J. Perfumes Sale 2024 Upto 50% Off With Price

J. Perfumes Sale 2024 Upto 50% Off With Price

In 2003, Junaid Jamshed launched a line of perfumes under his brand “J.”, which gained popularity for its unique fragrances. J. Perfumes offers a mesmerizing collection of scents that cater to both men and women. J. fragrances offers to its customers the best quality perfumes at affordable prices in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for a signature scent or a gift for a loved one, Junaid Jamshed Perfume prices in Pakistan cater to various budgets without compromising on the quality and exclusivity the brand is known for. Junaid Jamshed also offers big sales on different occasions, please eye the attractive sale offers.

J. perfumes

J. Perfumes For Men 2024 With Price

J. Perfumes for men represent strength, confidence, and charm. Every fragrance is carefully crafted to capture the essence of a modern gentleman. Men have a variety of fragrances to choose from, including woody and spicy notes or floral and natural that exudes sophistication and power. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual get-together, these Perfumes for men with price leave a lasting impression that complements any personality and style. For fresh, floral, woody, and musky fragrances discover Khaadi perfumes sale also.

J. has more than 25 fragrances for men. Each perfume has its own fragrance and quality. Here all perfumes are listed with a price. You can shop online or in stores.

  1. Janan Gold
  2. Janan Sport
  3. Great Summit
  4. Supper Star Pour Homme | Hamayun Saeed
  5. London Pour Homme
  6. Moscow Pour Homme
  7. Cairo Pour Homme
  8. Tareekh
  9. White Musk
  10. Shaheer
  11. Khumar
  12. Warrior Pour Homme
  13. Jahangir Khan
  14. Sher Dil
  15. Marine
  16. J. Exclusive Intense
  17. Legacy
  18. Imperial Oud
  19. Generous
  20. Barrel
  21. 10 The Era
  22. Wasim Akram 414
  23. Intenso
  24. Oud-Al-Junaid
  25. J.Exclusive

Now each perfume detail with the price is given below.

J. Janan Gold Perfume

J. Janan gold perfume is based on the last lasting fresh & woody fragrance in the luxurious packing. This perfume is a blend of the finest ingredients that elevate your taste of sents. This fresh & woody perfume for men is available in 100ml bottles.

Price: Rs. 5,500.00

Note: Perfumes and fragrances are not internationally shipped due to courier and Airline policies.

Janan perfume

Janan perfume for men

J. Janan Platinum Perfume

Its fragrance is also fresh and its silver packing has an attraction for its customers.

Price: Rs. 6,300.00


J.Janan Sport Perfume

J. found a wonderful scent called J. Janan Sport perfume. It mixes smells like Amber, Chypre, Citrus, Musky, and Woody. This perfume is all about looking good while being active. It’s for people who love sports but also like to be elegant. It’s perfect for those who are adventurous and always stand out.

Price: Rs. 5,500.00

Janan sport pefume

Janan sport pefume for men

J. Great Summit Perfume

J. discover Great Summit Pour Homme perfume that is based on Citrus Woddy fragrance. This fragrance takes you on a sensory journey with its harmonious blend of energizing and refreshing top notes, enticing floral heart, and rich woody base.

Price: Rs. 4,800.00

Great summit perfume

Great summit perfume for men

Supper Star Pour Homme | Hamayun Saeed

J. Pour Homme perfume family scents introduce a new perfume with the name “Super Star”. J. Fragrances introduces remarkable perfumes for people who follow Hamayun Saeed. This fragrance welcomes you with light floral and pleasant scents.

Price: Rs. PKR 7,000.00.

Super Star pour homme for men

Super Star pour homme

J. London Pour Homme

Amber Woody fragrance with the addition of a fruity entrance makes it modern and heart-touching. Embrace the spirit of a modern gentleman with J. London Pour Homme.

Price: PKR 3,500.00

LONDON Pour Homme for men

LONDON Pour Homme

J.Moscow Pour Homme

Moscow Pour Homme opens with a burst of Fresh, Spicy, and Woody fragrance. This perfume gives a sensation of soft and sweet smell and is Perfect for any occasion. From the office to formal events or even casual gatherings, this timeless scent accompanies you with grace,

Price: PKR 3,500.00

MOSCOW Pour Homme for men

MOSCOW Pour Homme

J. Cairo Pour Homme Perfume

A lively creation of J. is the “Cario Pour Homme” perfume. This perfume fragrance is filled with citrus freshness. This dynamic perfume is made with fresh and citrus scents.

Price: PKR 3,500.00

CAIRO Pour Homme for men

CAIRO Pour Homme

J. Tareekh Perfume

The people who love traditional fragrances, J. Tareekh Perfume is the best choice. This perfume provides an oriental fragrance. This dynamic perfume is a blend of rose, sandalwood, oud, and amber. It’s a sign of our strength and confidence.

Price: PKR 3,500.00.

