What is Mayun Function In Pakistan? – Roy Collections

What is Mayun Function In Pakistan? – Roy Collections

Mayun or Upton is a traditional ceremony in a Pakistani cultural wedding. This ceremony is celebrated at the bride’s house. Due to the richness of Pakistani culture, the wedding ceremonies are started many days before the actual fixed date. Before starting the wedding ceremonies, the friends and close relatives are getting to gather in the houses of grooms and brides to celebrate them with dance and singing. Mostly in the evening time, the relative’s women and girls including neighbour’s start the function with dance and singing till late at night.

The Mayun function held fifteen or twenty days before the wedding fix date. On this function, the groom’s family with relatives and friends come to the bride’s home. The groom’s family brings the yellow dress, yellow Khusa, and yellow Paranda for brides. The brides are prepared with this yellow dress and the whole family celebrates her with cultural and local songs.

Pakistani wedding dresses play an important role in this function because the bride wears a full yellow colour suits according to tradition. During this beautiful ceremonial function, the bride’s friends and groom’s sisters apply the Upton on the face and the hand of the bride with care and love which brings the groom’s mother for the bride. The flower jewellery including flower bangles also tied to the bride’s arms for more attraction.

The old women of the families pray for future success and love. At this function brides family also gift the bangles to bride friends and grooms sisters. Some rich families give clothes including bangles to bride friends and grooms sisters also.

This function is the start of the wedding ceremony on both sides. The bride tries to wear this yellow dress to the Mehndi function. After the Mayoon function, bridies are not permitted to go out of the houses. The groom and brides try not to see each other ofter this Mayoon function. But in modern families, these restrictions are not permissible.

In the end, this beautiful function is only part of Eastern culture, especially in Pakistan. This traditional and cultural wedding starts with great love and care. Definitely, you have seen in this post, how our culture give respect and care to bride.

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