Top 22 Best Cheap Makeup & Cosmetics Brands 2024 In Pakistan

Top 22 Best Cheap Makeup & Cosmetics Brands 2024 In Pakistan

Makeup cosmetics brands in Pakistan, designed for skin care, are used to cleanse, exfoliate, and protect the skin. Cosmetic products like cleansers, moisturizers, toners, balms, and serums help replenish the skin. Cosmetic products like shampoo and body wash are being used to cleanse the body. Cosmetics are also designed to add fragrance to the body.

Makeup brands design products to enhance one’s appearance. The makeup products are used to enhance one’s natural features such as eyebrows and eyelashes, conceal blemishes, and add color to a person’s face. There are huge makeup brands providing a large number of products. So, ladies must be conscious of the selection of the products.

Makeup brands in Pakistan introduce products for personal use, for performances, for fashion shows, and for extreme use like people in costume. People in costume is an art of changing the appearance of the face entirely to resemble a different person, object, or creature. Contouring is the technique used for changing appearances.

Best Makeup Products in Pakistan

Pakistan makeup brands have undergone a significant transformation in the recent past, and are now producing quality products matching international standards. Some of the makeup products in Pakistan include:

  • Primers             
  • Concealers         
  • Foundations     
  • Blushers         
  • Bronzers         
  • Highlighters   
  • Eyeliners
  • Eyeshadows     
  • False Eyelashes   
  • Mascaras           
  • Lipsticks         
  • Nail Polishes 
  • Face Powders
  • Cleansers
  • Toners             
  • Facial Masks       
  • Moisturizers       
  • Sunscreens

Cosmetic products for hair care such as shampoos, hair conditioners, and styling products are also introduced by Pakistani brands. Perfumes or fragrances are also part of their products. There is a vast range of cheap and best products available online and in stores by the brands.

Best Cheap Makeup & Cosmetics Brands

Best Makeup & Cosmetics Brands In Pakistan 2024

Branded makeup products from long-lasting foundations to high-finishing lipsticks and from fun eyelashes to moisturizers and sunscreens provide a gentle effect on one’s skin. The makeup and cosmetics brands in Pakistan are setting quality standards and taking the makeup industry to new heights. Here, we are introducing the top 10 Pakistani makeup brands for your inspiration.

  1. Medora Cosmetics
  2. Massart Misbah
  3. Luscious Cosmetics
  4. Bling by Nadia Hussain
  5. Revlon Cosmetics
  6. L’Oreal Paris
  7. Maybelline
  8. Krylon
  9. Rivaj Uk
  10. Zayfied

1. Medora Cosmetics

Medora is one of the most famous brands all over the world and this brand gained so much reputation in a short period of time. The products of this brand are made with all-natural ingredients and no one can say this brand is not famous for providing good and best things.

Medora lipstik new

PKR: 805

Medora cosmetics

Medora lipstik

PKR: 1000

2. Massart Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is known for its halal-certified cosmetics and this brand knows how to gain the attraction of customers to the brand. This brand is popular in all countries.

Massart Misbah Cosmetics


Rs. 3,349



3. Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious is one of the famous brands in Pakistan and everyone knows that this brand is famous for its quality products. They never compromise on the quantity that’s why this brand gains so much reputation.

luscious cosmetics SOFTLIGHT CONCEALER




4. Bling by Nadia Hussain

Bling by Nadia Hussain is one the famous brand and also it gives you quality products that no other brand will provide you.

NH Cosmetics

NH Magic Cream Compact

Rs. 2,490

Foundation Pump It Up


5. Revlon Cosmetics

Besides all popular brands, Revlon is one of the brands that deals in every kinda cosmetics thing you can easily buy anything you want from this brand and all products are available for you at affordable prices.

Revlon cosmetics

Airbrush effect revlon

PKR: 3,455

Revlon fully matte

PKR: 2,455

6. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a famous brand not only in Asia but all over the world and many females and males love to have products from this brand. This brand has been working in cosmetics for many years and it is a popular brand among females.

Loreal Paris cosmetics

fully matte soft bronzer

PKR: 3,455

Caffeine Eye Serum

PKR: 7,127

7. Maybelline

Maybelline is not only famous for lipstick but it is also famous for giving the best skin care products and other cosmetics things. You can easily buy anything you want at an affordable price from this brand.

Maybelline cosmetics


PKR: 2,807


PKR: 2,807

8. Krylon

Krylon is one of the brands that will give you everything that you are looking for. From make-up to skincare etc everything is available for you under 1 roof.  You may easily get anything from this brand.

Krylon cosmetics

Krylon soft gel

PKR: 1,807


PKR: 1,807

9. Rivaj Uk

This is one of the famous brands as well that is Dealing in leading Skincare Brands Top quality with affordable prices. You may find your desired product on this brand.

