Latest Elan Bridal Dresses Collection 2022 With Prices On Sale

Today everyone spends a lot of money on wedding ceremonies, especially brides want to look prominent and special on precious moments of life but don’t get real happiness due to very poor quality. Bridal dress purchase according to brides wishes is so difficult. Colour matching, quality fabrics and quality embroidery work are the main factors but Elan bridal dresses collection is one of the best solution which is providing best quality bridal dress as your desire. Real happiness fell when money spend on our desire things.  Elan bridal dresses collection is specially designed on the base of our culture and today fashion demand. Bridal dresses by Elan are one of the best choice for all bride. The color combination, imaginary design, handmade work and quality stitching make you gorgeous and superb on precious moments of life.

In the very competitive market of Pakistan Fashion Industry, anyone who wants to survive must come up with a creative idea. That is why now in the front of you is Elan Bridal Dresses Collection 2022. Elan is a Karachi based Pakistani Brand that has come with creativity in the dresses that you really want to see nowadays. In the modern era of Fashion industry you just close your eyes and when you awake there are several other brands may come. But when it comes to Pakistani Bridal wears Collection than it originally comes to the quality rather than quantity.

Elan wedding & bridal collection

Elan Bridal Dresses Collection 2022

Obviously, when some are getting married they can spend the amount of money but want something that’s no one has experienced yet is it!!!!! Right now I am bringing you the most prominent Bridal Dresses Designs 2022 by Elan. Although it takes time when you capture new market especially the competitive one. But the scenario is different in the sense of this brand Elan came and boom with the best quality of Either Lawn, Formal or Bridal Dresses. You can easily evaluate Elan Bridal Dresses Designs 2022 with other famous brands. Elan bridal dresses maybe your 1st choice.

Let’s move particularly to Elan Bridal Dresses 2022 and what it give you for this wedding season. The wedding season is all about wear fancy dresses lehenga choli or chori pajama or whatever you want. But at least women want to look prominent than other mates. Yes, the bride has the very special day ahead and she also wants that no one has experienced yet.

Actually, wedding ceremony days are very excited and energetic for brides to continue your excitements with bridal dresses by Elan. Either you want to wear Embroidery Dresses or digital Prints everything is available under one roof at incredibly cheap prices. Although Store is not located in the whole country you can also order at Elan Online a complete Elan Store with all the offers that brand is giving to its customer.

Elan Rose Rouge red bridal dressRose Rouge: pomegranate red color formal and bridal dress that has an excellent look is fully embellished with embroidered floral work. The price of this bridal dress is 10,8000 in pkr. 

Elan Rose Rouge red bridal dress back sideBack side look of pomegranate red bridal and formal dress.

Elan Rose Rouge red bridal dress front sideSitting view of this article.

Elan chilli red bridal dressPhénix: a kaftan silhouette  in chilli red color price is 72,000 in Pkr.

Elan blue & pink bridal dress front sideJardin du Ciel: a periwinkle blue bridal dress paired with flowing Sharara. The pink color floral embroidered work is don on this article. The pink embroidered dupatta create the decent elegency. The price of this is 47,200 in PKR. 

Elan blue & pink bridal dressSitting view of this article.

Feu Cramoisi: Red color Pishwas price in PKR: 76,000. Elan bridal pishwas dress in red colorSitting view of this red color Pishwas of Elan bridal dess. Elan rosberry red bridal dressHortensia: a raspberry red color Elan bridal dress price in PKR: 112,000.

A traditional graceful bridal dress with net kalidar frock which is decorated with golden handmade work but the bodice is red raw silk made. Red color screen printed sharara with heavily embroidery work on the border of pink dupatta make it illuminate the price of this bridal dress the price in PKR:300,000

Golden net shirt bridal dress is illuminated with golden and silver wok. Heavily embellished shirt with zari sharara which is fully covered with embroidery work make it perfect and antique. the price of this article in PKR.350,000

A dusty rose pink color bridal dress is decorated with dabka , rashim and tilla gota work make it glowing and shine. light net cover sharara also furnished with flowering and border work the price in PKR:235,000

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Lemon organza kurta bridal dress with silk sharara makes the brides in traditional look but in fancy style. The kurta is embellished with shine thread and silk. The Border of sharara also full covered with embroidery work. The price of this item in PKR:235,000

Minta green floor length net frock embellished with thread work. The border of this frock is decorated with flowering art and straight lining art make it perfect. The price in PKR:190,000

Front open shirt gold color bridal dress is the combination of shine artwork. The front is fully decorated with embroidery hand work. Raw silk sharara which is gold screen printed make it antique. the price in PKR: 400,000

