Kayseria Eid Collection 2022 On Sale Price

Kayseria Eid collection 2022 along with the summer lawn collection is launched. Maybe you are looking for the Kayseria Eid collection 2022, but along with that, I will share some other stuff of clothes as well. Most of the customers question the outfit’s quality and some other things as well. The Dresses are made under the supervision of famous designers so there is no doubt about the stuff and quality of the clothes. The Eid Collection 2022 by Kayseria is filled up with multiple colours of dresses come along with. This clothing brand offers a very luxurious Eid collection for its customers. On the special occasion of festive, you can buy luxury unstitched to luxury pret collection in summer lawn stuff.

On the Occasion of Eid, Festive Eid Collection is the best to wear with simplicity, and beautiful embroidery work always attracts. In the Pret Dresses Collection, most of Kayseria Dresses are Prints that girls love to wear as well. Yes, along with Summer Collection below you will see Eid Collection by Kayseria as well.

Kayseria Eid outfits

Kayseria Latest Eid Dresses Collection 2022

On this special occasion of Eid festive Kayseria has the following latest collection. On this Eid, these stuff and designs will boost your lifestyle

  • New Eid Collection 2022
  • Unstitched Summer Collection 2022
  • Ready To Wear Summer Collection 2022
  • Luxury Unstitched Summer Collection 2022
  • Luxury Pret Summer Collection 2022
  • Ladli Summer Collection 2022

That is all in which Kayseria is specialized to meet its customer’s needs. In Kayseria Summer Collection 2022 all of the stuff is available at Kayseria Online. Yes, the brand is serving international clothes and providing services as well. Many times the brand takes the award for the best clothes as well in Fashion week.

Kayseria Eid collection

The brand has made its motive to satisfy with some traditional stuff along with some modern touch in the stuff. Kayseria Pret Collection is the best for young age girls to wear at an affordable price. The Dresses are Embroidered, and some of them are prints as well.

Kayseria Eid Collection 2022

Let me tell you about Kayseria Eid Collection which will help you to wear your favourite stuff at the festival. The Eid Dresses Collection contains lawn Stuff that is the main focus of the brand to serve with glamour. The Dresses are embroidered and are also available at Kayseria Website and outlets So that customers can get easy access to their favourite outfits.

Kayseria brings 53 items for this Eid festive collection that are highly embellished with prints and embroidered work.  In this Eid collection, Kayseria focuses on an unstitched and ready to wear collection. In the unstitched Eid collection, Kayseria has different elegant combinations of Printed dresses, Printed & embroidered dresses, printed & embellished, Dayed & embroidered, and Block printed. Kayseria’s ready to wear collection also has luxurious outfits that are also highly embellished for a new look. Have a look on these new designs.

Below given pictures are from Kayseria Eid-Ul-Fitr  Collection 2022. I have personally loved the colours of dresses that are available there all are light, but some of them are sharp too that really attracts.  If you want to buy online, please follow Kayseria Online or leave a comment below so we can get it for you.

Kayseria new Eid collection

From below given dresses, there is a mixture of dresses such as Chiffon, Lawn, and some pret stuff as well for the Festive Eid Collection. This is the complete collection of new dresses that you want to know which is also available on Facebook as well. Here the latest Eid designs of Kayseria are given below with prices.

Kayseria Eid dresses

Kayseria Eid collection printed unstitched outfits Kayseria printed 2 Pc and 3 Pc Eid dresses Kayseria printed and embroidered Eid dresses

Dyed and embroidered Kayseria dresses Kayseria block printed eid outfits Pink color printed and embroidered eid dress printed and embellished Kayseria eid dresses


Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Lawn Karandi
Color:  Beige
Price: PKR 4,990

Kayseria Chandani Embroidered & Embellished Grey Suit

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 3 Piece Suit
Fabric: Silk Net
Color:  Beige
Price: PKR 14,990


Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Khaadi Net
Color:  Golden
Price: PKR 9,990

Kayseria Dyed, Embellished, Embroidered Lilac Suit

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Zari Slub
Color:  Lilac
Price: PKR 15,990

Kayseria Dyed, Ember & Embellished Light Green Shirt

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 1 Piece 
Fabric: New Lawn
Color:  Light Green Shirt
Price: PKR 4,690

Kayseria Dyed, Ember & Embellished Pink Shirt

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 1 Piece 
Fabric: Wider Width Cotton Lawn Shirt
Color:  Pink
Price: PKR 4,990

Kayseria Dyed, Ember & Embellished White & Pink Suit

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 1 Piece Suit
Fabric: New Lawn
Color:  White & Pink
Price: PKR 4,290 

Kayseria Eid Pret Collection 2022

Yes, for the modern woman Pret Dresses Collection is the most necessary outfit to wear either for the formal occasion or for party wear. That’s why I have shown below Kayseria Pret Collection 2022. The dresses are beautiful and available at affordable prices as well. The prices are as low as below 5000 Pak rupees.