Rivaj cosmetics

Rivaj UK Contour Stick

Rs. 1,949

Rivaj UK Natural Finish 24 Hrs Foundation

Rs. 2,399

10. Zayfied

One of the famous brands among all others is Zayfied. All required things are available for you under 1 roof. you will get everything you want from this brand.

Zayfied cosmetics

Bloom Blush Peach Lassi


Bloom Blush


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Halal Makeup Brands In Pakistan 2024

Makeup is a significant element in the lives of the majority of women. Though makeup products help in feel fresh and looking confident, women tend to look for cruelty-free and halal makeup products, especially Muslim women. Keeping this need in focus, we are providing some of the leading makeup brands that are providing halal products in Pakistan.

  1. Inika
  2. J. Cosmetics
  3. 786 Cosmetics
  4. Claudia Nour
  5. So. Lek
  6. Odho Cosmetics

Note: Carmine, Keratin, Oleic Acid, and Alcohol are the Haram elements while Lead and Mercury are harsh metals that are why they are not considered beneficial for cosmetics.

1. Inika

This brand is dealing with cosmetics things that are Certified organic beauty made from powerful botanical ingredients and minerals from the earth.

Inka organic cosmetics

INIKA Organic Quad Eyeshadow Palette

PKR: 3,671

NIKA Organic Detail Brush

Rs. 1,511

2. J. Cosmetics

This brand deals with all cosmetics products from lipsticks to skincare and make-up items. This brand is working in all kinda things that you need.

J. cosmetics


PKR 2,286


PKR 1,351

3. 786 Cosmetics

One of the best brands is making products with all-natural ingredients and all products are safe to use without any hesitation. This brand is known for its quality work.

786 Cosmetics





4. Claudia Nour

Claudia Nour is one the famous brand that is known for its quality products and all products are formulated with all-natural ingredients, a wudu-friendly alternative to conventional makeup.

Claudia Nour Cosmetics

Cream Concealers

PKR: 4,535

Flower Eyeliner

Rs: 3,239

5. So.Lek

So. Lek is a beauty brand with Halal-certified, cruelty-free products formulated using safe ingredients. All products are manufactured with great care and no harm to your skin.

Solek cosmetics


PKR: 2000

Eye liner

₨ 1200

6. Odho Cosmetics

Odho Cosmetics is a newly launched brand and it has gained so much reputation that no other brand can give you cosmetics products as this brand is providing you.

Atiqa Oghu Cosmetics

Face & Body Liquid Foundation

₨ 3,500

Topaz-Pigment Powder


Turkish Makeup Brands In Pakistan 2024

The top Turkish makeup brands are available in Pakistan. They provide online and some store facilities to the customers. They are affordable too. Some of the leading brands are described below,

  1. Golden Rose
  2. Gabrini
  3. Pastel Cosmetics
  4. Flormar
  5. Farmasi
  6. Lider Cosmetics

1. Golden Rose

Golden Rose is the top brand in cosmetics when it comes to Turkish cosmetics. No one can beat this brand in this. This brand never compromises on the quality and also tries to give the best thing to its customers.

Golden Rose Cosmetics


RS. 2,093

Golden rose HAIR TOUCH-UP

RS. 1,634

2. Gabrini

Garbani is known for its famous and amazing products and this brand is working in all countries and gain so much reputation among all brands.

gabrini cosmetics





3. Pastel Cosmetics

Pastel Cosmetics is one of the tops among all famous Turkish brands. This brand came into existence in the past many years and get an amazing reputation now it is working all over the world and everyone love to have the products of this brand.

Pastel cosmetics


PKR: 650

Pastel Nailpaint

PKR: 900

4. Flormar

Flormar is also famous in cosmetics and everyone loves to have things from this brand. This brand knows well how to attract customers towards it. Some products are given below.

Flormar Cosmetics

Flormar Wet & Dry Compact Powder

PKR: 585

Flormar Invisible Hd Cover Foundation

PKR: 2,746

5. Farmasi

Another famous brand that is known for its quality is farmasi. This brand is known for its quality products not only for a few things. Have a look at some great products of this brand.

Faramsi Cosmetics


PKR: 3,104


PKR: 2,029

6. Lider Cosmetics

Lider cosmetics is one of the famous brands in Turkey and it is also working in many other countries not only in Turkey. Some of the best products of this brand are given below

Lider Kozmetik cosmetics

Liderkometik body lotion

PKR: 1,029

Liderkometik body dedurant

PKR: 1,000

Makeup cosmetics brands are becoming conscious of nature, the environment, and animals. So is the case in Pakistan. It is also important for us as consumers to make sensible choices. Thus, make a good choice by adopting Halal products. In this way, you will not only show care for your health but also for animals and mother nature. This choice sequence will force other brands to make cruelty-free products. Whenever you are looking for a halal makeup product, read the ethical practices of the brand. These practices include production methods and the processes they go through during production. We hope You will be more conscious now while purchasing makeup or cosmetic products.

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