J. Summer Gala Sale 2022 With Price Upto 50% Off

After the success of the Jinnah Day sale, J. new year’s winter sale has launched and brings a wide range of winter collections. J. sales 2022 on all new arrivals and seasonal outfits are packed here. If you are searching what’s a sale on Junaid Jamshed winter or summer lawn collection 2022 or new seasonal arrivals, all information is here. Bookmark this J.J sale page 2022 and get all expected sales offers 2022 and new arrivals of the summer or winter collection. Today Junaid Jamshed Jinnah day sale on the winter collection is now in stores and online.

Junaid Jamshed Sale 2022

When we talk about J. sales 2022 then previous sales offers start to revolve in our minds. In the last year, this brand provides a big discount on sales offer 2020. Similarly, in keeping with its previous traditions, this year will also offer huge sales in 2022. Junaid Jamshed always provides pure traditional elegance at very normal prices. This brand is involved in the happiness of others in the form of sales offers. The expected J.sale 2022 are listed below.

Junaid Jamshed New Year Sale 2022 Upto 50% Off

New year winter is started from 1st January to the next announcement. This winter collection has up to 50% off on the entire winter collection.

Jinnah Day sale 2022

Winter Clearance or End of the Season Sale 2022

This sale offer starts before the new year arrivals with upto 50% off.

Junaid Jamshed Pakistan Day Sale 2020 Upto 50% Off

This sale will launch in the month of March 2022.

Junaid Jamshed Summer Gala Sale 2022 Upto 50% Off

The expected date of this sale off will be April 2022.

Junaid Jamshed Eid Sale 2022 Upto 25% to 50% Off

This sale offer will be launched in the month of Ramadan before the Eid festive arrivals or after Eid day. In both conditions, be alert for a big Eid sale in 2022.

In spite of the above sales offers, this brand also has many more attractive offers. Stay with us and get all sale offers information before its launching.

Junaid Jamshed Azadi Sale 2022 Flat 25% Off

On independence day happiness, this brand celebrates this day with its customers and provides the maximum discount offers. The expected date will be 1st August 2022.

Junaid Jamshed Summer Clearance Sale 2022 Upto 50% Off

In the month of October, J. will be launching a big summer clearance sale offers that will be upto 50% off on all summer stock.

Junaid Jamshed New Year Winter Sale 2022 Upto 50% Off

This new year’s winter sale has a big discount of up to 50%. This winter sale on the happiness of the new year is launched on the entire winter collection. Women’s unstitched, stitched, Kurtis, and bottoms collection is part of this winter sale.

J. Pakistan Summer sale 2022 Upto 50% off

The biggest sale of this summer season that you were waiting for. The J. summer gala sale 2022 up to 50% off is launched on the entire stock. Today Junaid Jamshed sale on the summer collection started on 12th May 2022. This biggest summer sale brings huge varieties of summer lawns in unstitched and stitched collections for women. The special designs Kurtis are also available in-stores and online with 50% discount offers.

This summer sale is comprised of colourful outfits of whole family members. This 50% off sale is filled with boys’ and girls’ summer outfits. You can also shop for teenage boys and girls’ outfits with 50% discount offers.

Men also take an advantage of this J. summer sale and get a 50% discount on the entire men’s stock. Men’s Kurta, waistcoat, and Shalwar Kameez in many colours have fifty per cent discount. Just take hurry, visit the J. outlets or order online and save a massive discount on your favourite items.

Sale Name: J. Summer Gala Sale 2022.

Sale Starting: 12th May online & in-stores.

Sale Ending Time: Till the 22nd of May.

Sale Collection: Whole family outfits, Perfumes, and footwear.

Sale Status: Upto 50% off on entire stock including new arrivals.


J. summer sale on orange color unstitched dress J. summer sale on women unstitched dress J. summer sale on women unstitched collection

J. Pakistan Day sale 2022 Flat 40% off

On this big day in Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed presents a J. Gala sale 2022 flat 40% off on the entire stock. This J. Pakistan day sale is starting from 9th march to onward on entire stock including new arrivals. This sale is now in-stores and online. Now this time J. Eid luxe collection and summer lawn collections are launched and this sale is also applicable on all these stitched and unstitched dresses. Men and kids also can get varieties of outfits at sale prices. Hurry up, it’s time to visit the J. outlets or online and get your favourite outfits. Here some designs with prices are given below.

J. Pakistan Day sale

Sale Name: J. Pakisatn Day Sale 2022.

Sale Starting: 9th March online & in-stores.

Sale Ending Time: Till the next announcement.

Sale Collection: Whole family outfits, Perfumes, and footwear.

Sale Status: Flat 40% & 23% off on entire stock including new arrivals.