Kayseria latest luxury Eid collection

Luxury Eid dresses by Kayseria

Kayseria luxury Embroidery Eid outfits Kayseria ready to wear Eid dresses


Category: Pret
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Lawn Karandi
Color:  Light Yellow
Price: PKR 5,990


Category: pret
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Cotton Silk
Color: Rust
Price: PKR 6,190

Kayseria Soft Notes Dyed & Embroidered Poly Net Dupatta With Scallops Off White Printed Suit

Category: Pret
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Poly Net
Color: Off White
Price: PKR 3,690

Kayseria Eid Unstitched Collection 2022

On this Kayseria Eid Ul Fitr Collection, a variety of unstitched Eid summer collections and unstitched Eid luxury summer collection 2022. In both categories printed and embroidered lawn dresses with different dupattas are designed. All the unstitched collection is available at outlets and online. All the latest designs with prices are given below.

Kayseria Pink Dyed, Ember & Embelished Suit

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Poly Net
Color:  Pink
Price: PKR 14,990

Kayseria Dyed, Ember & Embellished Black Suit

Category: Unstitched
Pieces: 2 Piece Suit
Fabric: Hexa Poly Net
Color:  Black
Price: PKR 15,490

Kayseria Eid Ready to Wear Collection 2022

Kayseria Eid Collection 2022 also brings women ready to wear pret dresses. In ready to wear collection, you can buy casual and luxury outfits. On this Eid, the Kayseria pret collection is very superb and stylish for women. Here some Kayseria Eid pret outfits with prices are given below.

Kayseria eid sale on ready to wear collection

Kayseria Eid collection on women dresses

Kayseria luxury pret eid collection

Kayseria Summer Collection 2022

Kayseria Eid summer collection 2022 is launched and has a number of many attractive and stylish summer lawn outfits. If you dress up luxury or simple summer dresses on this Eid, both collection has elegant designs outfits.

Kayseria eid sale on master's collection

As you know, Summer has come, and everyone is seeking for dresses to wear in Summer. The Summer Collection 2022 is already launched now below given pictures are from Kayseria Summer Collection. Most of the dresses are lawn made and embroidered as well.

Kayseria White Color Dyed & Embroidered Hexa Poly Net Dupatta

Category: stitched
Pieces: 1 Piece Dupatta
Fabric: Hexa Poly Net
Color: White
Price: PKR 4,990

Kayseria Tribal War Black Printed And Embellished Shirt

Category: stitched
Pieces: 1 Piece Suit
Fabric: Wider Width Cotton Lawn New
Color: Black
Price: PKR 3,990

Kayseria Lawn Collection 2022

Kayseria Eid’s lawn collection is filled with the colours of life. Luxury printed and embroidered unstitched and ready to wear pret lawn dresses and shirts have vibrant colours. This Eid lawn collection has printed and dyed lawn suits and is printed and embroidered in natural colours.

Kayseria Eid lawn collection

Kayseria Eid lawn collection also has very luxurious lawn outfits. This Eid collection is made very beautiful with organza, silk, and chiffon printed dupattas. Some lawn dresses have printed and embroidered shirts with cambric trousers paired with printed chiffon dupattas. Here Eid lawn dresses designs with prices are given below.

Kayseria Eid lawn outfitPKR 4390 Kayseria grey color Eid lawn outfitPKR 4950 Kayseria white color Eid lawn outfitPKR 3190 Kayseria yellow color Eid lawn outfitPKR 1590

Kayseria Kids Eid Collection 2022

Kayseria brings a wide range of girls outfits. This kids collection is designed with the name of Kayseria Ladli collection for this Eid. Ladli girls collection is specially embellished with colorful patches and embroidered work. Here some Kayseria girls eid dresses are given below.

Kayseria eid sale on kids collection

Kayseria kids Eid collection Kayseria Ladli Eid collection for kids

Kayseria kids Eid collection Kayseria Ladli Eid collection

Kayseria Eid Sale 2022

Kayseria Eid sale 2022 offers a big discount to its customers. A massive discount offer upto 50% off is applicable on all Eid summer and Eid pret lawn outfits. It’s time to make your last moment so pleasurable. Visit and buy the Kayseria Eid sale outfits and save 50% off on summer lawn outfits.

Kayseria Eid sale collection

I think that is not enough to full fill the needs of the customer, please follow our Facebook page for further updates. If you want to know further, please stay with Roy Collections for the Latest pictures about Eid Dresses 2022. Leave a comment below and give your precious feedback as well.

On Kayseria now the brand is providing a Ramadhan offer as well which means you can get up to 10 % off on new stock.  For on-time delivery place your order at Kayseria Online which can deliver within 3-5 working days within Pakistan.

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