New Elan Eid Collection 2021 With Price On Sale Live Now

On this Eid & Festive, Elan Eid collection 2021 has filled your dreams. What’s your mind about the trendiest outfits and the latest fashion all is encapsulated in Elan Eid collection. If you like luxury lawn stuff or summer soft outfits all are available at Elan outlets and online now. The most elegant and modish styles printed and embroidered unstitched and ready to wear pret collection is crafted in fine quality texture. All Elan Eid outfits are designed under the supervision of Elan herself and provided the masterpieces of pure elegance. Here you can buy luxury silk, chiffon, organza, cambric, lawn, and many more high-quality texture outfits. Elan Eid collection with the sale offers is now available at outlets and online.

Elan Eid collection

In a very short span of time, the success of ‘Elan Label” is due to Khadija Shah. Creativity, innovation, and hardworking in her passion has made this brand remarkable in the fashion industry. Elan brand has all the latest features that today the fashion industry demanded from unstitched dresses to luxury pret including bridal dresses. Elan dresses are filled with all cultural and modern fashion needs. This brand has become very famous in the fashion industry and has a number of outlets and stores all over Pakistan.ELAN Online Eid collection

Besides Pakistani outlets, this brand also has an E-commerce store for online shopping abroad living customers. Now in these days, this brand is providing the latest fashionable, trendy fusion line of casual to bridal wear including luxury dresses for women. Here we will describe all categories of this brand that has launched.

Elan Eid Collection 2021

Eid festive brings big happiness for families women, girls, and kids. On eid festive, each family member especially women, girls, and kids are excited about their dresses and shoes. Each one tries to wear luxury, bright, and dazzling dresses for this big day. On this Eid, Elan clothing brand bring a lot of luxury and precious variety of dresses that make your Eid day so dressy and precious. In this Eid collection, Elan chiffon, silk, and lawn printed and embroidered dresses are available in stores and outlets. The latest eid collection also at online stores for online shopping.

Those customers who always like to wear Elan below are the best Eid collection by the brand with its whole new variety of dresses. Elan is basically a brand that is providing its clothes with the motive of best stuff among its competitors. I know the brand has prevailed the best luxury outfits selection in Pakistan and the prices of the clothes are varied with its collection of dresses. There are several clothing brands that are competitors of  Elan such as HSY and Zunuj and each of the brands is trying to provide the latest and the best on this Eid Festive. You know what Elan Eid Collection is totally based on lawn and luxury dresses. No one can regret the prints and the dress quality of Elan.

Elan Lawn catalogues are available at the brand website and our Facebook as well. Because it is for the upper class and brand conscious people that is the reason the prices are too high.

Elan Eid collection

Now the main thing that I am presenting to you is the Eid Collection by Elan that is come with the huge collection of Lawn and embroidery dresses. Yes, Elan Modern Lawn Collection will also bee the part of Eid outfits. The Lawn collection is actually for modern girls in an eastern traditional way of dresses. The whole range of dresses is also available at Elan Online.

ELAN Summer collection Online

These are some exclusive dresses from Eid Collection by Elan that are embroidered and some of them are prints as well. Actually, Elan has the basic motive to provide the best prints in the fashion industry of Pakistan. The best brand and the best choice is shown below that is available now, Select your choice among them. Eid Dresses Collection is best and there is no alternative then Elan Dresses.

Elan Eid collection dust beige color unstitched suitElan Eid’s dress has the following detail. Category: Unstitched. Pieces: 3 PC. color: dusty Beige. Fabrics: Organza, Pure Grip silk, and satin. Embroidered work: Fully embroidered shirt and dupatta with the latest designs. Trousers:  Black Dyed raw silk trouser. Price in PKR: 10,394.Elan Eid collection feroze color unstitched suit Elan Eid’s dress has the following detail. Category: Unstitched. Pieces: 2 PC. color: Feroze. Fabrics: Chiffon, Embroidered work: Fully embroidered shirt and dupatta with the latest designs. Style: Peacock. Price in PKR: 16,250. Elan Eid collection pale yellow pret suitElan’s precious Eid suit has the following detail. Pale yellow color embroidered front open jacket with shawl style collar layered over with raw silk inner and rousers. The price of this luxury pret suit in PKR: 61,750. Elan Eid collection silver color pret suitElan’s precious Eid suit has the following detail. Silver color embroidered front open jacket with shawl style collar paired with raw silk inner and rousers. The price of this luxury pret suit in PKR: 61,750.

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Elan Eid Lawn Collection 2021

How is possible for women to keep their wardrobe empty in the summer without Elan Eid Lawn collection. Elan lawn dresses become essentials for women in the hot summer season. Elan Eid lawn collection is the masterpiece of artisan work. All lawn dresses are printed and embroidered with the latest designing and tody trends. Elan brand lovers women know the quality of this lawn collection.

Elan Lawn collection

Lawn collection provides a cool sensation with the latest fashion because of Elan now compromise on your styles. Here the latest lawn dresses with different combinations in prints and embroidered work for casual wear and formal wear are given below with prices. The price range is very normal and affordable for each.Elan Lawn collection blue color printed lawn suit Collection: Lawn. Color: Blue. Rs: 7,490 Elan Lawn collection natural color printed lawn suitCollection: Lawn. Color: Natural. Rs: 7,490 Elan Lawn collection pink color printed lawn suitCollection: Lawn. Color: Pink. Rs: 7,890

Elan Eid Summer Collection 2021

Elan Eid summer collection is very attractive and famous in Pakistan. The soft lawn and cotton dresses are designed for those hot summer days. due to the latest design and styles, the demands are increasing all over the world.

