,950

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed Clothing

Junaid Jamshed Clothing 3 pc Khaddar Suit
PKR 3,290

Junaid Jamshed Clothing 3 pc Jacquard Suit
PKR 5,290

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi Clothing

Bonanza Satrangi Clothing 3 pc Printed Cotton Suit
PKR 5,480

Bonanza Satrangi Clothing 3 pc Khaddar Suit
PKR 5,480


Kaysria clothing

Floral dress 2pc


2Pc suit



Limelight clothing

Printed Cambric Suit

Rs. 3,299

Printed Cambric Suit 3pc

Rs. 3,299

Ethnic by Outfitters

Ethnic by outfitters clothing

Ethnic by outfitters

PKR 7,990

Ethnic by outfittrs 2pc

PKR 5,990

Alkaram Studio

Alkaram clothing

3pc alkaram

PKR 10,500

3pc alkaram suit

PKR 10,500


Mausummery clothing

Mausummery floral 3pc

Rs 3,995

3pc Mausummery suit

Rs 3,995


Chinyre clothing

Chinyre 2 pc


chinyre 3pc

Rs. 5,215


Warda clothing

2pc warda suit

Rs: 5995

warda 3pc

Rs: 5995

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2pc bareeze

PKR 3,580

Bareeze clothing

Bareeze 3pc

PKR 3,580

Needle Impression

Needle Expression Clothing

Needle Expression Clothing Embroidered Stitched Shirt
PKR 4,195

Needle Expression Clothing Embroidered Shirt
PKR 4,195

Nadia Hussain

NH clothing

nadia hussain Embroidered Cambric suit


NH 3pc suit



MTJ Clothing


PKR 3,990

3Pc lawn suit

PKR 5,990


Ego clothing

Ego 3pc suit




Chen One

Chenone clothing

Chenone clothing shirt


Chenone pret shirt

Rs, 2,099


Crescent clothing

Crescent Lawn

Rs, 3,099

Crescent Lawn 3pc

Rs, 2,099

Amir Adnan

Amir adnan clothing

Amir adnan kurta

PKR 3500

Kurta amir adnan

PKR 3500

Sitara Studio

Sitara clothing

Sitara 3Pc suit




Cross Stitch

Cross stitch clothing

CS 3pc suit


3pc cross stictch


Leisure Club

Leisure club clothing

Leisure club jump shirt

Rs. 2,395

Leisure club shirt

Rs. 2,395


Firdous clothing

firdus lawn

Rs. 2,750

Firdous lawn

Rs. 2,750

House of Ittihad

House of ittehad clothing

2PC ittehad suit

Rs, 6,000

House of ittehad 3pc

Rs. 6,499


Kapray clothing

Kapray Butter Flay Style

PKR: 2,700

Butterfly kapray style

PKR: 2,700

Threads & Motifs

Threads and motifs clothing

Threads and motifs suit

Rs.7,520 Thread nd motifs 3pc


Aimal Minal Closet

aimanminal clothing

AM 2pc suit


AM mid summer


Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir clothing

Sobia nazir shirt only

Rs, 5,992

Sobia nazir shirt

Rs, 3,992 

Pakistani brands of cloth have high significance as they portray the culture of different regions of Pakistan in their products. The top clothing brands in Pakistan are working to bring swish and elegant dresses for kids, women, and men of all age groups. The utmost affordable clothing of these brands fascinates and motivates everyone to purchase clothes. A comprehensive range of unstitched and ready-to-wear dresses is available on these brands. Opt for the design of your choice and make the heads turn at any party or function.

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