How to Draw Simple Mehndi Designs Step By Step?

How to Draw Simple Mehndi Designs Step By Step?

Mehndi, also known as Henna Tattoo is a body art of decorating the skin temporarily. In this art, decorative designs are created on a person’s hands, legs, or body using a paste of henna. This body art is popular among women of the sub-continent and around the globe. The standard color of mehndi is brown. The Arabic mehndi designs and the Mandala mehndi designs are the most common mehndi patterns. Here we will tell you How to Draw Simple Mehndi Designs Step By Step?

Mehndi in the sub-continent is typically applied in marriages, festivals, and other special occasions. The women tend to apply henna on the hands, feet, and sometimes on the back of the shoulders. The delicate and stylish henna patterns are created on the palms, backs of the hands, and feet where the design looks clearest due to contrast with the lighter skin of these parts.

The Mehndi is a ceremonial form of art that is most commonly used not only by women but also by men of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. There are countless designs and patterns of mehndi in these countries. The application techniques also vary. Now, is the application of mehndi easy or difficult? Though it looks really difficult for beginners yet a newbie can master the art with practice. Here, we are also presenting a step-by-step tutorial for beginners to play smart.

Step By Step Tutorial To Draw Simple Mehndi Designs

The mehndi paste is created from the powdered dry leaves of the mehndi or henna plant by adding water to the dry powder. The mehndi paste is then applied to the skin usually using a stick, paintbrush, or a cone. The mud tends to dry after about 15-20 minutes. A mixture of lemon juice and white sugar can be applied to the drying mud for it to remain moisturized and the mehndi can stain darker on the skin. This part of the skin is then wrapped with tissue, medical tape, or plastic to lock in the body heat. After removal of the wrapper and henna, over a period of a day or two, the reddish brown color of mehndi appears on the skin that lasts for one week to three weeks. The purity of color and the long-lasting mehndi design depends on the quality of the mehndi paste. Moisturizing with natural oils also helps retain the stain for a longer period. The thicker skin also stains darker and longer than the thin skin.

Beginners may think that the application of mehndi is a difficult task, but obliviously, it isn’t. You can easily learn the art by practicing it. The beginners must practice the application of mehndi on a mirror or a clear plastic sheet. The things required by a beginner to practice mehndi application are listed as,

  • A mehndi Cone
  • A sketch of mehndi’s design
  • A mirror or plastic sheet
  • Tissue paper and an optional glittering cone

The beginners should start with simple designs like flowers, petals, circles, boxes, and veils and then gradually move to bigger and more complex designs like peacock signs.

Tikki designs are also widely appreciated by women. start practicing the Tikki designs by creating a simple dot or circle and gradually move to the complex patterns of circles and boxes giving rise to a fascinating Tikki pattern.

After practicing the basic patterns, now you can move to the simple mehndi designs. A simple mehndi design can be a bud outline, banded branch with leaves, leaflet, or a round Tikki.

After completing the basic nodes and strokes, now let’s move to the elementary designs. The novice can practice the fair and straightforward patterns of mehndi designs here. The delicate and smooth patterns are created in this style. The borders of the designs filled with dots and boxes provide an outstanding look.

You clearly have witnessed the endearing styles and patterns of basic mehndi designs. These simple mehndi designs are furnished with charming motifs and dots. These are the natural mehndi styles for the novice.

Striking Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Here, some desirable and striking mehndi designs are being presented for the practice of beginners. These are effortless and straightforward styles to assist the learners. These are the most attractive and desirable designs for teenagers. The Arabic patterns, lovely trails of leaves and flowers, and good-looking Tikkli styles are the important characteristics of these designs. The dazzling designs will decorate your skin and make it look ravishing.

Mehndi’s designs impact greatly the looks of women. That’s why they have curiosity for the latest and unique mehndi designs. Especially at marriages or other festivals, every girl wants to decorate her skin with captivating mehndi or henna patterns. This article provides some alluring and basic mehndi designs for beginners. Yet, for more stylish and attractive mehndi designs for brides, you can contact us or keep in continuous touch with us. Also, don’t forget to inform us about your fine choice of mehndi styles.

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