New Chinyere Eid Collection 2023 With Price

After the Chinyere summer collection, now Pakistani Eid outfits are ready with full intensity in many latest designs. Eid is in summer that’s why most of the dresses are summer Lawn and Chiffon and in light colours as well. If you are looking for Eid Collection by Chinyere then it is officially launched at online and country outlet stores as well.

Let’s move precisely to Chinyere Eid Collection. I have collected several designs from Catalogue taken from the official website. The dresses are beautifully designed by famous designers and the collection is available at affordable prices as well. Yes, Chinyere Eid Dresses is available online customers can place an order on the website.

Chinyere Eid collection black color Eid suit

Chinyere Eid collection 2023 with summer lawn outfits is launched. This Eid collection has outstanding casual and formal outfits in digital prints and embroidered work. This clothing brand deals in pure Ethnic outfits and boosts our cultural and traditional ethics. Chinyere Eid collection also is based on Dayar e Ishq (دیار عشق) summer lawn collection that has high-quality formal dresses. While Tone Tangled Prints’ summer lawn casual collection is also part of this Eid collection. This printed summer collection also has dynamical prints, floral prints, and geometric prints in a unique style. The purpose is simple, just boost the outlook on Eid summer days. All Eid outfits have been showcased at outlets and online stores. Chinyere Eid online shopping is just one click away.

Chinyere offers a complete range of cultural and fashionable in casual and formal outfits with outstanding designs and colour combinations. It has a large number of winter and summer dresses collection. This brand is very famous due to the embellishment of cultural embroidered work. All dress designs are crafted with quality work and great attention according to the latest fashion design.

As you know, that customer always moves to the place where he/she can find something new than others. No doubt there are other big names in Pakistan for outfits, but this is the one that introduces itself as a cultural outfit in recent years. The good thing about the brand is that it is providing all-new outfits at affordable prices within the clothes.

Chinyere Eid collection blue color Eid suit

If you have no idea about the brand let me tell you that Chinyere is working in Pakistan for recent years. The good thing about the brand is that it brings uniqueness to the clothes so that customers can get all-new outfits for occasions or casuals.

Chinyere Eid collection blue color formal Eid suit

Chinyere Eid collection golden color Eid suit

Chinyere Eid collection red color Eid suit

Chinyere Eid collection for Fashionable Women's

Not only Chinyere Eid ul Fitr outfits Collection all other accessories are also available on the official website. The delivery will take 3-4 days within Pakistan.  Buy the best from the collection as you know stock for Eid is always limited.

Chinyere Dayare Ishiq black color Eid summer outfits

Chinyere Dayare Ishiq black color Eid summer tops

Chinyere Dayare Ishiq peach color Eid summer outfits

Chinyere Dayare Ishiq summer Eid outfits

Ikat Pattern multi printed and embroidered lawn shirt beautifully neckline of the shirt is embellished price in PKR: 3,080.00.

Baroque Chantley black color embroidered self jacquard shirt beautifully front of the shirt is embellished price in PKR: 3,668.00.

Gulistan off white colour embroidered self jacquard shirt beautifully neckline of the shirt is embellished price in PKR: 3,368.00.

Gul Faroz brown colour embroidered lawn shirt beautifully neckline and front of the shirt are embellished price in PKR: 4,125.00.

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Chinyere Eid Lawn Collection 2023 With Price

Chinyere brings a Tone Tangled prints Eid lawn collection 2023. This lawn collection has graceful digital prints on lawn fabrics. You can buy a wide range of versatile printed shirts tops, and suits for this Eid gala. The below-given clothes are lawn made with beautiful prints and embroidery work. You can get most of the dresses at very low prices. You know it is about marketing if you want to beat your competitors then always provide the best then any other same strategy is followed by Chinyere. Chinyere Zarfishaan and Tone Tangled collections are specially designed for lawn outfits for the hot summer season.

Chinyere Tone Tngled Eid lawn collection

I have found some designs that are exclusively for the Lawn Collection 2023 by Chinyere. The dress colours are dark, but light embroidery work always attracts customers.

Chinyere Tone Tangled blue color Eid lawn shirt

Chinyere Tone Tangled maroon color Eid lawn shirt

Lawn collection black printed shirtBlack color printed lawn shirt price 2940 in PKR.

