What Are the Prices of Bridal Dresses Nowadays?

What Are the Prices of Bridal Dresses Nowadays?

The latest pakistani bridals dresses price nowadays depends on the quality of the bridal dresses and their designs. The bridals dress designs like Lehenga, gown, saree, Sharara, Gharara, Kameez shalwar, Maxi, Longtail shirt, frock, peplum, and Anarkali dresses. These the latest bridal dress prices vary due to the quality of the fabrics and quality of the embroidered work. Some time size of the bridal dress also becomes a factor in price changing. In Pakistan commonly three types of bridal dresses are designs like local bridal dresses, home handmade bridal dresses, and branded bridal dresses.

Each category of bridal dresses is very popular in the markets due to customers’ budgets. The local bridal dresses made with low-quality fabrics and temporary embroidered work price range start from 5,000 in PKR. While pure cultural and traditional bridal dresses like Shalwar kameez that’s are designed in-home with needlework in different techniques. The price range of homemade bridal dresses starts from 15,000 in PKR to own words depends upon the designs and quality work.

The third and most famous category is Pakistani designer’s bridal dresses. The modern girl’s first choice is the branded bridal dresses of famous designers. The prices of branded bridal dresses are very expensive comparatively other local dresses because of their designing. All the famous designer’s focus on the latest designs and quality work. They design all bridal dresses under the supervision of highly expert designers. The demand for these bridal dresses is due to heavily embellished work with fine quality materials and the latest designing.

Some brides directly custom order to Pakistani designers according to their choice and needs. The prices of custom order bridal dresses are also different from regular prices. All Pakistani bridal dresses designer’s techniques are different from other designers. The most famous bridal dresses designers like Asim Jofa, Maria B, HSY, Elan, Mirusah, and many more price ranges start from 150,000 in PKR to above 1,500,000.

The prices of bridal dresses in Pakistan nowadays approx are given below precisely.

Pakistani designers Bridal Dresses Prices:

The approx price range starts from 150,000 to 1,500,000.

Homemade Bridal Dresses Prices:

The approx price range starts from 15,000 to 100,000.

Local Bridal Dresses Prices:

The approx price range starts from 5000 to 50,000.

Now it’s your choice within your budgets what’s category is the best for you.

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