Top Best Mens Fabric Brands in Pakistan 2024 List With Price

Top Best Mens Fabric Brands in Pakistan 2024 List With Price

In recent years, men’s clothing has changed the styling of men in Pakistan. The credit goes to the males who sought change and liked experimenting with new attires. Pakistan’s fashion business is constantly striving to be the greatest in the world, and it aspires to take men’s fashion to new heights. Due to their efforts, men seem to give tough competition to women in clothing, style, and designs. From eastern wear to western wear, men have a lot of variety to choose from. Today we gonna talk about Men’s Fabric Brands in Pakistan. As you all know that millions of brands are working in the industry but only a few of them are according to your desires and need. We have cut down some of the best brands for you and you may love to buy any kinda dress from them. These brands know exactly what customers need and what kinda design is in trend now. If we talk about quality there are multiple international brands having the best quality products and millions of sales per day. Stay here with us we gonna tell you about some famous and popular brands in men’s clothing.

Men's Fabric Brands in Pakistan

Which Brand Is Best For Men’s Clothes?

If you are looking for the best Pakistani menswear brands then you are in the right place. We will tell you everything about this. You will get all information about this here. As you all know that when it comes to men’s clothing only a few brands will provide you with the best clothing.

  • Deepak Perwani
  • Bonanza
  • Charcoal
  • Limelight
  • Diners
  • Uniworth

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is an actor but later on, he started his own brand of clothing for both men and women. His main focus is to give quality dresses to both but later on, it gives the best quality dresses for men only. The main aim of this brand is to give unique and amazing designs of dresses for men so customers stay loyal to the brand. Some of the designs are given below.

Cotton suit deepak perwani

Rs 4,865

Deepak parwani Boski Linen

Rs, 6,965

Bonanza Satrangi

The brand which has always maintained its style game in men’s clothing brands in Pakistan is Bonanza Satrangi. Every season, it comes with versatile collections with unique designs that become wardrobe staples for men and ladies. From traditional clothing to formal clothing, this brand offers stitched and unstitched collections at highly affordable prices.

Bonanza satrangi men suit

PKR. 10,980


PKR: 6480


If you are looking for a brand that will offer you great and amazing designs in men’s clothing then charcoal is the best. This brand exactly knows what you need and what exactly you want. In men’s clothing, this brand is always on the top and no other brand can come to the level of this brand. When you talk about best quality then this brand always comes with top and best quality for its customers.

Men 2 pc suit Charcoal


Charcoal men suit 2 Pc



This brand is only famous in women’s clothing but later on, they started work in men’s clothing too, and now this brand is one the leading brand in men’s clothing as well. If you are looking for designer dresses then this brand is best for you.

2 Piece Embroidered Cotton Suit

Rs. 3,899

2 Piece Embroidered Wash and Wear Suit

Rs. 3,699


Diners are one of the leading suiting brands in men’s clothing if you are looking for a simple, plain suit, which most men in Pakistan like then this brand is best for you. They don’t go big on textures and prints, they keep it simple and offer a wide range of suits that are soft and easy to wear. Some of the designs are given below.

Diners Formal Shalwar Suit


Diners Shalwar Suit formal

Rs. 4,990


Their men’s suits are something they are very well known for, and for good reason. All of their suits come in a variety of styles to choose from. They have preexisting cuts and colours and customization options that help everyone really get a suit that’s 100% for them.

Uniworth Denim Shirt

Rs. 3,295Uniworth Textured Brown Sweatshirt

Rs, 3495

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Top men’s Fabric Brands In Pakistan 2024

When it comes to men only a few brands are working in the industry and all of them are giving their best to their customers. if you are looking for the best brands that you can get any kinda dress from then we have chosen a list of top brands for you. If you are willing to get good and stylish dresses for you then these brands are best for you. The fabrics of this brand are amazing and you may love to have these brands’ dresses in your wardrobe.

  • Junaid Jamsheed (J.)
  • Edenrobe 
  • Royal Tag 
  • Sapphire 
  • Amir Adnan 
  • Khaadi 
  • Ideas by Gul Ahmed
  • Alkaram 
  • MTJ
  • Ismail Farid

Junaid Jamsheed (J.)