Lawn collection grey color embroidered cotton jacquard suiteBlack color embroidered jacquard suite price 4893 in PKR.

Lawn collection grey color printed shirtGrey color printed lawn shirt price 2065 in PKR.

Lawn collection off white color printed and embroidered shirtOff-white colour embroidered lawn shirt price 3150 in PKR.

Chinyere Eid Summer Collection 2023

Chinyere Eid summer collection is lawn-based dresses that are fully decorated with beautiful works and digital prints. This Eid summer collection brings a very elegant collection ” Dayar E Ishq”. Dayar e Ishq is based on casual and formal printed and embroidered shirts, tops, and suits.

Chinyere Dayare Ishiq summer Eid collection

In the summer season mostly women like light and soft dresses with elegant designs. In the days of hot summer, it’s too difficult to wear dark colours and rich embroidery work. Chinyere’s summer collection has a number of lawn, cotton, and net dresses with charming and graceful attractive work. The latest Eid summer collection designed by Chinyere is best for all events and festivals. Many beautiful designs of the summer collection with prices are given below.

Summer collection beige embroidery and self print cottot jacquard shirtBeige and off-white handmade work with multi-color threads cotton jacquard shirt price 3850 in PKR.

Summer collection garden brown embroidery suiteGarden brown embroidered Khaddi net suit price 10200 in PKR.

Summer collection garden off embroidery lawn karandi suitOff white lawn, Karandi  Embroidered suit price 3375 in PKR.

Summer collection blue embroidery cotton shirtBlue color embroidered cotton shirt price 2490 in PKR.

Before the Chinyere lawn summer collection, the most favourite outfits collection spring-summer has launched and has the best Eid & festival dresses. In the spring season, mostly events and wedding ceremonies accrue and every woman wants to smart dress up. Chinary spring-summer collection has the latest new fashion dress collection for all events and wedding ceremonies. This collection is based on chiffon, cambric, and organza embroidered fabrics in charming colours.

There are a few brands in Pakistan whose Embroidery work is hand made Chinyere is one of them. I personally love the stuff of clothes good thing is that dresses can wear in spring and summer as well. If you want to know Chinyere Eid spring-summer collection with Prices, many beautiful designs of Chinyere spring-summer outfits with prices are given below for your information.

Spring summer collection pink multi color shirtChic multi pink printed lawn shirt price 2450 in PKR.

Spring summer collection persia multi color shirtPersia multi blue color printed and embroidered shirt price 1675 in PKR.

Spring summer collection chic multi color shirtMagnolia printed lawn shirt price 1820 in PKR.

Chinyere Eid Unstitched Collection 2023

Chinyere’s unstitched Eid dresses collection has all formats of dresses including, spring-summer, summer, and Eid festivals. The lawn dresses are designed for the summer season with pretty and attractive work. In the festival collection chiffon, cambric, and organza dresses are crafted in the unstitched collection. Similarly, the winter collection is filled with Khaddi, Khaddar, and slub khaddar dresses in appealing and pleasing designs. Different styles and designs of an unstitched collection with prices are mentioned below.

Orange color handmade embellished suitOrange color lawn shirt embellished with mirror and thread work price 3850 in PKR.

Unstitched collection black color jacquard suiteSada bahar black color jacquard cotton suit embellished with Tilla work price 4893 in PKR.

Unstitched collection gery color lawn printed shirtGrey color lawn printed shirt price 2450 in PKR.

Unstitched collection grey color self printed jacquard suiteGold and grey combination suit embellished with thread work neckline price 3325 in PKR.

Chinyere Eid Laleen Collection 2023

Chinyere Unstitched collection is designed for the summer season and festival. All dresses are lawn, jacquard, chiffon, and cambric base. Chinyere beautifies these dresses in their own styles and makes a new touch in the world of fashion. All styles and designs with prices are given below in detail.

Laleen collection brown color lawn printed 2 piece suiteBeige printed lawn shirt with chiffon printed dupatta price 3675 in PKR.

Laleen collection pink color lawn printed 2 piece suitePink printed lawn shirt with chiffon printed dupatta price 4165 in PKR.

Laleen collection purple color lawn printed 2 piece suitePurple printed lawn shirt with printed sharara price 6265 in PKR.

Laleen collection yellow color lawn printed 2 piece suiteYellow printed lawn shirt with chiffon printed dupatta price 3850 in PKR.