TAREEKH for men

TAREEKH perfume

J. White Musk Perfume

The people who like fresh and woody fragrances, J. white musk is one of the best choices. White floral, mint, Italian lemon, and green apples are the main ingredients of this perfume.

Price: PKR 4,000.00

White musk for men White musk

J. Shaheer Perfume

This perfume is based on fresh Fougere fragrance. This magnificent perfume opens the burst of fruity & citrus and floral & woody scents. Perfect for formal events or special occasions, This Perfume is a statement of status and refined taste. Embrace the essence of royalty with this extraordinary fragrance from Junaid Jamshed Perfumes and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

J. White Musk Perfume Price: PKR 3,900.00

Shaheer perfume for men Shaheer perfume

J. Khumar perfume

If you like Fresh & Woody fragrance this one is the best for you. It’s a dynamic blend of  Citrus, Lavender, and Amber.

Price: Rs. PKR 3,700.00.KHUMAR Perfume for men

KHUMAR Perfume

J. Warrior Pour Homme Perfume

This perfume is specially made for Floriental, Fruity, and Musky fragrance lovers. The beautiful packing makes it different from other perfumes. This is available in a 120ml bottle.

Price: Rs. PKR 18,000.00.



J. Jahangir Khan perfume 555

Oriental Spicy fragrance refreshes the memories of unbeaten Jahangir Khan. This perfume is specially made to tribute to the unbeaten champion of Pakistan. A burst of the strong fragrance comes out when we unwrap this perfume.

Price: Rs. PKR 7,500.00

KHUMAR perfume for men

Jahangir Khan 555 perfume

J. Sher Dil Perfume

This perfume represents the true spirit of our heroes. Citrus, woody, and amber fragrance make you a dreamy hero.

Price: Rs. PKR 10,500.00

Sher Dil perfume

J. Marine Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 10,500.00

MARINE perfume for men

MARINE perfume

J. Exclusive Intense Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 4,000.00

J.Exclusive Intense perfume for men

J.Exclusive Intense perfume

J. Legacy Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 6,500.00

Legacy perfume for men & women

Legacy perfume

J. Perfumes For Women 2024 With Price

Among the wide array of J. Perfumes, the ladies’ perfume line stands out with its delicate and captivating fragrances. The collection of fragrances for women showcases a variety of floral, fruity, and oriental blends that celebrate the attraction of womanhood. Whether it’s a romantic evening, a professional event, or a casual outing, J. Perfumes for women boost personality and sophistication that captures hearts. From sweet and floral notes to musky and sensual undertones, J. Ladies Perfume adds an additional touch to your personality. If you like fruity, floral, woody, or musky perfumes then Bonanza Satrangi Perfumes are also the best option for women with price.

  1. Floral Affair
  2. Eternal
  3. Prestige
  4. Fantasy Hira Mani
  5. Classique Pure Femme
  6. Super Star Pure Femme
  7. Bella Pure Femme
  8. Paris Pure Femme
  9. London Pure Femme
  10. Liliani Pure Femme

Each perfume has its own fragrances and notes, so each detail is given with the latest price.

J. Floral Affair Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 4,800.00


J. Eternal Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 4,000.00

eternal perfume

J. Prestige Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 3,500.00

Prestige Perfume

J. Fantasy Hira Mani

Price: Rs. PKR 6,800.00

Category: Floral, Fruity

fantasy Hiraa Mani

J. Classique Pure Femme Perfume

Price: Rs. PKR 6,200.00

Category: Floral, Woody, Musky

Classique Pure Femme

J. Super Star Pure Femme

Price: Rs. PKR 7,000.00

Category: Floral

Super Star pure femme

J. Bella Pure Femme

Price: Rs. PKR 5,700.00

Category: Floral, Woody, Musky

bella pourfemme

J. Paris Pure Femme

Price: Rs. PKR 2,600.00

Category: Floral, Fruity

paris perfume

J. London Pure Femme

Perfume Price: Rs. PKR 2,600.00

Category: Fresh, Floral

london pure femme

J. Liliani Pure Femme

Price: Rs. PKR 5,700.00

Category: Fresh, Vanilla

LILIANE Pour Femme

J. Perfumes Sale 2024 Upto 50% Off With Price

If your interest is branded perfumes sales then you are exactly at the right place. Here we will tell you J. perfumes sales with price. Junaid Jamshed always offers sales on the entire collection of outfits including fragrances & perfumes. J. perfumes sale 2024 is also part of these sales offers. Whether you are a man or woman and desire a woody, floral, or oriental fragrance, J. Perfumes Sale has something to cater to every taste and preference. J. sales launched many times in the year and always brings upto 50% discount.

Monte Carlo Pour Femme perfume sale price: Rs 2,625.00.

newyork pure femmeNew York pure femme perfume sale price: Rs. 2,625.00.

Moscow pure femmeMoscow pure femme perfume sale price: Rs. 2,625.00.

The above all are the best Junaid Jamshed perfumes for men and women. For more details visit the nearest J. outlets and online.

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