Maria B Sale On Eid Collection 2022 With Price Upto 50% Off

Maria B Eid collection 2022 along with three latest and new design categories has launched and is now available at outlets and online. On this Eid Ul Fitr, you have three choices to get new and fashionable outfits. Maria B brings Maria B Lawn Eid Collection, Maria B Embroidered Eid Collection and Maria B Umeed E Noor Eid Collection. Each eid category has different designs on quality fabrics. All the Eid collection is now in-stores and online.

Look out Maria B Eid ul Fitr Collection 2022 is in stores now. The New Maria B Eid collection is launched with the summer lawn collection 2022. Maria B Umeede Noor’s collection 2022 has many luxury Eid outfits. This Eid collection also has luxe lawn in unstitched and Umeede Noor in ready to wear pret collection. All the eid outfits have an elegant style and luxury stuff. At this Eid festival, Maria B offers all that stuff and designs that are your dreams. Visit your nearest store or scroll down to watch several Collections by Maria B during the Eid event. Maria B dresses are out of class than all other fashion designers within the boundaries. You can also check out Maria B Lawn Eid Collection 2022 in the below pictures along with the price.  Maria B is the class for any event either you want to wear at the party for any occasion.

The Eid collection by Maria B is pretty affordable than others with the same quality. Major dresses are lawn and chiffon collections by the brand. If someone prefers the Linen collection by Maria B, it is available too for this Eid event with beautiful colours and made by designers in Pakistan. You can go to the outlet for checking Eid collection 2022 at the start of Ramadan.

Maria b Eid 2022 with price are available below along with snaps of the dresses. Major clothes that are sold under the roof of Maria B are Lawn, Linen, Chiffon, and formal dressing collection as well.

Maria B Eid collection

Above is the major clothing line by Maria b. The primary goal of the brand is to capture any age of the woman in the Maria B Eid collection. Yes, due to the reason the brand is satisfying its clients with great clothing products.

Maria B Eid dil k rishtay new collection Maria B Eid dil k rishtay Maria B Eid sale chiffon collection

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New Maria B Eid Collection 2022

From Maria. B Embroidered Eid Collection 2022 to Lawn collection all outfits are Classy one. Currently, the brand is preparing for the event to capture most of the customers to the store or online at the event. So, this is why the brand is providing the best at an affordable price for clothes. Yes, Eid formal Dresses are costly if we compare them to the other dresses. The reason is the quality of stuff in clothes and embroidery work for a little angle on their dresses in the key thing. On this Eid Festival, Maria B deals in the following Eid collection 2022.

Maria B Eid sale on women luxe lawn collection

  • Lawn Eid Collection 2022
  • Embroidered Eid Collection 2022
  • Ummed E Noor Eid Collection 2022
  • Eid Summer Collection 2022
  • Eid Silk Collection 2022
  • Eid Chiffon Collection 2022
  • Eid Unstitched Collection 2022
  • Eid Embroidered Collection 2022
  • Eid M Prints Collection 2022
  • Eid Sateen Collection 2022
  • Eid Ready To Wear Pret Collection 2022
  • Eid Evening Wear Collection 2022
  • Eid Casual Collection 2022
  • Eid Kid’s Collection 2022
  • New Arrivals Eid Collection 2022
  • Eid Sale 2022

The Brand Ambassador is striving to make the brand successful in the country, and that is with their dresses collection. After launching the brand in 1999, Maria B is one of the few designers in Pakistan who is working for the best in the Fashion industry of Pakistan. Like all that stuff if you want pure eastern dresses for men then Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection is now available.

Maria B Eid sale on summer collection

Maria.b Eid Lawn Catalog is also available on the official website of Maria b. Some of the photos from the Catalogues are shown below for you to get an idea about dresses. I wish you a happy Eid Mubarak choose the best you want to wear off this Eid For a Classy Look.  Wear from Eid Collection by Maria b.

Maria B Eid Lawn Collection 2022 With Price

Maria b Eid ul Fitr lawn collection is very unique due to its printing colour combinations and embroidery work. Light colour combination glows up your personality on hot summer days. Unstitched Maria B lawn collection has a vast range of unique dresses including shalwar kameez, lehnga sharara, and gown dresses with net dupattas and chiffon dupattas. In unstitched Eid lawn collection is launched under the name of Maria B unstitched luxe lawn collection 2022. Lawn dresses in digital printing and hand embroidery work embrace your personality in the summer season. Similarly, Mein Teri Aan Eid summer lawn collection also has ready to wear pret dresses for this hot seasonal Eid day. The much luxurious style is designed for this Eid lawn collection. Below are several pictures of Lawn Collection by Maria B. The customer can also get catalogues as well from the official site of Maria b. Price starting from 6000 / PKR.