If you are looking for stitch and men’s unstitched fabric brands in Pakistan, Then J. is on the top. This brand is one of the leading brands in Pakistan that is working hard to give its customers the best quality dresses. This brand is working in the industry for a long time and they know well what kinda dresses men like to wear every season.


PKR 3,192

J. cotton kurta

PKR 5,192


If you want to get yourself a stylish and elegant look then you must go for Edenrobe dresses. The men’s clothing of this brand is on another level and no other brand can come to the level of this brand. They know exactly how to deal with customer needs and the quality of this brand’s dresses is just amazing and you may love them.

Edenrob grey suit

PKR 9,490

Edenrobe Waist Coat Ceremonial

PKR 9,490 

Royal Tag 

Royal tag is one of the most famous and popular men’s clothing brands. This is an old brand and they know how to gain the attraction of the customer to the brand. This brand is all about men’s clothing and they know well what trends are now they provide you latest fashion trend dresses that you may love to have in your wardrobe.

Royal tag 2Pc suit


Royal tag suit



One of the famous and popular brands in ladies’ clothing is sapphire, They started with ladies’ clothing only but now they are working in men’s clothing as well. They work hard to give the best quality dresses for men as well and they never compromise on quality. The quality won’t be changed and that’s the reason everyone loves this brand.

Silk Embroidered Kurta

Rs. 7,490

Sapphire Silk Embroidered Kurta

Rs. 5,990

Amir Adnan 

If you are looking for a brand that only deals in men’s clothing then amir Adnan is best for you. This brand knows exactly what to do and what kinda fashion trend men want. One of the best menswear designers is Amir Adnan. This brand always gives the best to its customers that’s why men love to buy dresses from this brand.

Amir adnan Viscose Atlantic Fit Plain Suit

PKR 10, 000

Amir adnan suit

PKR 10, 000


This brand started with women’s clothing only and later on they start working in men’s clothing. Today this brand is a well-known and leading brand in the fashion industry. Khaadi is one the brand that doesn’t compromise on quality and also they know what fashion trends men love to wear. Some of the latest fashion and unique designs of dresses are given below.

Khaadi cotton dyed suit

Rs. 3,490

Khaadi Unstitched Fabrics Full Suit

Rs. 4,890

Ideas by Gul Ahmed

When we talk about the vast range that expresses the ultimate sophistication and genuine essence of ethnic designs and prints, the name from the list of best clothing brands in Pakistan then Ideas by Gul Ahmed is best among all others. This brand offers a wide range of formal to informal wear for men with stitched and unstitched options.

GA cotton suit

PKR 3,370

Gul ahmed Unstitched Fabric Blended

PKR 2,681


Alkaram is one of the oldest brands among all others and even if you are not from Pakistan this brand is also famous all over the world in men’s clothing. The brand also offers bespoke tailoring and customization of the dresses. If you are looking for the best clothing brands then this brand is best for you. You may love this brand and want to have dresses of this brand in your wardrobe.

Alkaram Cotton Shalwar Kameez

PKR 4,650

Alkaram Dyed Embroidered Ribbed Cotton Kurta

PKR 3,650


One of the latest and newly launched brands in the fashion industry and gained so much reputation is MTJ. This brand is the best in men’s clothing and this brand has one of the best dresses that everyone loves. MTJ knows what kinda fashion design is in trend now and what kinda dress men love to wear. Some of the designs are given below.


PKR 2,574


PKR 2,574

Ismail Farid

Another famous brand in men’s clothing is Ismail Farid. The brand is all about men nothing only. if you love formal dresses and casual then this brand is best for you. They know what dresses men love to wear so they will give the best quality dresses.

Ismail fared coat

PKR 68,000

Ismail fared prince coat

PKR 68,000

This is all about Men’s Fabric Brands in Pakistan. if you are looking for the best men’s fabrics then this article will help you. You will easily get any kind of fabric from above mention brands and all of them are available for you at a low price. If you are not aware of any of the brands then this article will help you a lot in choosing the best dresses for you. Let us know in the comments section below what brand you love and what kinda dress you want to have.

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