New Sapphire Eid Collection 2023 With Price

Luxurious embellishment that elevates your Eid looks like never before. This Eid, Sapphire brings a wide range of unstitched to the stitched luxurious and gorgeous collections for your fashion statement. Enter the world of trendiest fashion in this Eid collection with a fashionable clothing brand. Sapphire, the most elegant and stylish Eid collection with the summer lawn 2023 will soon be launched. The Eid collection orders will be delivered before Eid, locally or internationally. This clothing brand is responsible to provide the best Eid service to its customers. The gorgeous Eid outfits are available now at Sapphire’s official stores and online. From men’s Eid collections to women’s and Girls’ to kids’ collections is encapsulated in many colourful prints and dynamic embroidered work.

Sapphire Eid Edition 2



Sapphire Eid collection brings delightful and pretty eastern and western outfits. In the Eastern Eid collection, this clothing brand has a wide range of unstitched and ready to wear summer lawn collections. The summer lawn outfits are beautified with digital prints, solid colour designs, and embroidered embellishments. Sapphire Eid outfits and its collection detail is given below with the price range.


Blue color Sapphire Eid lawn suit

3 Piece – Embroidered Jacquard Suit, price: Rs.7,490.00

Eid unstitched green lux suitEid Unstitched Blue 3 Piece, Rs9,990.00

Green color Sapphire 3 Pc suitEid Unstitched Green 3 Piece, Rs9,990.00

Orange color organza unstitched Sapphire Eid suit

3 Piece – Embroidered Khaddi Net Suit, Price: Rs.8,990.00

Rich yellow Sapphire eid dress

2 Piece – Embroidered Lawn Suit, price: Rs.5,490.00

Sapphire black organza eid dress in unstitched

2 Piece – Embroidered Organza Suit, price: Rs.6,990.00

Sapphire blue color raw silk eid dress in unstitched

3 Piece – Embroidered Raw Silk Suit, Price: Rs.9,990.00

Yellow color unstitched suit

3 Piece – Embroidered Jacquard Suit, Price: Rs.7,490.00

Zinc color 3 pc unstitched Eid dress design by Sapphire

3 Piece – Embroidered Chiffon Suit, Price: Rs.12,990.00


Sapphire brand is providing an outstanding and striking range of 100% pure fabric dresses Eid collection 2023, designed for men, women, and kids, in both unstitched and stitched categories. The latest styles and designs that trim your personality in any festivals or formal parties and events in western and eastern styles at affordable prices. This brand has a range of clothing from casual wear to formal wear in seasonal, occasional, and party wears.


Sapphire Latest Eid Collection 2023

The brand has the capability to provide the cheapest luxury dresses at all ranges of prices. This brand also has many colourful outfits in prints and embroidery work. This brand also works in shoes and home accessories. Due to customers’ demands, this brand has dozens of its outlets in all big cities of Pakistan. This brand in the field of dresses has the following Eid collections categories in a stitched and unstitched graceful design.

  • Eid Collection 2023
  • Eid Unstitched Collection
  • Eid Lawn Collection
  • Eid Summer Collection
  • Eid Ready To Wear Collection
  • Eid Kids Collection
  • Eid Men Collection
  • Eid Sale 2023

Sapphire Eid festive collection

Sapphire each Eid outfits category Eid will be discussed in detail. This clothing brand now on this Eid festive is providing the fully trendy and the latest collection.

Sapphire Eid Edition

Sapphire Eid collection

Unstitched Eid suit with price


Sapphire Eid suit with price

Sapphire Eid suit

Eid suit with price

Sapphire Eid Collection 2023

Sapphire Eid Ul Fitr collection 2023 is in stores now! If you are looking for the best dresses from the brand below is the complete detail about dresses and clothes stuff as well. Sapphire Eid stitched collection and unstitched collection is available in stores and online. As you know from the beginning of the month every brand is striving to Provide its outfits that are why now Sapphire Eid Collection 2023 is available.

Eid is the event for the Muslims when they dress well and meet there close as well. Yes, for the event everyone wants to dress well and wear the best outfit. Sapphire Cambric dresses are for both categories of women and men and have unique designs and styles.

unstitched embroidered lawn suit

green unstitched suit

If you want to buy anything for the Eid event with the latest dress collection as well go ahead to buy your desirable collection for the event. Sapphire Eid lawn Collection online is available on the brand website too. Sapphire Eid collection is ready to wear and unstitched in a vast range of variety in stores now for your Eid.

For the woman, there are complete dressing items are available in the store of Sapphire lawn Eid Collection with the price. Not only in Pakistan but Sapphire dresses are also available in International outlets. Below you can see the Festive Collection by Sapphire with the Price but if there is any problem please leave us a comment.

