Top 10 Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan 2024 With Price

Top 10 Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan 2024 With Price

Leather jacket brands in Pakistan make jackets with tanned hides of various animals. The animal hides are transformed into jackets using the “wet blue” process. The wet blue hides are then rinsed, dried, stretched, and dyed in various colors mostly black and shades of brown to make leather jackets. The fabrics such as polyurethane or PVC are used as an alternative to authentic animal hide leather. The jackets are worn as garments for protective and fashionable reasons, sometimes also for creating a potentially intimidating appearance.

The jacket brands in Pakistan design jackets for multiple purposes and specific styles. The most common styles include greasers, bikers, and mobsters. The military aviators’ style introduced after world war II is also a popular style designed by Pakistani brands. The jacket styles are also associated with music subcultures like punks, goths, metalheads, and rivetheads.

Leather jackets in Pakistan are designed in all types of leather grain ( i.e full grain, top grain, corrected grain, and split leather). The full grain is the strongest leather that shows the hide’s natural texture and pattern. The top grain is the outer layer of the skin that is separated from other layers. It is generally softer leather and more flexible than a full grain. The corrected grain is the leather embossed with artificial grain texture and the split leather is created from the fibrous part of the hide leftover. The full grain is considered to be the perfect choice for a leather jacket.

A Pakistani leather jacket is made for both fashion purpose and safety purposes. There is a substantial difference between these purposes. The safety jackets are thicker, heavier, and sometimes equipped even with armor. The safety jackets, especially the motorcycle jackets have waterproof pockets, high collars, closures, and substantial zippers. Whereas the jackets designed for fashion purposes have flimsy construction. A leather jacket looks perfect when it is stitched according to your body shape and size. Here is a clue,

Are leather jackets made in Pakistan good? A straightforward answer is “YES”. Pakistan is a place known for the production of the highest quality leather jackets. Around 800 tanneries are working around the year mostly in Sialkot, Lahore, and Karachi regions to process about 4500 tonnes of leather produced in the country. The leather used comes from the hides of cows, goats, buffalos, and sheep. The leather industry produces a lot of other products like shoes, bags, and other accessories, the leather jackets are held in high esteem. When people shop for jackets from stores or online, they only get highly finished, quality leather jackets.

Top Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan

Top 10 Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan 2024

Leather jackets are the perfect garments for the winter season. Buying a Pakistani leather jacket is the smartest choice as the jackets are made with premium leather in high-quality stitching. A total handmade jacket in a vintage design will give you the best and most handsome look. The top 10 brands providing leather jackets in Pakistan are listed here.

  1. Stencil
  2. Rijiz
  3. Fair Make
  4. Euro Son Enterprises
  5. Painite
  6. Leather Jacket Outfits
  7. Biker Style
  8. Heymand International
  9. Decent Garments
  10. MA Leathers

Pure Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan

With the most flattering cuts and pure leather materials, the following brands provide a range of exciting jackets for their customers. The brands produce jackets carefully with plenty of experts at the helm of every stage to convert raw animal skins into exciting leather jackets.

  1. Chohali Corporation
  2. Sandhill Traders
  3. Trisis Leather
  4. Mandozai International
  5. Luxpensive Industries

Chohali Corporation

If you are fond of leather jackets then this brand is famous for its leather products. This brand gives you best quality of leather jackets and some of them are given below.

Chohali Jackets


PKR: 4.500


PKR: 4,000

Sandhill Traders

This is another famous brand of leather jackets and everyone loves to wear jackets of this brand Some of the jackets are given below with amazing designs.

Sandhill Jackets

Leather jacket sandhill

Rs. 3,000

Sandhill Jacket

Rs. 4,000

Trisis Leather

Another famous brand for its leather quality is Trisis, This is one the famous brands that will give you quality products of leather including jackets. Some of them are given below.

leather jacket trisis

Rs. 3500

Trisis Jacket

Trisis Leather jacket

Rs, 4000

Mandozai International

Another famous brand that is good at giving leather products is Mandozai Int. This brand always brings the best quality things for its customers that’s why everyone loves to wear jackets from this brand.

Mandozai International

Mandozai International leather jacket

PKR: 5,000Leather jacket men

PKR: 6,500

Luxpensive Industries

Another brand that is famous for its leather products is Luxpensive Industries. They always try to bring the best they can for their customers so that they can earn a great reputation.

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Ladies Leather Jacket Brands 2024 in Pakistan

The jacket brands in Pakistan introduce distressed leather and edgy shoulder ladies’ jackets providing the customer with vintage and sophisticated choices for dressing. The jackets possess an ageless attitude and a slim and modern fit. Some of the leading brands in women’s jacket fashion are listed here.

  • Outfitters
  • Breakout
  • Leisure club
  • Charcoal
  • Royal Tag


Outfitters is one the best brands that will give you the best things. This brand has its own quality and they never compromise on quality.

Outfitters jackets

outfitters jacket

Rs. 8,000

outfitter leather jacket

Rs, 8200


breakout jacket

breakout jackets


breakout leather jacket

Leisure club

leisure club jackets PREMIUM LEATHER JACKET

PKR: 8,595


PKR: 9,000


royal tag jackets

Royal tag jacket

Rs, 7,500

Royal Tag


Rs. 4,497

Collor leather jacket

Rs. 4,747

Gents Leather Jacket Brands in Pakistan

Gents jacket brands in Pakistan provide jackets in real leather and faux leather. The leather jackets of Pakistani brands are determined by durability and quality along with style. The key leather jacket styles for men are Biker jackets, Field jackets, Bomber jackets, Racer jackets, and flight jackets. Some of the leading jacket brands are listed here.

  • H&B
  • Rijiz
  • Painite
  • Euro Son Enterprises


H&B leather jackets

Men’s Fitted Zipped HB Leather Jacket

Rs, 45,216

Zipper leather jacket

PKR: 56,033


leather jackets rijiz

Rijiz jacket

PKR: 6,200

rijiz leather jacket

PKR: 6000


Men leather jacket

PKR, 50,000

Painited leather jacket

Bomber Fashion Leather Jacket

PKR: 50,000

Euro Son Enterprises

Men jackts

PKR: 45,000

leather jacket

PKR: 34,000

Euro son entrprise

Leather jacket brands in Pakistan offer competitive and affordable jackets. With high-quality leather, they also offer a seamless customer experience. They enable you to receive the best of Pakistani fashion at your doorstep. Keep the focus on the size, shoulder width, and length of the leather jacket while purchasing one. Pure leather jackets are stretchable in nature, also keep it in mind while styling a leather jacket. After purchase, maintenance of the leather jacket also requires your attention. Always use a damp cloth or sponge with soapy water having no bleach to clean the jacket.

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