Top 11 Best Watches Brand in Pakistan 2024 With Price

Top 11 Best Watches Brand in Pakistan 2024 With Price

The time sense is the characteristic of punctual people. Keeping the measure of time is a dire need for men and women to prosper in life. The watches brands in Pakistan have helped both men and women keep the measure of the time factor in their lives by introducing stylish and luxury wristwatches. The watches have become a fashion accessory for people in Pakistan and have a lot of other benefits as well.

The watch brands in Pakistan have introduced such modern and exclusive designs that the watch in Pakistan is not only a part of a person’s dress but also a source of a person’s identity. With an exclusive variety of styles, vibrant yet decent colors, and sophisticated designs the watches have become a status symbol in Pakistan. Watch collectors and enthusiasts tend to talk about the styles and designs of watches, quite often in Pakistan.

Living squarely in the age of smartphones where many accessories have been replaced by a smartphone, the watch brands have kept the need for a watch alive by introducing simple to luxurious watches. The branded watches in Pakistan are available in materials like leather straps, stainless steel, mesh, and silicon. The watches are also customized according to the materials that suit best and fulfill the needs of the buyer.

In the present time, branded watches have indeed become a necessity for men and women to maintain their daily schedules and to keep track of things that are really important. The professionals with well-organized schedules of meetings and everything important keeps a strict measure of time with the help of these branded watches. All the features a person requires can be found in a branded watch.

People are usually fond of the best and most fitting watches that suit their style and personality. They usually have a decent collection of fashion watches to style their looks and personalities. Though, people have different choices in the selection of an appropriate watch design. And, it is quite hard to match their preferences. Yet, we are introducing the top 11 watch brands in Pakistan here. The variety of styles, colors, and designs, surely will satiate all your needs to find an appropriate watch for you.

Top Best Watches Brand in Pakistan 2022

Best Watches Brand In Pakistan 2024

Watches are more than just a timepiece nowadays. A watch reveals a lot about a person’s mentality, style, and behavior. The top watch brands with products that add value to your dressing style are listed here with a detailed overview. For distinct names, Rolex and Rado watch brands are most familiar and you probably are known to them.

  • Rolex Watches
  • Hublot
  • Citizen Watches
  • Bulova
  • Seiko
  • Longines
  • RADO
  • Audemars Piguet

Rolex Watches

One of the most famous brands of watches is Rolex, The watches of this brand are famous and popular all over the world. We have picked some good watches for you, Have a look.

Rolex Watches

Rolex Yachet Master

PKR: 3,420,774Oyster stell white gold

PKR: 3,731,753


Another famous brand is Hublot, This brand is known for its quality material and you may love to have a watch of this brand.

Hublot Watches

Hublot Classic Fusion

PKR: 1,265,364

Hublot fusion

PKR: 1,629,961

Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium

PKR: 1,629,961

Citizen Watches

Citizen is another famous brand of watches and everyone loves to buy a watch of this brand. If you are not aware of this brand then this will help you, Have a look at some of the designs,

Citizen Watches


Price: 111,523

Citizen men watch

PKR: 153,559

Men watches citizen

PKR: 72,919


Tag Heuer is one of the popular brands in watches and this is famous all over the world. Customers love to buy watches of this brand because it fits perfectly on their wrist and its light in weight.

Tag Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer

PKR: 2,777,368

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre

PKR: 386,043

TAG Heuer Formula

PKR: 278,809

Bulova Watches

Another famous brand is Bulova and this is also famous for watches. Most customers prefer this brand because of its low price and good quality watches.

Boluva Watches

Marine Star

PKR: 27,608

Bulova Maquina

PKR: 127,608

Bulova CURV

RS: 209,106

Seiko Watches

Seiko is most famous among males and everyone loves to have this brand watch. This brand never compromises on quality and they give the best quality than all other brands.

Seiko Watches

Seiko Men watch

PKR: 255,470

Seiko Stainless steel Watch

PKR: 58,201

Seiko Curved sapphire crystal

PKR: 276,666

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Omega Watches

Omega is one of the popular brands among female watches and it also provides men’s watches but mostly women watch this brand produce and everyone loves to wear a watch of this brand.

Omega watches

female omega watch

PKR: 1,020,733

Women watches omega

PKR 131,945


Among females, this brand is on top as always. This brand never compromises on quality because they always come with new and classy designs of watches for females.

Longines Watch

Longines Watch for women

PKR: 528,755

Longines women watch

PKR: 318,755

Longines Watch women

PKR: 428,755


Rado the brand known by all and everyone knows about it. Some of the latest and ew designs of these watches for females are given below.

Captain Cook Over-Pole

PKR: 541,513

Rado watch

Rado True Thinline Anima

PKR: 676,057

HyperChrome Ash Barty

PKR: 476,057

Audemars Piguet

This is also a famous brand of watches and most importantly it is only for females not for males. This brand know what kinda designs women love to wear and also they know the importance of this brand.

Watch for women Audemars Piguet

PKR: 476,057

Audemars Piguet watch for woemen

PKR: 256,057


Another famous brand is Panerai. This brand focuses on producing good and awesome quality watches for females. The watches of this brand are reliable and easily available for you anywhere or from any online store.


PANERAI Women watch

PKR: 156,057

PANERAI Females watch

PKR: 266,057

Smartwatch Brands In Pakistan 2024

To keep pace with the fast-changing world, we have to rely on smart devices like phones and watches to stay updated. Smartwatches play a very vital role in shaping the lives of youngsters. The top smartwatch brands are listed as,

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Amazfit
  • T500


When we talk about smartwatches no brand can compete with Apple, This brand is one the most famous brand all over the world and everyone love to wear a smartwatch of this brand. Some of the cool and latest designs are given below.

Apple Watch

Apple smart watch

PKR: 64,340

Apple watch smart

PKR: 107,234

Smart watch apple

Price: 59,836


Another brand that is famous in everything from cell phone to accessories this brand also has smart watches and everyone love to buy smartwatch from this brand.

Samsung smart watch

Samsung Galaxy smart watch 2

PKR: 32,499

Samsung Galaxy smart watch 4

PKR: 42,499


Huawei smart watches

Smart watch huawei

PKR: 35,000

Huwaei smartwatch

PKR: 45,000


Another famous brand in the smartwatch is amazfit. This brand is literally the best and you may easily find any kinda watch you want from this brand. This is getting popular and famous among all countries.

Amazfit smart watch

smart watch amazfit

PKR: 25,000

Amazfit watch


smart amazfit wtch

PKR: 15,000


T500 is one the famous brands in Pakistan and it has many good and amazing designs of smartwatches you may easily get any watch you want from this brand. Some of the best and most unique designs are given below.

t500 smart watches

watch smart t500

PKR: 30,300

T500 watches

PKR: 22,000

smart watch t500

PKR: 15,000

The watch brands in Pakistan provide a person with the fine opportunity to achieve his outfit goals. The watch brands provide masterpieces with elegant designs and amazing features. Choose the watch design, color, and style according to your preferences. Don’t forget to inform “the Roy Collections” about your fine choice of watch design. Any queries and suggestions are also welcome.

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