Eid is an event of celebration for Muslims who wants to wear from their favourite brand. Sapphire Lawn Unstitched Eid Collection is also available at your nearest stores and online as well. This is the only brand in Pakistan that is serving the same varieties of dresses as in many countries as well. The Eid Collection is not only available in ready-to-wear but unstitched dresses are also part of it. The brand’s best thing is that it celebrates the Festival but illustrates the colours of the nation as well.

The brand also offers sales at the beginning and at the end of any season. Also brand offer lawn and pret sales on the Eid collection by Sapphire as well. The dresses are designed by many famous designers in Pakistan and also working striving to make them more successful around the globe. If you want to buy outfits for this Eid summer then there is no alternative than sapphire because of the latest cultural designs. All outfits design that Sapphire has crafted are given below with prices.

 Check Latest Sale on:  Ethnic by Outfitters Eid Collection

Sapphire Women Eid Collection 2023

In the women’s Eid collection, Sapphire has elegant printed and embroidered dresses in western and eastern styles at a very low range of prices. All women’s collection is available in-stores and online. Sapphire Women Eid collection starts from 990 PKR. Enjoy this Eid festive with Sapphire and save your money due to low prices.


Sapphire women eid collection
Sapphire women eid beautiful collection

Sapphire women eid Latest collection

Peach embroidered dobby suit

embroidered lawn suit

Sapphire Unstitched Eid Collection 2023

Sapphire offers a diverse range of unstitched dresses in quality fabrics for all seasons and festivals including Eid and wedding ceremonies. In the unstitched Eid collection, sapphire has designed classic, pop, daily, and signature categories for women. This collection is very precious and luxurious but low on pocket. This brand knows the importance of your earning value and provides the best quality dresses within budgets. This unstitched collection is designed in all seasonal and festival fabrics like Law, Khaddar, Karandi, Cambric, Organza silk, net, chiffon, and so on. All unstitched dresses and categories are given in detail here. Now Eid’s unstitched lawn outfits are the very best for your Eid day.

Sapphire women Unstitched collection

Sapphire women Unstitched Latest collection

navy embroidered lawn suit

unstitched suit

unstitched embroidered suit

Sapphire Eid Lawn Collection 2023

Sapphire Eid Lawn collection is with an elegant touch of prints on suits along with sales are available for you. For women’s dresses, there is a wide range of several beautiful varieties as well. Enrich your wardrobe with printed and embroidered summer lawn dresses designed by Sapphire. The Sapphire lawn collection has three pieces, two pieces, and single shirts at normal prices. Through this lawn collection, you make your summer season so precious and cool. Let’s buy Eid’s unstitched women’s lawn collection which is available in stores and online and makes your feelings cool. In this season Sapphire offers the Capsule Lawn collection and Lawn Volume 2 collection. Both lawn collections have digital prints and embroidered dresses. Now it’s your choice, what colours and prints suit you this Eid.

Printed Lawn Purple Suit
Price: PKR 1,990.00
Color: Purple
Category: Unstitched 2 PC

Printed Lawn Suit

Price: PKR 2,990.00
Color:  Blue
Category: Unstitched 3 PC

Sapphire Eid Summer Collection 2023

The Sapphire Eid collection is based on printed and embroidered unstitched and ready to wear lawn outfits. This Eid summer Eid collection has soft stuff but vibrant colour prints. From casual to formal and signature collection is now in stores and online. Buy the Sapphire Eid summer outfits and make your lifestyle so gorgeous.

On hotter days when the temperature crosses 50 centigrade and becomes difficult to survive life. On these summer hot days soft and cool dresses become very essential to defeat the hot atmosphere. Sapphire has designed many soft dresses based on pure law and cotton in many styles. The natural and soft printed lawn dresses make your life easy in this winter season. Sapphire summer collection is the best option to spend an easy casual and formal life. In the summer collection, Sapphire has designed all kinds of casual and formal dresses range.

Sappheir Summer Collection

Sappheir Summer New Collection

Sappheir Summer Latest Collection

Sappheir Summer New Collection

Sappheir Summer women Collection

Sappheir Summer women western Collection

Sappheir Summer men Collection

Sapphire Women Western Wear Collection 2023

Sapphire Eid western wear is specially designed for modern girls and women. These versatile dresses provide deep comfort in your casual life. This collection has all the same as your wishes and dreams in modernity. The stylish designs in many colours from activewear to tights and blazers are all available in stores. In western categories, women can buy the following outfits.

sapphire Western collection

  • Active Wears
  • Jeans
  • Tops & T-Shirts
  • Pants
  • Scarves
  • Tights
  • sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Sweatshirts

sapphire Western wear collection

sapphire Western New collection

Embroidered Cotton Blouse
Price: PKR 3,990.00
Color: White\Black

Flowy Cotton Top
Price: PKR 3,990.00
Color: Black

Cotton Top
Price: PKR 3,490.00
Color: Beige

Sapphire Ready To Wear Pret Eid Collection 2023

Update and refresh your wardrobe with Sapphire ready to wear seasonal, trendy, and chic Eid outfits. The range of Sapphire ready to wear Eid dresses starts from printed casual dresses to luxury embroidered dresses. In a very short time interval, you make your formal events or functions more gorgeous through Sapphire’s ready to wear collection. This ready-to-wear and pret collection has Kurtis to Three pieces for festivals and family events. Quality fabrics and quality works are keys to sapphire brand success.