Junaid jamshed Pakistan day sale

J. Pakistan Day sale on kids collection

J. Pakistan day sale on women unstitched collection

J. Pakistan day sale on women Kurti collection J. Pakistan day sale on women ready to wear collection

J. Pakistan day sale on men collection

New year sale on solid colors pret wear New year winter sale on embroidered unstitched collection winter new year sale on kurtis winter sale on girls Kurtis Winter sale on luxury winter outfits Winter sale on solid color ready to wear collection

New year winter sale on men waistcoat collection winter sale on men kurtas collection

Junaid Jamshed Jinnah Day Sale 2022 Flat 25% Off

On the occasion of Jinnah day in the month of December, this sale will start and provide a 25% expected discount to its customers.

These sales will launch in 2022 from time to time, dates or discount offers may slightly change but keep in touch with us for further new sale offers in 2022.

J. Jinnah Day sale 2022 Flat 40% off

J. brings Jinnah day sale 2022 Flat 40% off on entire winter stock. You all know, that the winter season is at its peak and the Junaid Jamshed winter collection has a wide range of women, men, and kids’ winter outfits in stitched and unstitched collections. J. winter collection on this special day “Jinnah Day” has 20% & 40% off on the entire collection. J. Jinnah day sale flat 4)% is started from 16th December to 26th. These days, you can shop for women’s unstitched, stitched outfits, Kurtis, men’s shalwar kameez, kurtas, waistcoats, and kids’ boys’ and girls’ winter outfits and save a 40% discount. Hurry up! time is too short. Visit the nearest J. outlet or online and avail 40% discount on each item.

Junaid Jamshed Jinnah day sale on winter collection

Sale Name: J. Jinnah Day Sale 2022.

Sale Starting: 16th December online & in-stores.

Sale Ending Time: Till the winter stock is ended.

Sale Collection: Whole family outfits, Perfumes, and footwear.

Sale Status: Flat 40% & 20% off on entire stock including the winter Kurtis collection.

Jinnah Day Sale on Women Collection

The winter collection of J. is encapsulated in vibrant colour prints and charming embroidered detail. This Jinnah day sale brings unstitched to stitched and Kurtis winter collection at a 40% discount. All sale collection is now in stores and online.

Women Unstitched Collection on Sale

Jinnah day sale on women unstitched winter collection

Unstitched 3pc on saleUnstitched winter collection on saleWomen Ready to Wear Collection on Sale

Jinnah day sale on women ready to wear winter collectionwomen ready to wear winter collection is on sale women stitched winter collection is on saleWomen Kurtis Collection on Sale

Kurtis collection is available in pret wear. These Kurtis are also at 20% to 40% discount offers. In this collection all fabrics are winter base.

Jinnah day sale on women winter Kurtis collectionKurtis collection is on Jinnah sale Kurtis collection is on winter sale

Jinnah Day Sale on Men Collection

This sale collection also brings men’s warmth fabrics Shalwar kameez, Kurtas, and Waistcoats at 40% off. In this collection, the sale offer is applicable to casual, semi-formal, and formal outfits.

Men Kameez Shalwa on Sale

Men can shop casual, formal, semi-formal, and exclusive Kameez Shalwar in this sale collection.

Jinnah day sale on men shalwar kameez collectionMen Kurtas on Sale

Jinnah day sale on men Kurtas collectionMen Waistcoat on Sale

Jinnah day sale on men waistcoat collection

Jinnah Day Sale on Boys & Girls Collection

J. boys and girls collection is also part of the Jinnah day sale. In this sale collection, the Teen, kids, and Infant girls and boys collection is also at 40% off and is now in-stores and online. In the Teen girls and boys collection, 12,14,16, and 18 years old boys and girls can shop for their winter outfits at this sale discount offer. Jinnah day sale on Boys & girls winter collection

In spite of all the above collection 2022, this sale offer is also applicable to teen girls casual Kurtis, Printed Kurtis, and designer’s Kurtis. All new arrivals collection 2022 is also part of Junaid Jamshed sale 2022. Now hurry up and get more stylish and trendy J. outfits. The only clothing brand that provides purely ethnic essence to its customers in modern ways. The colorful prints and embroidered work will boost your personality everywhere in your life. The sale offers detail is given below.

Teen Boys Collection

Teen boys collection on saleTeen Girls Collection

Teen girls collection on saleKids Boys Collection

Kids boys collection on sale Kids Girls Collection

Kids girls collection on saleInfant Collection

Infant collection on sale

Junaid Jamshed 2022 Latest Collections

New arrivals from summer to winter and casual to festive J.J always provides the latest traditional fashion in a new style. Unstitched to stitched collections and single shirts to Kurtis designs are fully embellished and have a good look are available at J. outlets. In the latest collection 2022, the Junaid Jamshed winter collection is given below.

Woman Winter Journey

  • Winter Unstitched Collection
  • Winter Stitched Collection
  • Kurtis Collection

Man Winter Fashion

Kameez Shalwar Collection, Kurtas Collection, Waistcoat, Shawls, Capsule collection, and exclusive winter collection are part of these new arrivals.