Elan summer collection

This brand has designed all the features in the summer collection that women’s demands. Here the latest digitally printed and embroidered designs and images in different soft colors are given so that you have taken an idea.

Elan summer collection light blue lawn suit Collection: Summer Lawn. Color: a light blue. Rs: 7,490 Elan summer collection light blue lawn suitCollection: Summer Lawn. Color: purple. Rs: 7,490

Elan Eid Unstitched Collection 2021

Elan unstitched collection covers all seasonal dresses including lawn, summer, spring-summer, and festive. In Elan unstitched collection, sophisticated and luxury dresses are designed with quality fabrics like lawn, silk, chiffon, Khaddar, Linen, Karandi, andy many more.

Elan ready to wear collection

Elan summer collection royal blue lawn suitCollection: Summer Lawn. Color: Royal blue. Rs: 7,890

Elan Eid Chiffon Collection 2021

Elan Tresor’s unstitched dresses are based on chiffon fabrics dresses. Elan Eid chiffon collection is very luxurious and stylish in an unstitched category. The unstitched chiffon dresses are highly embellished with Tilla and thread works to makes these formal. In parties and events, mostly women demand stylish and luxury dresses in chiffon fabrics. This chiffon dresses will full fill all your dreams and wishes.

Elan chiffon collection

Each sector of chiffon dresses is made with the latest designs. The embroidered work on dupattas, shirts, and trousers make this collection luxury. Sparkling designs will illuminate your outlook in any formals events. If you want to make your presence in any function more dashing so buy Elan chiffon collection. This collection has all in it as you want relevant to the latest and trendy fashion.

Elan chiffon collection gossamer ivory color suitElan chiffon collection has the following info. Category: unstitched. color: Gossamer Ivory. Pieces: 3PC. Shirt: Poly Net. Dupatta: Pure organza. Trouser: Dyed Raw silk. Embroidered work: Front, back, sleeves, and dupatta are fully embroidered. Price in PKR: 18,100.

Elan Eid Luxury Collection 2021

Elan Tissue De Luxe’s unstitched Eid collection is designed for the summer formals to use in events and functions. Thes chiffon and organza base dresses are highly prettified with thread work and Tilla work.

Elan luxury colllection

Elan Eid Silk Collection 2021

Elan digitally printed and embroidered Eid Silk dresses will enhance your beauty in any festive and events. In silk collection, sizzling color palettes are chosen to make your memories unforgettable. All kinds of silk dress like light silk, pure raw silk, grip silk, pure medium silk, satin silk, and medium silk.
Pale and creamy beaige color luxury dressElan silk collection has the following info. Shirt: embroidered shirt. Color: Beige. Embroidered work: Fully embroidered on the front and sleeves. category; unstitched. Price in PKR: 12,000.

Elan Ready To Wear Pret Collection 2021

Want to wear something extraordinary at your Eid party!!! Below are the outfits from Elan Eid Party Wear Collection that will always fit your party or any event. Yes, for those customers who want to buy online can also move toward Elan Online for purchasing via the internet.

Elan luxury Eid collection online

Elan Casual Wear Collection 2021

Elan Eid casual wear collection is known as Elan Vital. In Elan vital collection, luxury casual dresses are crafted for those women who never compromise the quality of dresses in casual life. These casual dresses are highly embellished with designing and quality of the fabrics. In this casual Eid collection, casual pret shirts, trousers, and suits are available in-stores and online. The price range of these casual luxury dresses is a little bit high.

Elan casual collection

Elan Vital Collection 2021

In Elan Eid Vital collection, a wide range of embroidered and printed luxury dresses are designed for modern women.

Coral pink color luxury pret suitElan luxury 3PC pret price in PKR: 1,35,000.

Elan Indigence Collection 2021

In Elan Indigence collection, pret shirt dupatta casual dresses are designed for casual uses. The pure natural digital prints can be seen in each Eid outfit. Buy online Elan Eid collection and adorn herself in any Eid functions and parties.

Elan casual collection pink & peach pret shirtElan casual pret shirt price in PKR: 11,450.

Elan Essentials Collection 2021

In Elan Eid Essential ready to wear Kurtas are designed in modern styles. The knockout style boosts your personality at this bid Eid festival.

Elan casual collection pink & indigo pret kurtA multi-color casual Kurta in ready to wear price in PKR: 16,450.

Elan Luxury Pret Collection 2021

Elan luxury pret Eid collection is designed for formals events especially wedding ceremonies and outdoor events. This luxury Eid collection makes you precious and elegant in any function and event. The dress styles and design makes them masterpieces of art and fashion designing. In this collection tulle and fine fabrics are chosen to craft these dresses.

Elan luxury pret wear

Here all the latest styles like lehenga choli, saree, jacket with trousers, long-tail shirts, front open shirts, and more others. despite these dresses pret collection also has the latest dresses like Un Amour Dete, Chair De Lune, Le Coeur Libre, Art De Vivre, and L’art De La Mode.Light pink color luxury pret suit Elan luxury 2 PC pret price in PKR: 50,000.

Elan Eid Sale 2021

Elan Eid sale offers on different articles in stitched and unstitched dresses are available. Elan Sale 2021 Offers continuously in running and never stops whole the years on dresses and accessories. The sale offers outfits are ready to wear and unstitched in all fabrics stuff for all seasons and festive.

Elan sale offers collection

For more and the latest Elan sale offers click Elan.PK.

Elan sale collection off white 2 PC suitElan sale collection suit price in PKR. 10,725. Elan sale collection black color 2 PC suitElan sale collection suit price in PKR. 9,425.

Here we have fully provided in detail information about this brand. For more information and the latest news and updates please visit our Facebook page or leave a message in the comment box.


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