Chinyere Eid Zamurd e Khas Collection 2023

The luxury unstitched Eid collection is specially designed for formal events and parties. These dresses are beautified with embellished work. Zamurde khas dresses are crafted with Tilla and thread work with elegant design. The impact of these luxury dresses illuminates your personality in all functions. Graceful dresses always create a positive impact on personality. The following designs and collections are the same as today’s women’s demand at normal prices. In the latest unstitched collection organza, Khaadi, and chiffon dresses are crafted with different styles and designs relevant to our cultural styles and traditions.

Zamurde khas blue color chiffon 3 pieces suiteBlue color chiffon luxury suit crafted with 3d designing price 24800 in PKR.

Zamurde khas off white color katan organza shirtOff-white cotton organza shirt priced at 5438 in PKR. White colour Khaadi net 2 piece suite price 9593 in PKR.

Chinyere Eid Formal Collection 2023

Chinyere Eid’s formal collection is very luxurious and best for all indoor and outdoor events and occasions. In formal dresses chiffon, raw silk, cambric, and organza fabric are crafted with beautiful and appealing handmade work. The formal collection has the ability to full fill women’s lets fashion and make them prominent in all functions. The speciality of the dresses is that they can use at the festival and on any other occasion as well. Chinyere formal dresses’ latest designs with prices are given below.

Formal collection maroon color khaddi net suitFormal dress price is 13900 in PKR. The formal dress price is 14900 PKR.

Chinyere Eid Casual Collection 2023

In a casual Eid collection, all colour combinations and designs are available. In this collection embroidered and printed outfits of quality fabrics including slub khaddar and jacquard are designed. The casual dresses on the lawn also have prominent digital prints. Different designs of casual dresses with prices are given below

casual collection ferozi color slub khadar shirt Rs: 6200

Chinyere New Arrival 2023

Chinyere continuously launches new designs of dresses according to the latest fashion relevant to the festive and season. Before starting the season Chinyere outfits collection always had launched with elegant designs. Now Eid new arrivals by Chinyere have launched. Eid new arrivals have an Eid summer lawn collections along with casual and formal summer lawn dresses in 2023. Here all new arrivals Eid outfits with trendy designs are given below.

New arrival printed cambric shirtVirdi cambric printed shirt price 6,800 in PKR.
New arrival slub khaddar printed shirtTribal Era shirt price 2,900 in PKR. New arrival velvet embroidery suitGhazal shirt price 23,500 in PKR.

La Rosa price 9900 in PKR.

Egyptian Tile price 3713 in PKR.

Ikat Bloom’s price is 1,800 PKR.

Chinyere Eid Sale 2023

Chinyere summer sale 2023 with the price on the entire summer collection is launched today. Chinyere summer sale 2023 upto 50% off is started from 7th August onward. This clothing brand deals in luxury ready-to-wear outfits for all seasons and offers bid sale offers on the entire stock. Now the summer season is going to its ending point and the summer sale is now in stores and online. Chinyere online sale brings luxury prints, prints, casual, and formal outfits in one-piece, two-piece, and suits. This summer sale is also applicable to bottoms collections and accessories.

Now the time is reached to grab your favourite summer outfits at the sale price. So visit the nearest outlets or online and get what you want.

Chinyere summer sale

The good news is that the brand is announcing the sale for their customers most of the dresses are 50% off. Like me, most of the customers are waiting for the sale of clothes. So, this is the breaking news lol that Chinyere is offering the exclusive sale of summer stock go ahead to buy your favourite outfits. The below designs are exclusively from Chinyere Sale 2023. I know that these are not enough, but you can get others from the official website.

Chinyere sale Today: Summer Sale 2023.

Sale Starting Date: 7th August 2023.

Sale Ending Time: Till all the new arrivals.

Sale Collection: Ladies’ summer collection and accessories. 

Sale Status: Up to 50% off on entire summer stocks.

Chinyere summer sale collection

Chinyere summer sale embroidery collection

Chinyere summer sale ready to wear

Chinyere summer sale unstitched collection

Chinyere summer sale unstitched dresses

Chinyere summer online sale

All the above information we have taken from Chinyere’s official website just for public knowledge some errors may occur in a brand article prices. Please follow our Facebook Page for more information and the latest fashion news.

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