Maria B Eid sale on luxury summer colection

Mara B Eid lawn dark pink outfitPKR 8,490 Mara B Eid lawn green outfitPKR 8,490 Mara B Eid lawn grey outfitPKR 8,890 Mara B Eid lawn light green outfitPKR 8,890 Mara B Eid lawn light pink outfitPKR 8,890 Mara B Eid lawn pink outfitPKR 8,890

Maria B Eid Summer Collection 2022

The Eid summer dress collection is a very hot and famous category of Maria B brand. This brand designs a vast range of summer dresses for girls. Today customers demand quality and uniqueness according to the latest fashion in its dresses. Maria b has many different designs with different styles. The Eid summer collection dresses are designed with chiffon dupatta, digital printings, and embroidery work in light colours.

Maria.B Eid summer Collection

In the summer season, this brand mostly articles design on the lawn with different elegant designs keeping in mind the customer’s need and today’s trend.Mara B new Eid summer collection

MARIA B Umeed E Noor Eid collection green color suit MARIA B Umeed E Noor Eid collection Maroon color suit Maria B Eid ready to wear collection

Black color outfits for summerBlack colour 3 piece lawn dress for the summer season has chiffon sleeves and net dupatta fully embellished with embroidery work. It’s price 9890 in PKR.Light ferozi outfits for summer season

Light Feroze printed summer lawn dress, its neckline, Ghera Patti, and sleeves Patti is fully embellished with embroidered work. Its organza dupatta has embroidery work and embroidery pallu. It’s price 10480 in PKR. Maria B teal color suit for summer collectionTeal color net embroidery shirt summer lawn dress price 10480 in PKR. Off white summer collection outfitsOff white summer lawn dress with printed dupatta and printed jacquard trouser price 10480 in PKR. Sea Green color suit for summer collectionSee green printed shirt and trouser with chiffon dupattas price 9890 in PKR. Whit color summer collection suitWhite colour 3 piece summer lawn dress with a printed shirt and dyed trouser price 9890 in PKR.

Maria B Eid Silk Collection 2022

Maria B Eid silk collection is very best for your festive and outdoor events. This collection is also best for formal dresses for all seasons. In silk dresses, Maria b used pure raw silk with digital printing. The unstitched silk collection is a combination of digital printed dupatta, raw silk sleeves, and embroidered shirts with Ghera Patti. the price range starts from 11000 in PKR. Maria B Eid silk outfits designs with prices are given below.

Black color silk suitMaria B silk collection black color printed dress price 11925 in PKR. Fushia pink silk dressesFushia color digital silk printed sari price 13600 in PKR. Grey blue color silk dressDigitally printed silk dress with grey, blue, and rust color price 11188 in PKR. Ivory & maroon color silk outfitsIvory and maroon color digitally printed dress price 11925 in PKR. Maria B silk collection Black and red color dressThree-piece black and red silk printed dress price 11925 in PKR.Plum silk suit collection Digitally printed plum color silk dress price 11188 in PKR.

Maria B Eid Chiffon Collection 2022

Maria B Eid chiffon collection with decent colours and cutwork on shirts make it antique. In this collection, both simple and embroidery shirts are designed according to today’s fashion. Maria b also has dresses with simple dupattas and heavily worked dupattas. The chiffon collection is best for occasional events as well as for casual dresses in many different colours and combinations. It ranges from 10000 PKR to upward PKR. All maria b chiffon Eid outfits designs with prices are given below.

Mara B hot pink color Eid chiffon outfitPKR 21,850 Mara B Ivory color Eid chiffon outfitPKR 21,850 Mara B moonlight color Eid chiffon outfitPKR 20,850 Mara B pink color Eid chiffon outfitPKR 21,850

Maria B Unstitched Eid Collection 2022

Maria B Unstitched Eid lawn collection is launched. In this Eid collection, Marai B has printed and embroidered luxe lawn dresses. All the dresses have qualities to embrace your lifestyle among others. All Eid lawn collection in unstitched has launched and are available at stores and online.

