Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2024 With Price

The International FootWear brand Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2024 is shown below. All Regal shoes Eid collection is now in stores and online. On this eid, you can get flats, wedges, heels, pumps, and many more of the latest and trendiest in women’s collection 2024. If you are a gentleman and searching for Eid shoes then a wide range of Regal men’s shoes is awaiting in stores and online for you. The man also can get casual, flats, formal, and dress shoes.

Regal is providing shoes to the world for years but in the previous few years, it started working in Pakistan. Those who are living in Lahore and Karachi can get easy access to Regal Shoe bags and other accessories.

There are many famous brands in Pakistan that are providing eid shoe collections. The brand also announces Regal Shoes Sale 2024 on periodically bases. In the Women’s Shoe Collection from fleets to long shoes every variety is available at Regal Store.

Regal Shoes women collection

Because Basically, we are covering women’s variety which is what the brand is providing. No doubt in the Men’s Shoes Collection there is a complete range of footwear also available at Regal Online and store as well.

Regal Shoes Eid Collection 2024

As you know the brand is now working in Muslim countries so this is important to announce Eid Shoes Collection to maximize sales. That is the reason Regal Shoes Eid is shown below with the whole new range of shoes. Those who want to shop at the store can easily shop in Karachi and Lahore.

Regal Shoes new collection

Regal shoes items are famous due to their quality and embroidery work design. All categories of men’s shoes are made with pure leather with the latest design while the women’s collection has embroidery handwork and antique colour combinations.

Regal Shoes collection

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Regal Shoes For Men’s Collection 2024

Regal men’s shoe collection full fill all today’s needs from casual to formal shoes including all colours and verities at a very normal price range.

Regal Shoes men collection

Men’s Shoes Collection 2024




formals men’s collection is purely made with leather and best collection for all indoor and outdoor functions. The price range starts from 2450 to 24550 in PKR.

Regal Wces.ork Wear Men’s Shoes Collection 2024

Regal workwear men’s shoes collection.

Regal workwear shoes collection has many latest designs and the best collections for office work and in meetings. The price range starts from 2500 PKR.

Regal Loafers Men’s Shoes Collection 2024

Men’s shoes category loafers have many casual and formal leather shoes in black and brown colours. The price range starts from 3000 PKR.

Regal Casual Shoes Men’s Shoes Collection 2024

Regal casual shoe collection has all men’s casuals, formals, sandals, slippers, mules, and flats shoes at very normal prices. The price range starts from 3400 PKR.

Regal Shoes For Women Collection 2024

Regal shoes meet the needs of women’s shoes from casual to luxury and domestic to party wear at a normal price range.

Regal Flats Women’s Shoes Collection 2024

Ladies’ flats shoes with the latest designing, different colours ladies casual, formal, sandals and slippers with embroidery work are available in the Regal shoes store in Pakistan also.




Regal Heels Women’s Shoes Collection 2024

Regal Heels category has all kinds of ladies’ heels including long heels sandals, heel pumps, and heel peep-toes. The price range starts from 1500 PKR.

Regal Wedges Women’s Shoes Collection 2024

Antique colors ladies wedges collection price starts from 1500 in PKR.

Regal Boots Collection 2024

Ladies’ boots collection is fully updated with today’s fashion, the price range starts from 8500 in PKR.

Regal Sneakers Women’s Shoes 2024

Ladies’ sneakers are the best choice for sports events and casual walking, the price range starts from 1600 in PKR.

Regal New Arrivals For Men & Women

Regal shoes brand continuously launches its new products to meet the customer’s needs. Regal shoes new arrivals have the latest new designs of men’s and women’s shoes for all categories.

Regal Brands Shoes Collection

The regal brand has large numbers of customers due to unique designing and quality work products. Regal has three brands that are focusing on different categories of men’s and women’s shoes.

Regal Imperio 

Regal Imperio is launched for premium and luxury men’s shoes collection. Imperio has the latest designs a verities men’s shoes collection including formals; casual sandals, slippers, and mules.

Regal Zuccaro

Zuccaro brand is focusing on men’s formals and casuals all varieties of sandals slippers and dresses shoes for all seasons. It also has a great collection of Workwear shoes and party-wear shoes for men.

Regal Rocia 

Rocia brand is specified for ladies’ footwear for all occasions and traditional festivals. Rocia has a variety of ladies’ shoes for all seasons from long boots to ladies slippers and simple collections of fully embroidery shoes collection. It also has a big variety of ladies’ flats shoes and heels shoes.

That is all about Eid Footwear Collection with the whole range. The viewers can also follow us on Facebook for Eid Collection 2024 by Regal Shoes and the complete range of Eid Dresses as well. Please give us your feedback by commenting below. Thanks.

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