Latest Pakistani Eid Collection for Men 2023 Online

Latest Pakistani Eid Collection for Men 2023 Online

Eid Collection for men is always inspiring and the most awaited catalogue for gents and kids as everyone wants to look good, elegant, and decent on Eid day. Eid is a holy occasion for Muslims that they want to celebrate with full zeal and zenith. Families and friends gather on Eid days to celebrate festivities and get together to spend some time with one another. The first gathering is at Eid Namaz and then parties, meet-ups of families, and then a lot of other fun activities. In this scenario adorning oneself with the best available dresses is the first choice of everyone.

In Pakistan, everyone desires a new dress and shoes on eid day. Thus, to provide you with the most suitable options, we are going to present you with the Eid collection 2023 containing modern trends in kurta shalwar suitings. The collection is in accordance with modern fashion for men. Created with quality stuff from leading brands, this collection showcases grace, elegance, and styles of personality.

To avoid the last minutes of Eid shopping, Check out this collection and stay in continuous touch with us for new fashion and upcoming designs of men’s fashion.

Eid Collection For Men 2023

As we know men’s kurta shalwar is a special dress for Eid Day, So, the focus remains on the rich fabrics, brilliant shades of amazing colours, and fabulous styles of kurta shalwar dressing in this collection. Besides kurta shalwar, other possible options for men to try on Eid days are also included in this curation. Let’s check out the Eid Collections for men of various prominent brands and look for their offers and discounts.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection for Men 2023

Gul Ahmad offers unstitched and ready-to-wear dresses for men. The range varies from casual wear to formal and ethnic wear. Kurta shalwars, suits, and waistcoats are some prominent features of this collection. Some western style dressing like dress pants and shirts, polo shirts, and tee shirts are also part of this curation. Concisely, we can consider this a good collection for Men’s Kurta Shalwar 2023.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection
Gul Ahmed Eid Collection Blue Stylized Waistcoat

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection GINI GOLD Unstitched Fabric Blended

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection Sky Blue Basic Kurta

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection Unstitched Fabric Cotton

Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection For Men 2023

The collection of J. brand includes Kurta Pajamas, Kameez shalwar, and casual and exclusive dressing for men. Unstitched fabrics are also available other than caps and waistcoats for a stylish look. The brand is offering a flat 25% off on all its items.
Junaid Jamshed Eid latest Collection
Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection Shalwar Kameez

Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection Waist Coat

Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection Kurta
Junaid Jamshed Eid Formal Collection

Sapphire Eid Collection For Men 2023

The brand offers ” all the staples and on-trend pieces” for men this Eid. A wide range of eastern clothing ranging from simple kurtas to embroidered ones and matching waistcoats are available along with premium unstitched fabrics. The brand offers up to 70% off on various items.
Sapphire Eid Collection

Sapphire Eid Latest Collection

Sapphire Eid Collection Wash & Wear Kurta

Sapphire Eid Collection Wash & Wear Suit

Sapphire Eid Collection Schiffli Embroidered Waistcoat

Sapphire Eid Collection Egyptian Cotton Latha Suit

Alkaram Eid Collection For Men 2023

The brand offers stitched kurta pyjamas, shalwar kameez, and quality unstitched fabrics like cotton, Latha, and wash-n-wear. Waistcoats, trousers, and T-shirts are also available. Add a different touch to your personality by matching a shoe pair on Eid.
Alkaram Eid Collection For Men

Alkaram Eid Collection

Alkaram Eid Collection Dyed Ribbed Cotton Kurta

Alkaram Eid Collection Dyed Embroidered Kurta

Alkaram Eid New Collection Shalwar Kameez

Alkaram Eid Collection Dyed Blended Shalwar Kameez

Alkaram Eid Collection Dyed Embroidered Cotton Shalwar Kameez

Amir Adnan Eid Collection For Men 2023

The brand uses fabrics like cotton, silk, poly viscose, and Cynthia for its elegant Eid collection for men. The brand has a speciality of groom dresses sherwani, turbans, etc. The jamawar kurtas are also a unique touch of this brand. The attractive waistcoats of this brand add a complementary touch to men’s suitings.  The brand offers 25-50% discount on all its items.
Amir Adnan Eid Collection For Men

Amir Adnan Eid Collection

Amir Adnan Eid Collection Plain Suit

Amir Adnan Eid Collection Embroidered Kurta

Amir Adnan Eid Collection Gold Traditional Waistcoat

Amir Adnan Eid Collection Grey Kurta

Here, a short glimpse of various brands offering Eid collections for men is provided. The purpose of this collection is to provide you with a brief overview of various brands’ collections for men’s fashion. The focus was to introduce you to the latest fashion and modern trends prevailing in the market. We are of great opinion that this collection will better serve you and you will find a suitable dress for your Eid day. Don’t forget to inform us about your fine choices and also honor us with your feedback to improve this collection. Hope so you find a good collection if you have any further queries please comment below.

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