Sapphire Eid Ready to Wear latest Collection.

Sapphire Luxury Pret Eid Collection

  • Embroidered
  • Semi-Formal
  • Silk Tunic
  • Printed
  • Solid Colored

Sapphire Eid Ready to Wear Collection

Eid Ready To Wear Collection

Embroidered Lawn Suit

Price: PKR 6,990.00
Color: Sage Grey

Embroidered Lawn Shirt

Price: PKR 4,490.00
Color: Sea Green

Embroidered Zari Lawn Shirt
Price: PKR4,990.00
Color: Blue

Embroidered Cotton Suit

Price: PKR 11,990.00
Color: Maroon

Sapphire Silk Collection 2023

Sapphire Eid silk collection is manufactured with quality silk. These trendy and modern silk Eid dresses are embellished with prints and embroidered work in attractive colours. Its silk collection definitely will glance at your outlook on functions and family get-togethers. Although the silk collection is not for summer it can wear in mid-season or during any events like Eid and Festive. Below are several pictures from the Silk collection by Sapphire with beautiful prints on them that enhance the beauty of the dresses. Also, check out several other dresses as well from The Official site of the brand. One thing that I need to tell foreigners is that the same collection is also available in internal outlets as well.

Sappheir Women Silk Collection

Embroidered Silk Shirt
Price: PKR 8,490.00
Color: Pink
Suit: Line Shirt

Embroidered Silk blue Shirt
Price: PKR 7,990.00
Color: Blue
Suit: Shirt

Embroidered Raw Silk Culottes
Price: PKR 4,490.00
Color: Off White
Suit: Trouser

Sapphire Kids Eid Collection 2023

In kid’s Eid dresses, this brand has varieties of stitched eastern and western outfits from kurtas to pants in many colourful designs and styles. Sapphire has many of the latest and most attractive outfits for both girls and boys. Her kids girls’ and kids’ boy’s collections are available in stores and online at very affordable prices.

Sapphire Kids Collection

Sapphire Girls Eastern Collection

Embroidered Dress
Price: PKR 2,990.00

Sapphire Girls Eastern Collection

Embroidered Net Suit
Price: PKR 6,390.00


Sapphire boys Western Collection

Sapphire boys Western Collection

Denim Shorts
Price: PKR 1,690.00

Sapphire boys Eastern Collection

Rib Stop Lawn Kurta
Price: PKR 1,890.00

Embroidered Cambric Waistcoat
Price: PKR 3,090.00

In this eid collection, boys can get pure ethnic and cultural outfits on Sapphire outlets and online. The number of colourful Kurtas and shalwar kameez with waistcoats are designed to fill the new colours on eid day.

Sapphire Men’s Eid Collection 2023

Sapphire offers classic outfits of desires in Western and Eastern outfits. The men’s dresses are designed for all festivals, formal, and casual ranges. This brand works in the main two categories of men’s collections given below. In men’s eastern and Western collections both categories are ready to wear from means stitched. If you want to make your life stylish Sapphire men’s Eid collection is very essential for your wardrobe.

sapphire Men collection


Embroidered Dobby Suit
Price: PKR 5,490.00
Color: Sega Green
Suit: Kurta Shalwar

Schiffli Embroidered Kurta

Price: PKR 4,990.00
Color: Navy Blue
Suit: Kurta

Tropical Waistcoat

Price: PKR 5,990.00
Color: Cream
Suit: Waist Coat

For good looking and trim appearance men’s eastern collection is very best. In this eastern collection, shalwar kameez, Kurtas, and Waistcoats are ideal for formal and festival grace.

Sapphire Eid Sale 2023

Sapphire is a big clothing brand and its fame is due to the latest and trendy outfits for the whole family. This clothing brand always offers new designs outfits for every season and Eid festive. This brand also facilitates its customers with sale offers. On this Eid, Sapphire is also bringing a big surprise in the form of sale offers. Be ready and just wait for this big offer. Sapphire Eid sale is being launched very soon. The expected date of this Sapphire Eid sale is 9th April 2023. here some designs of previous collections are given. Soon we will replace it as the new Eid sale offer is launched.

Embroidered Dobby Suit
Price: PKR 5,590.00

Cotton Mélange Kurta

Price: PKR 3,290.00
Color: Purple
Suit: Kurta


This is all about Sapphire summer sale collection and Eid sale collection 2023 if you are looking for something else, please comment below with your feedback also join our Facebook page as well. The whole category of Seasonal and festive Dresses Collection is exclusively available on Roy Collections Facebook Page as well.

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