Lsm Lakhany Summer Sale 2024 Eid Collection With Price

Lsm Lakhany Summer Sale 2024 Eid Collection With Price

High standard classy and trendy outfits Eid collection 2024 by Lms is launched and has colourfully unstitched ready-to-wear dresses. The quality and standard of this collection are beautified with an eastern and western fashion touch. Lsm Lakhany Eid collection 2024 is one of the best for its magnificent and splendid appearance. All outfits whether unstitched or ready to wear has a marvellous and impressive look. The suits are based upon the Lawn chiffon and embroidered dresses collection by the brand.

Lakhany Silk Mills’ clothing brand has been serving in the world of fashion for 63 years. All its outfits have worldwide standards and quality. The dresses are combinations of Eastern and western fashion. This clothing brand’s main purpose to provide high elegance at very low prices to its customers whether on festive occasions or any seasonal wear.  Its outlets’ network is serving customers across Pakistan and also has an online store for online shopping. Eid Collection 2024 by LSM Lakhany is in stores now don’t wait to grab your favourite outfits.

The Eid Collection is also unique because outfits on Eid are enlightened with beautiful colours that enhance the beauty of dresses.  If you want to buy something for Eid or want to give someone, a present LSM is the best selection you can get. Here on this page all the latest Eid collections and new arrivals with sale offers are posted so that its customers can get an idea about its stuff and price detail.

Lsm Komal Eid Summer Lawn Collection

Latest Lakhany By LSM Collection 2024

This clothing brand deals in women’s to men’s outfits and has all seasonal to festive outfits. These days summer collection is running and has the modish stuff of the summer collection including lawn dresses. This Lakhany clothing brand is also famous due to its Lakhany collection in 2024. Here the latest collection is listed below. This new arrival is also part of the Lsm eid collection also too.

  •  Eid & Festive Collection 2024
  • Unstitched Summer Lawn Collection 2024
  • Unstitched Lakhany Collection 2024
  • Ready To Wear Summer Lawn Collection 2024
  • Sale 2024

In new arrivals, the unstitched collection also has  Hello spring, shades of summer, Lakhany collection, Baade Saba, Shajar, Angan, Dareechy, and the monochrome collection also. Similarly ready to wear has casual, printed and embroidered outfits and shirts.

Lsm Lakhany Eid Collection 2024

Lsm Eid collection 2024 is comprised of a colourful bunch of outfits. These eid collection outfits are purely eastern designed but have a touch of western fashion. The Eid collection has a wide range of unstitched collections of ready-to-wear dresses. In the unstitched Eid, a collection of lawn dresses to Organza and chiffon dresses are part of this festive. Beautifully printed natural colour shades and elegant embroidered work make this collection highly modish.

This eid festive is not limited to an unstitched collection, ready to wear casual and formal pret are also embellished in high quality. From single shirts to 3 pieces of dresses and printed to embroidered designs are all now available at Lsm outlets and online stores.

The Eid dresses are purely focused on the lawn and embroidered dresses. Because the LSM Eid festival is in the summer season and most women like to wear embroidered lawn dresses due to the hot season.

The below given Dresses are mixed some are lawn but most of them are chiffon made as well. Because Eid is in the Summer season that is why these dresses are fit to wear either on Eid or for casual wear. The good thing about LSM Lakhany Eid Collection 2024 is that customers can buy online too.

Lsm Komal Eid Lawn unstitched 3 pc suitRs. 5,990.00

Lsm Komal Eid new Lawn unstitched 3 pc suitRs. 5,990.00

Lsm Komal Eid OrangeLawn unstitched 3 pc suitRs. 6,490.00

 Check Latest Eid CollectionShariq Textiles Eid Collection

Lsm Lakhany Ready to Wear Collection 2024

Lsm Komal Eid Summer Lawn Pret Collection
Lsm Komal Eid collection 3 pc suitRs. 9,490.00

Lsm Komal Eid Festive Pret 3 pc suitRs. 9,490.00

Lsm Komal Eid Pret 3 pc suitRs. 9,490.00

Lsm Lakhany Summer Collection 2024

Given below are the Eid Summer Dresses Prints 2024 with uniqueness and best color selection than anyone else does. Lsm summer collection 2024 has unstitched to ready to wear printed and embroidered dresses. the soft and natural colors are taken and embellished them with quality embroidered work. The best thing about this brand all the outfits have a normal price range. The Lsm summer collection also part of Eid festive due to the summer Eid arrivals. These summer dresses have dual benefits after the Eid festival can be casual worn. Here the latest Lakhany by Lsm eid summer designs with prices are given below.

Lsm Lakhany Lawn Collection 2024

Lakhany By LSM Lawn collection is so much famous in the mind of the modern woman and mediocre as well due to colourful attractive natural prints and normal price range. The reason is simple, unique prints and reasonable prices. Eid Lawn Collection 2024 by LSM Lakhany is the best than its competitors. In this Eid festive hello spring, shades of summer, and many more summer eid collections and printed and embroidered lawn dresses. All the lawn dresses collection is one of the best for this Eid. Eid and lawn collections both are specially designed to boost your outlook. All the Eid lawn collection is now available at Lsm outlets and the online store. Here the latest summer lawn and eid lawn dresses designs with prices are given below.

Lakhany Summer Sale 2024

This clothing brand almost has a normal price range. In spite of the low price range, this clothing brand also offers summer sale 2024 upto 50% off on different collections and on the entire stock including the summer lawn collection. Today Lakhany summer lawn sale 2024 is live now in stores and online.

Lakhany summer sale

Not only this brand but most of the other brands are part of Eid Dresses prints. If you want to explore more about the fashion industry of Pakistan, then follow our Facebook page. Eid Collection by LSM Lakhany is one of fewer brands that is providing cheaper clothes to the Fashion industry of Pakistan. Please comment below for virtual assistance.

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