Youngsters Winter Collection

Teen, kids, and Infant winter outfits are part of J. latest collection.

About Junaid Jamshed Brand

J. was established in 2002 with a unique philosophy to revive the country’s cultural heritage and make Shalwar Kameez; the popular wear, and soon became one of the most famous and recognisable clothing brands in South East Asia.

J.J’s clothing line reflects current fashion trends with modest detailing. Designs are inspired by Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian, and other aesthetics.

Junaid Jamshed Official Website

This clothing brand is not limited to Pakistani customers. This famous brand has many of its customers all over the World and has an official website for online shopping.

Website Url: www.junaidjamshed.com

Junaid Jamshed Facebook Page

Junaid Jamshed’s official Facebook page has more than 2.3 million its fan followers and likes. This social platform is specially designed for J. customers’ accommodations and services. On this page, the admin team has all the solutions to your problems if you are facing Junaid Jamshed products or services. The page link is given for new arrivals and sales offers 2022 also.

Facebook Page Url: www.facebook.com/j.junaidjamshed

Junaid Jamshed Outlets in Pakistan

J. clothing brand has more than 118 outlets in Pakistan. All big cities in Pakistan have their outlets. The big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islam Abad, Faisal Abad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and many more have more than one outlet. All the latest seasonal and festive collection is available before their arrivals.

Junaid Jamshed Head Office Address: Head office, 40 Sector 19 Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan.

Contact No: +9221111112111

This brand has more than 45 outlets in big cities of Pakistan. The name of all cities is mentioned below.

Junaid Jamshed Outlets in World

Junaid Jamshed clothing brand customers are not limited to Pakistan. This brand has customers all over the world. This brand has more than 20 outlets in the UK, Canada, Australia, Qatar, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many more counties.

Junaid Jamshed Contact Information

Here all kinds of information about contact numbers and Email addresses are given for any query.

Message on WhatsApp: +922138797470

Call Us Landline: +922138797470

Email Address: Corporate@junaidjamshed.com

Online Store: www.junaidjamshed.com

Junaid Jamshed on Twitter: www.twitter.com/_JunaidJamshed

Junaid Jamshed On Instagram: www.instagram.com/j.junaidjamshed

Junaid Jamshed Size Chart

Junaid Jamshed ready to wear outfits size chart is given below for your information. It’s very essential to see this size chart before shoop to pret wear.

Women Ready to Wera Size Guide

Junaid Jamshed women ready to wear size chart

Men Ready to Wera Size Guide

Junaid Jamshed men ready to wear size chart

Junaid Jamshed Careers 2022

This brand always acquires expert people from time to time to enhance the quality of the brand. If you have any fashion relevant degree then send your CV to given below Email address.

Send in your CV to Corporate@junaidjamshed.com

Junaid Jamshed Online Store FAQ

Here expected frequently ask questions and their answers about the Junaid Jamshed Online store that customers have in mind.

How to track your order?

  • Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email/SMS with your tracking number.
  • You can track your order on the respective courier website mentioned in your email.
  • If you don’t get any tracking updates please write to us at [email protected]
  • J. Junaid Jamshed cannot be held liable for late delivery/collection by third-party postal/courier companies.

Want to Amend Your Order?

You can revise your order so that it’s just the way you want it by calling our Customer Services team on 021 111 112 111 (9 am – 10 pm, PKT Mon-Sat) or emailing us at [email protected]. If the order hasn’t already been dispatched, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Junaid Jamshed Delivery and Returns Policies

  • We at J. aim to process and dispatch your order within 24 hours once the order is confirmed.
  • You are requested to be available on the provided contact number so our team can reach you.
  • The estimated average delivery time across Pakistan is 2 to 4 working days.
  • The estimated delivery time for international order is 3 to 7 working days (depending on the destination) after the order has been dispatched
  • During sale or any event delivery time may exceed due to high volume order log.
  • We offer Free Delivery for all the orders above Rs. 1500/- within Pakistan.
  • For orders below Rs. 1500, standard delivery rates will be charged based on the payment method: Cash on delivery: Rupees 200/-.
    Online/Bank Transfer/Prepay: Rupees 100/-.

You have 10 days from the date of delivery to claim for the return or exchange if :

  • The product is damaged, stained, defected, or incomplete.
  • The product/s must be unused, in the original packaging with labels and protective stickers attached.
  • The product received does not match the size ordered.
  • Products purchased directly from our website must be returned to our Customer Services department for a return and full refund to be made. Unfortunately, online purchases cannot currently be returned in-store.
  • This is only applicable for orders delivered within Pakistan, for international orders please contact our customer support team and we will try to help you out in a possible way.

What’s a sale and What’s new on Junaid Jamshed in 2022. We have described briefly. For more join us at our Facebook page where all Pakistani designers sales 2022 are waiting.


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