A dusty rose blue color bridal dress with air net sharara and organza dupatta which is fully decorated embroidery work and unique designing. The price in PKR  235,000

Pink color long shirt,net dupatta and mint color sharara is heavily embroidered with quality work. The price in PKR 400,000

Elan Wedding Dresses 2022 With Price

These are actually fantastic Bridal Dresses Collection 2022 that is shown below. Elan is not only focusing on Ethical but traditional dresses as well that is clearly shown in the snaps below. In the current year Elan brand try to provide bridal dresses according to your needs and wishes and other trendy outfits. I think there is no need to explain because the dresses are speaking itself with best beats and embroidery handwork.

The price in PKR: 235,000

The price in PKR: 300,000

The price range for Elan Bridal Dresses Collection 2022 is relatively medium. Definitely medium range price and quality work should be your first choice. Bridal dresses color of this brand are gold, pink, and silver, red and maroon that are very popular in the modern era. Although red is popular from years now it has become more important. When the designer gives you Red Wedding Dress with art that you like it look more stunning. All color are illuminated with pearls, beads and zardozi handwork which make bridal dresses precious and prominent.

Here it is Red dress for the bride in which she is looking more attractive on her wedding day. The dress is basically made as western dresses are but the color range is pure eastern. In the below Elan Bridal Dress 2022, you can see the pure western type of design but not the color selection that may vary.

Pure traditional touch is here in these bridal dresses yeah when you wear the same jewelry on than there is no difference b/w Mughal era bride and you. In this below collection I have found all the collection that related to Pakistani and Indian culture. As per the review is a concern then it is Dabka art with attractive precious beats on. This dress is called Lehenga Choli in local language once you try this the impression will be last longer.

Grey color lehenga choli with heavily embroidery work make it prominent. Embroidery work with 3d technique and covered with embroidery flowers and beads. Dupatta border also embellished with quality work.

Who doesn’t know Pakistani actress whose wear Elan Bridal Dress on her wedding day? Another art that speaks itself with off white dress along with simple jewelry on. Although this is a heavy dress and for those who want to wear some heavy stuff on. The model that is wearing the stuff it is basically Sindhi traditional art. Along with beats, there is spectacular hand art has been used of beautiful ribbon on. The sleeves are made of net and Dupatta as well with art designs on.

Elan bridal dresses are designed on the base of customers demands. Elan bridal dresses are demanding due to uniqueness and beautiful designing.

Elan Bridal Couture Nafeeesa

Nafeesa bridal dresses collection is optical for brides. In this collection the most attractive colors combinations are chosen. The decent colors palettes and sophisticated embroidered work make these Elan Nafeesa collection antique and graceful. Here some new and the latest Elan bridal dresses collection with price range is given below.

Elan Bridal Couture Champs De Patchouli

Champs De Patchouli bridal dresses are specially designed for bold brides. These are very luxury bridal dresses and the work on each sector is handmade under the supervision experts. The price of these items to high. These types of bridal dresses are the sign of wealthy family.

Elan Bridal Couture The Bejeweled Rose

The bejeweled Rose bridal dresses with Shimmering hues embroidery handmade work and graceful imaginary designing make brides heavenly illuminate.

Elan Bridal Couture Palais Indochine

Palais Indochine collection is the combination of lustre colours and graceful handmade work and imaginary designing provide impressive look and make precious moments more precious.

Elan Bridal Couture jasmine Court

Elan Jasmine Court bridal collection represent the old traditions. In this collection ethnic bridal dresses designs are crafted in new style. Here some bridal dresses designs are given below.

Elan Bridal Couture Wild Romance

Sparkling and shimmering colors provide new glow to brides on a special day.

L’Oreal Legends Bridal Dresses By Elan

Reflection of historically world  beauty  in theses bridal dresses designed by Elan. L’oreal bridal dresses designs are the conclusion of world bridal wears.

Sultanate bridal Dresses By Elan

Sultanate bridal dresses by Elan represent the civilization of Indo Pak culture but in latest way. these are the mixture of style and cultural traditions.

 Gold Dust Bridal Dresses By Elan

Informal but precious bridal dresses which make the brides gold.

Garden of Evening Mists By Elan

These bridal dresses are very beautiful and charming like as their name (شام کی یادوں کا باغ).

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The store is available nationwide but you can also order online that will take 2 months to deliver.  You can also order on your desire as well along with several changes. You can leave us a comment below if there is any ambiguity or follow our Facebook Page.

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