Maria b unsititched eid collection

Maria B unstitched Eid collection

From chiffon to Lawn, bridal to formals Maria B is the best to buy your outfits from. The dresses are elegant, and they’re unique and easy to reach.  This is because dresses are affordable. Maria B Unstitched Fabrics 2022 is available in desired colours that you want to wear for. The embroidery work on the dresses is unique one and the brand ambassador herself designs the dresses. prices start from 8000 PKR. Mria B Unstitched fabrics have the following categories of outfits.

Maria B black and white unstitched lawn Eid outfitPKR 8,490 Maria B black unstitched lawn Eid outfitPKR 8,890 Maria B golden unstitched lawn Eid outfitPKR 8,890 Maria B purple and white unstitched lawn Eid outfitPKR 8,490

Maria B Embroidered Eid Collection 2022

In this collection, all dresses are fully covered with embroidered work. Maria B Mbroidered dresses are furnished with pearls, sequins, thread work, Resham work, and crystals on quality fabrics including net fabrics. The unstitched embroidery dresses collection has many latest designs in lehnga choli, Saari, sharara dresses, and shalwar kameez with many different colors combination. Net dupattas and Jamawar sharara dresses are unique collections in Mbroidered unstitched. The price range starts from 15444 in PKR.

Cappuccino grey & lilac color embroidered dressMaria B embroidered collection grey and the lilac colour dress is fully embellished with embroidery work, cutwork, and laces price 1630in PKR.Deep saphire and burnt gold color embroidered collectionEmbroidered deep sapphire and burnt gold color sari price 23110 in PKR. Mria B mustard fuschia & off white embroidered collectionMustard fushia and off white embroidery dress price 20900 in PKR. Pearl white sarri dress embroidered collectionPearl white color embroidery sari price 20900 in PKR. Powder blue and colral color embroidered suitPowder blue and coral embroidered dress price 18990 in PKR.

Maria B M Prints Collection 2022

Maria B M Prints collection is very attractive due to its digital printing designs, all 3 pieces of dresses are a combination of digital printing and embroidery work. Printed and embroidery chiffon dupattas make this collection graceful for girls. The price range starts from 3900 in PKR.

Maria B m.prints Eid sale

Maria B mprint digital printing dresssesMaria B m.print collection 2 pieces printed shirt with chiffon printed dupatta price 3950 in PKR. Mprint black and maroon color dressThree pieces m.printed dress with linen printed shirt, chiffon printed dupatta and dyed cambric trouser price 5750 in PKR.Mprint black and white dressPrice 4250 in PKR Mprint grey color suitPrice 5750 in PKR Mprint pink and grey color suitPrice 4250 in PKR

Maria B Eid Sateen Collection 2022

Maria B Sateen collection is the combination of cotton, raw silk, jacquard, printed, and embroidery work. These collection dresses are ideal for night functions due to dark colours. The price range of unstitched sateen dresses starts from 10000 in PKR.

Black color suit sateen collectionBlack color dress Price 12820 in PKR. Maria B sateen collection sea green suitSee green color dress Price 7330 in PKR. Maria B sateen collection maroon suitBlack color dress Price 10480 in PKR. Sateen collection peach color dressPeach color dress Price 8968 in PKR. Sky blue suit sateen collectionSky blue color dress Price 8968 in PKR.

Maria B Ready to Wear Pret Eid Collection 2022

Most customers demand ready to wear outfits for Eid events. Maria B on its customer’s demand has ready to wear collection for all occasional events as well as for casual usage with a new design. On this occasion, Maria B Umeede Noor’s summer collection is part of this Eid festival. All Eid pret has beautiful prints and embroidered work. This collection is very luxurious and has fine quality texture and designs. All summer eid pret designs have pure elegance and keep your heads on.

Maria B m.prints Eid sale

Maria B Eid sale on women ready to wear collection Maria B Eid sale on women ready to wear dresses

Maria B green color chiffon Eid outfitPKR 29,990 Maria B mustard color organza Eid outfitPKR 25,990 Maria B peach color Organza Eid outfitPKR 25,990 Maria B Yellow color chiffon Eid outfitPKR 26,790

Maria B Evening Wear Eid Collection 2022

The evening wears Eid collection is best for Eid ceremonies and all evening parties. This collection gives a new look into your personality and embraces your confidence. Evening wear dresses collection totally changes your style among the whole participants. This luxury collection has all designs from Sharara dresses to shalwar Kameez and velvet dresses to net dresses. These dresses are fully embroidered with Tilla work, pearls, stones, and hand cutwork.

Maria b Eid evening wear collection

Maria B ready to wear collection grey and blue color dressGrey and blue color ready to wear dress Price 33,990 in PKR. Ready to wear collection aqua green velvet suitGreen and pink color ready to wear dress Price 33,990 in PKR. Ready to wear collection beige color dressBeige color ready to wear dress Price 33,990 in PKR. Ready to wear collection brown color dressBrown color ready to wear dress Price 28,990 in PKR. Ready to wear collection green color dressGreen color ready to wear dress Price 23,690 in PKR. Ready to wear collection lilac color suitLilac color ready to wear dress Price 22,790 in PKR.

Maria B Casual Eid Collection 2022

You have to find decent design and quality work when you purchase ready to wear outfits but Mria B casual Eid collection has all qualities you demand. The casual collection price range is very normal and it starts from 9000 PKR.

Maria B casual eid outfits

Maria B ready to wear casual collection blue color suitRs: 11990 Ready to wear casual collection black color suitRs: 9690 Ready to wear casual collection maroon color suitRs: 11990 Ready to wear casual collection navy color suitRs: 14990 Ready to wear casual collection pink color suitRs: 9590 Ready to wear casual collection yellow color suitRs: 12990

Maria B Kids Eid Collection 2022

A few years before after getting ultimate success in a woman’s fashion brand decided to move to kid’s clothing. Yes, they get success in it too with several best dresses uniqueness in dresses too. Mria B Eid kid’s collection has prominent and stylish designs for girls. It has many latest varieties in designing that glow the kids. The price range starts from 3500 PKR. In the kid’s collection, all dresses are ready to wear and have no kid’s unstitched outfits.

Maria B Eid sale on kids collection Maria B Eid sale on kids collection Maria B Eid sale on kids Eid dresses

Maria B kids Eid collection

New arrivals mustard color suit for kidsRs: 8590 New arrivals purple & mustard color suit for kidsRs: 6790 New arrivals sea green color suit for kidsRs: 9290 New arrivals white color suit for kidsRs: 9690

Maria B kids Sale collection black color ready to wear suitRs: 7896 Maria B kids Sale collection purple color ready to wear suitRs: 7396

Maria B end of season sale on kids collectionEnd of the season Off white kids suit price in PKR:6,442.Maria B end of season sale on kids pretEnd of the season Golden kids suit price in PKR: 6,143.

Maria B Eid New Arrivals Collection 2022

Due to brand famous Maria B has to launch the Eid New Arrivals collection on customer’s demands relevant to new fashion and style.  New arrivals in ready to wear and casual dresses collection for girls and kids have sharara dresses, Gharara dresses, and shalwar kameez. The price range starts from 6000 to 35000 in PKR.

new arrivals purple color dress for girlsRs: 10990 Maria B new arrivals black color suitRs: 9990 new arrivals black and maroon color dress for girlsRs: 8590 new arrivals grey color suit for girlsRs: 12990

Maria B Eid Sale 2022 Upto 50% Off

Sometimes the brand launches its sale for gaining the customer’s trust. Maria B Eid sale 2022 has launched on all varieties of clothes from unstitched to ready to wear and girls’ outfits to kids. The unstitched collection has 40% to 50% off on different dresses. Ready to wear collection on different dresses has 50% off on sale dresses. On kid’s dresses, Maria B has a maximum sale on different outfits.

Maria B Eid sale

Maria B Eid sale collection

Fill your wardrobe with the Maria B Eid sale offer collection and change your lifestyle with the latest elegant designs. Through this sale collection kid’s lover moms also take a big advantage. Don,t miss the time and buy Maria B stitched and unstitched sales offer dresses.

Maria b eid sale on ready to wear collection

Maria B sale collection off white ready to wear suitRs: 26,723 Sale collection light yellow ready to wear suitRs: 8,792

Sale collection black color unstitched suitRs: 7254

That is all about Maria B 2022 if you want to see more follow Roycollections Facebook Page. For the classy and gentle look for men, look at Gul Ahmed Eid Collection that is also available with all its best stuff for men.

Provide your Precious feedback below and share it with your community if you love the whole Festival Collection 2022 thanks.

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